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Buckeyeplanet Video Breakdown Thread

Discussion in 'Misc Archives' started by wadc45, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. wadc45

    wadc45 Bourbon, Bow Ties and Baseball Hats Staff Member BP Recruiting Team

    Rivals Video Breakdown

    Miles Schlichter: Miles shows pretty solid arm strength, thorwing the ball 40+ yards with some decent zip and accuracy. He throws well on the run as well. He has decent escapability, and does a great job on QB draws getting in behind his lineman and picking his hole. He is listed as 205 lbs. and plays like it.
  2. Highstreet

    Highstreet Freshman

    Update: OSU Extends in State Offer

    By: Highstreet

    [​IMG]There is a new name on the Buckeye’s recruiting scene. Clayton Northmont’s Kurt

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    Coleman is the latest in state player to pick up an Ohio State offer. The Buckeyes must

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    have really seen something they liked in Coleman as they have also recently offered some

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    high profile out of state prospects as well.

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    Kurt was a member of the 2004 Associated Press Division I All-Ohio high school

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    football team, alongside prep standouts like Freddie Lenix, Jamario O’neal, Thaddeus

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    Gibson and Todd Denlinger.

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    Standing at or around 6’0 tall and weighing in at 190 pounds Kurt has the size to

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    be an effective safety on the next level, but he may be being recruited to play corner for

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    Ohio State. Coleman is a vicious hitter knocking out three players and forcing a fumble in

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    a game last season. He also had an impressive one hundred yard interception return in

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    leading the Bolts to a 61-0 victory over the Sidney Yellow Jackets. Coleman helped lead

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    the Bolts to a GWOC Championship, with a team high ten interceptions.

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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    #2 Kurt Coleman

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    Coleman has Buckeye ties as his brother Kyle currently attends the Ohio State

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    University. The Buckeyes appear to be in good standing with Coleman, but offers from

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    some big names along the lines of a Miami or Southern Cal could lead him to explore the

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    [font=&quot]national options.

    [/font] Toledo Rogers Peris Edwards has Size and Speed<o =""></o>

    [​IMG] It is the time of year that the less hyped

    prospects begin to make their climb to the top of the major colleges wish

    list. Toledo Rogers safety prospect Peris Edwards is a strong candidate to

    be just that type of player. Edwards’ recruitment is just starting to heat

    up. Recently Peris has picked up offers from M.A.C. contenders Bowling

    Green and Miami (OH). He has also been shown some big time interest from

    Big Ten schools Ohio State and Purdue. When asked about the interest he

    is receiving from Ohio State,Toledo Rogers head coach Rick Rios had this to

    say, “They had seen the filmon him and all of a sudden they were asking for

    transcripts, and they told me to make sure they got him on campus for

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    Peris Edwards is a prospect with good size and speed. Edwards checks in at

    an impressive 6’2, 190. He also shows the speed to be an effective player

    on the next level boasting a blazing fast 4.43 forty-yard dash time. Despite

    being blessed with aforementioned physical tools Edwards believes his

    “work ethic” to be his most commendable attribute. Peris has been working

    hard with his team in the off-season and had this to say about the teams

    upcoming season, “ We are looking better than we was last year. It seems

    like everybody wants it. Everybody is in the weight-room”. <o =""></o>

    Described by his coach to be a “ tough hard-nosed kid”, Peris is a two-way

    standout, as a junior he played both safety and quarterback. He rushed for

    over 500 yards and led the team in tackles before being derailed by an

    unfortunate injury. “Somebody stepped on his ankle with a cleat just after

    he had gotten his ankle taped and broke a bone in his foot. He missed a

    few weeks and then came back and played with that broken bone in his

    foot the last few games. He played well. He is a tough kid”. <o =""></o>

    Peris is also an astute student as he currently checks in with 3.3 core

    grade point average. He is a clear-cut leader of his team as is evident by

    the fact that he was elected as a team captain despite only being a junior. <o =""></o>

    Even though at this time Peris has no clear-cut favorite, but he will be

    paying attention to at least two major schools. Purdue is “probably”

    showing him the most attention and he had the chance to attend their

    junior day and said, “I met the staff, it was nice”. He also has big plans for

    summer camps. When asked what camps he would attend he responded,

    “so far just Ohio State”.

    -Greg Powers

    Last edited: Jun 11, 2005

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