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Class of 2005: Academic Credentials....

Discussion in 'College Football' started by PRBuck1, Dec 12, 2004.

  1. PRBuck1

    PRBuck1 Newbie

    ESPN will never report it, but the Class of 2005, in addition to being an excellent football class, is outstanding academically. Tressel will, I am afraid, never get the credit he deserves for turning the football program into a high-achieving program both in the field and in the classroom. If anyone knows a fair-minded person from ESPN or other media who would be willing to consider FACTS, I would appreciate knowing so I could write. Here is the breakdown:

    Jamario O’Neal: Cleveland; 3.0 GPA
    Alex Boone: Cleveland; (Lakewood St. Ed’s); offers from Michigan and ND
    Aaron Pettrey: Kentucky; kicker
    Jim Cordle: Lancaster; 3.0 GPA
    Ryan Williams: Mission Viejo, CA
    Todd Denlinger: Troy; 3.85 GPA: offers from Stanford, Duke, and NW
    Brian Hartline: Canton: 3.9 GPA: offers from Stanford and Vanderbilt
    Kevin Bemoll: Mission Viejo, CA: 3.8 GPA
    Rob Schoenhoft: Cincinnati (St. Xavier): 2.8 GPA: 1100 SAT; 23 ACT
    Malcolm Jenkins: New Jersey; 3.0 GPA
    Andre Amos: Middletown; 3.0 GPA; offers from Northwestern, Michigan and Purdue
    Doug Worthington: Athol Springs, NY (St. Francis): 2.6 GPA; offer from PSU
    Austin Spitler: Bellbrook; 3.3 GPA: offers from NW and Stanford
    James Laurantis: Minnesota; 3.3 GPA: 25 on ACT
    Anderson Russell: Atlanta, Georgia (Marist): 3.1 GPA; 1100 SAT: offer from Duke

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  2. BuckeyeFromHecK

    BuckeyeFromHecK The Little Engine That Could

    thats good to know that tress is recruiting some academically gifted kids, and they have talent too.

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