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tBBC Buckeyes MBB Suffers 1st Big 10 Loss to the Dominant Hoosiers 85-60.

Discussion in 'News' started by jcollingsworth, Jan 10, 2016.

  1. Buckeyes MBB Suffers 1st Big 10 Loss to the Dominant Hoosiers 85-60.
    via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    Today Sunday January 10, The Ohio State Men’s Basketball Team (11-5) traveled to Bloomington, IN to meet the Indiana Hoosiers (13-3).

    From the very moment I turned on my set prior to the 1:30 p.m. scheduled start things seemed anti-Buckeyes. The Guide describing the program read – “Despite losing Sophomore Guard James Blackmon, Jr. to injury, IN remained on a roll – winning eight in a row to run their record to 13-3. The Hoosiers look to stay unbeaten in the Big 10 when they take on Thad Matta and his Buckeyes.”

    My thoughts were initially – “Ahhhh! Wouldn’t it be grand if that presumed thought process from CBS was – well, premature?”

    Then the game began:

    Kieta Bates-Diop’s charging foul once down 4-0 appeared to be a motivational deflating device. The Hoosiers would run it to 10-0 before the Buckeyes scored.

    Daniel Giddens’ foul sent Troy Williams to the line – making both and setting an unfathomable pace that made it 12-2 in favor of the home team.

    A moment of hope sparked when JaQuan Lyle hit a three – making it 12-5. However, the Hoosiers answered immediately with a three from Robert Johnson moving it up to 15-5. Kam Williams was to be heard from when he immediately followed up with a three on his own – making it 15-8; perhaps the confidence builder that the Buckeyes needed had emerged.

    But it wasn’t….

    The halftime score of 48-18 in favor of the Hoosiers would be the fewest points for the Buckeyes this season by the half.

    Marc Loving would lead the Buckeyes at the half with 8 points and two rebounds. JaQuan Lyle hit for 5 points and would lead all Buckeyes with three rebounds.

    IN on the other hand showed dominance. Troy Williams at the half lead all scorers with 16 points. Yogi Farrell and Thomas Bryant both would add 10 each. Thomas Bryant would command all on the court with seven rebounds.

    IN would add an amazing eight steals in the first half as well.

    The 2nd half opened with more promise when Daniel Giddens was fouled by Yogi Farrell and hit both free throws. Troy Williams stripped that moment of hope away with a run for two, bringing his total to 18.

    Collin Hartman’s three at the 16:32 mark bringing the score up to 55-20 was disheartening. Yogi Farrell’s three just added to the misery – making it 59-23.

    The Ohio State stagnant offense had moments of flair with the three’s but IN’s passing game was the factor that allowed so many openings permitting the complete dominance that IN enjoyed – which was exemplified when Troy Williams drove in with 1:09 left in the game on an under the basket goal – drawing the foul and bringing it to 85-60.

    The final tally of 85-60 had JaQuan Lyle leading all scorers with 29. For the Buckeyes Marc Loving would add another 12. Lyle led the Buckeyes on the Boards as well with 8.

    IN’s Troy Williams hit the basket for 26 points. They would have 4 players in double figures: Williams, Farrell, Bryant, and Johnson.

    I truly wish I had better results to report from Bloomington. But I do not. It appeared from the opening tip-off that this would be an off day for this young and talented Buckeyes team. Such losses are to be expected. They still aren’t easy to digest.

    Next up January 13th in Value City Arena vs. Rutgers.


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