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High School Cincinnati high school sports

Discussion in 'High School Football Updates' started by Cincinnatibuck, Nov 10, 2003.

  1. Cincinnatibuck

    Cincinnatibuck Freshman

    Posted this on BN premium board, but thought there may be some over here that would be interested.

    There's always a lot of talk about the Cleveland area sports teams. As a six year resident of the Cincinnati area, I have to give it up to the sports these kids play down here. With the recent loss in the football playoffs to Harding and St. I's, I think either Cincinnati Colerain or Elder have a good chance to bring home two in a row for Cincinnati in Div. 1 football. Along with football here's a quick look at the other state champions:

    2002 Football Div. I Cincinnati Elder
    2003 Basketball Div. I Cincinnati Archbishop Moeller
    2003 Basketball Div. III Reading
    2003 Baseball Div I Cincinnati St. Xavier
    2003 Baseball Div Cincinnati Purcell Marion
    2003 Cross Country Div I Cincinnati St. Xavier
    2003 Swimming Cincinnati St. Xavier
    2003 Soccer Div III Cincinnati Madiera

    St. X, Moeller, and Elder all play in the best league in the state the GCL. The GCL in split into big school division and a small school division. St.X, Elder, Moeller and LaSalle make up the big school division. Purcell Marion is in the small school division, along with Dayton Chaminade Julienne who won the Div II state football championship last year.

    I have nothing against the Cleveland are schools and/or players. No doubt there's a lot of talent up there, but don't sleep on what these kids are doing down here in the Southwest part of the state.

    In recent years OSU has got good play from some Cincinnati area players, Matt Keller, Ryan Hamby, and Underwood. Plus we have Maupin already and Rehring and younger Underwood on the way.

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