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Cleveland Browns (2012 season)

Discussion in 'Professional Football' started by Bucklion, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. Jake

    Jake BEAT TSUN

    Eagles offensive talent? Fowles at QB, Desean Jackson has disappeared, Maclin can't stay healthy and Richardson can hang with McCoy. Cleveland's offensive line is better.

    The Eagles talent level has been vastly overrated the last couple years. Andy Reid didn't suddenly forget how to coach.
  2. Jake

    Jake BEAT TSUN

    If Kelly takes the job will the Browns have 64 different uniform combinations? :wink2:
  3. Buckeye513

    Buckeye513 Legend

    Foles as opposed to Brandon Weeden and Colt McCoy? Jackson missed five games and ended up with 700 yards (15.6 yards/catch) in the season he disappeared in, Maclin's missed five games in four years, and they're likely taking the best OL in the draft. In no way does the Browns' personnel fit Kelly's schtick better than Philadelphia's.
  4. jlb1705

    jlb1705 hipster doofus Staff Member Bookie

    The Eagles' o-line is a dumpster fire. Their offense doesn't fit anybody's system right now.
  5. NFBuck

    NFBuck The Danger.

    ...and if anything, Colt McCoy and Weeden both have experience in a shotgun, spread-based offense. There are solid pieces on the OL, better than the iggles anyway. Gordon looks like a legit WR, and Little even came on late. Richardson should fit well in a spread-based offense with his ability to run and catch. This roster is not nearly as bad a fit for Kelly as his detractors are making it out to be. Plus, a young roster like this might really respond to a coach like Kelly.
  6. tsteele316

    tsteele316 Mr. Such and Such

    not only that, but they are like $18 million over the cap as it stands right now, and that's with DRC walking.

    so, no qb, no ol, and a cap mess that can really only be fixed by cutting vick and nnamdi. and that might free up enough cap to re-sign darryl tapp and akeem dent.
  7. y0yoyoin

    y0yoyoin That is a serious injury for Willis McGahee

    better odds:

    Thad Lewis is starting QB week 1
    Geno Smith is starting QB week 1
  8. Jake

    Jake BEAT TSUN

    I never said it did, but I'll elaborate on what I did say.

    Foles is as proven as Weeden at this point. Jackson's yardage and touchdown totals have declined for 3 consecutive years and Maclin has never had 1,000 yards. They can draft an OL and see what happens while the Browns already have a better one than any they have in Joe Thomas.

    Defensively, the Eagles wasted a lot of cap space on name players and got disappointing results.

    I'll say it again, their talent has been vastly overrated the last couple years, and they're still going to have to deal with the cap issues resulting from it for the near future.
  9. Buckeneye

    Buckeneye With Rumple Minz, anything is possible.

    Weeden is just as athletic as Geno. Any pick
    On a QB is a waste of a draft.

    I don't think we'll be seeing a "spread" by concept
    Of college football. I think we'll be seeing a lot of
    The offense based on '11' personnel though with everything
    Out if the single back under-center.
  10. strohs

    strohs Go Bucks!

    No way on earth the Browns draft Geno Smith. 10000x better chance Thad Lewis is the starter.

    I'm completely undecided on if I like Chip Kelly as HC or not. I really dont know what to think.
  11. TDunk

    TDunk The Dunk Abides

    Maybe Eric Wedge for OC?
  12. 3074326

    3074326 Urban Legend

    Regarding the Eagles personnel, the Eagles have a bunch of good skill position players on offense, but they're bad at defense and have the worst offensive line in football. I'd probably say that three of their starting offensive linemen are lucky to be starting for a team in the NFL. Backups at best. They're a few years away from being competitive in that division. The next Eagles head coach will be there long enough to get fired after a few mediocre seasons. The coach after that will have some talent to work with.

    I will like the Kelly hire if it happens. Better than the alternatives. Would like to see Roman get a shot, but Kelly's impact could be greater.
  13. Buckeye doc

    Buckeye doc Junior

    Yep, I like this choice better than most mentioned. Can't really get much worse than we've seen. The Browns are a pretty young team so maybe a college coach will work out.
  14. NFBuck

    NFBuck The Danger.

    Hmmmm...seems like this may have been yet another case of "reporters" trying to scoop eachother. Regardless of accuracy. :roll1:
  15. Jake

    Jake BEAT TSUN

    Never let your guy get on a plane to interview somewhere else, unless you don't really think he's your guy. Seal the deal.

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