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tBBC Buckeyes Fencers Comes in 2nd in NCAA Championships

Discussion in 'News' started by jcollingsworth, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. Buckeyes Fencers Comes in 2nd in NCAA Championships
    via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

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    The Ohio State University Buckeyes came in second place despite having one less qualifier for the maximum allowed (12) in the NCAA Championships. The Buckeyes Men’s team finished with the second highest with 35 points which was delivered by their epee squad. The Women’s foil squad turned in a 40-point performance. The Buckeyes finished ahead of three other teams that had qualified with the allowable 12 fencers – the Buckeyes had 11.

    Columbia would out duel the Buckeyes finalizing the score 174-167. Princeton and St. John’s both finished with 161 points – with the Tigers edging out the Red Storm on the indicator, 147-106. Notre Dame would finish up at fifth with 160 points.

    Sophomore Foilist Maximilien Chastanet emphasized the Buckeye’s presence with a gold medal in his first NCAA Championship title. Sophomore Marc-Antoine Blais Belanger claimed second place in epee competition, and teammate Lewis Weiss finished in third place.

    In the men’s foil, Maximilien Chastanet ended round robin competition in first place, winning 18 out of 23 bouts and earning a +52 indicator. In the semifinal round, Chastanet defeated Columbia’s Adam Mathieu, 15-10. The bout was like a swinging pendulum – back and forth – back and forth…. Though Chastanet would eventually take control the second half – defeating the #4 seeded Mathieu. In the final round it would be Chastanet facing off with Penn State’s Nobuo Bravo. The pace would swing into quick action – with four quick unanswered touches. A native of Nice, France, Chastanet dominated the second period of the match to defeat No. 2 Bravo, 15-3. Chastanet finishes competition with his first NCAA Championship title, improving from an eighth place finish at the 2015 NCAA Championships. The last time there was a Buckeye men’s foil champion was back in 2012 – Zain Shaito.

    The Buckeyes claimed two medals in men’s’ epee, with Marc-Antoine Blais Belanger finishing in second place and Lewis Weiss in third. Blais-Belanger finished round robin competition in the No. 2 spot, winning 18 bouts and claiming a +19 indicator. The Montreal, Quebec native went up against St. John’s fencer Yevgeniy Karuchenko, the 2014 epee champion. Blais-Belanger defeated Karuchenko 15-14 in a thrilling bout. In the final round, the sophomore faced off with defending champion Jake Hoyle from Columbia University. Blais-Belanger began strongly, leading Hoyle 4-2 as the first break arrived, and held on until the second break, leading 6-5. Hoyle jumped ahead though in the third period and Blais-Belanger was not to win – 15-9. Blais-Belanger’s second place finish is his best in NCAA Championships. In 2015 he finished in sixth place.

    Sophomore Lewis Weiss finished round robin in the No. 4 seed, claiming 17 victories and a +22 indicator. Weiss went on to fence with the subsequent champion Jake Hoyle in a exciting match. Hoyle had the last touch, sending Weiss into third place 15-14. Weiss finishes in third place at NCAA Championships for the second consecutive year.

    Women’s competition contributed three medals, highlighted by Eleanor Harvey’s first place finish in women’s foil (21/23, +67). Harvey, a junior from Hamilton, Ontario, is the first women’s foil champion for Ohio State since Yelena Kalkina in 1997. Harvey is the third Buckeye to win a women’s title in program history.

    Women’s epeeist Eugenia Falqui (14/23, +9) and Women’s Foilist Alanna Goldie (19/23, +50) both claimed bronze medals with their third place finishes. Freshman epeeist Emma von Dadelszen came in at 12th place at her NCAA Championship inauguration, contributing 12 wins and a +10 indicator. Junior Alexa Antipas claimed 17th place, earning 10 victories for the team.

    This concludes the Buckeyes fencing season. Coach Vladimir Nazlymov and his Buckeyes again have represented Buckeye Nation with such wondrous precision.

    We are proud!

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