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Conference Sleepers and Duds

Discussion in 'Buckeye Football' started by FostoriaBuck73, Aug 6, 2004.

  1. Just for fun I thought people would like to post who their sleepers and duds for each BCS Conference will be.

    ACC: Sleeper-Virginia, they were the first team to give FSU a conference loss and I think they'll be primed to welcome VT and Miami to the ACC with some upsets. I say they take one of the two at least this year.

    Dud- Duke, very simple, stick to basketball.

    SEC: Sleeper: Ole Miss: No Eli? No Problem, I think there's more to this team than one player, but then again I said that after Tim Couch graduated from Kentucky so we'll see.

    Dud: Kentucky: They've made some strides in getting better in football lately, but they return to the bottom of the SEC, quite the opposite of their Basketball program.

    Big East: Sleeper- Boston College: Everyone's picking West Virginia already but I think the Eagles have a shot at making some noise this year in a weak conference.

    Dud- Pittsburgh: They looked decent the past couple years but I don't see them doing much this year.

    Big XII: Sleeper- Texas: They may have something to give OU in the Red River shootout and they'll gain their confidence as a contender from there.

    Dud- OK State: Cowboys may be the second best team in Oklahoma but they'll be one of the worst in the Big XII

    Big Ten: Sleeper: Michigan State. Don't ask but I think many have overlooked this team in recent years and the Spartans are ready to make their claim as one of the better teams in a powerful Big Ten Conference.

    Dud: Indiana: Duh who else?

    Pac Ten: Sleeper: Oregon State, They've been up there the past few years some may think that ride is over but I think they'll be up there again this year.

    Dud- Arizona State: Yes Herbstreit said this team will be pretty decent this year, but I can't see them shaking USC, Cal, OR State or anyone else in this conference for that matter.

    Conference Champs this year predictions....

    ACC: Florida State: Tested by Miami, but still the best ACC Team
    SEC: Tennesee: Sorry Gator and LSU fans, the Vols will return to SEC supremacy this year.
    Big XII: Oklahoma- Texas may take the shootout but OU will still have the better record, thus gaining a spot in the Conference title game and winning.
    Big Ten: (Homer pick of course) Ohio State: Wisconsin and Michigan at home, losing is no option.
    Big East: Boston College, kind of an out on the limb pick but if they can knock off WVU, the rest of the conference is cake.
    SEC: USC, Williams or not, they will dominate a recently shaky conference.

    Those are just my ideas, I want to hear what other people think.
  2. DiHard

    DiHard Guest

    dont have time to do mine yet, but a real solid list fostoria.....

    ill get to mine tonite
  3. bukIpower

    bukIpower Senior

    my list....

    Start off with the big ten!

    Sleeper- Purdue (everyone is talking about Us, Michigan, and Iowa) they fail to realize this team has a very potent offense. Plus they have an average defense.
    Dud- Wisconsin ( I just don't know how many more times I can take them beating us and then blowing it the rest of the year).

    Big East-
    Sleeper- Uconn (YES UCONN, they have pretty much the same team coming back from a 9-3 season. They hung with the big boyz last year and have their QB back as well)
    Dud-Boston College (Very young team, and have to travel to WV)

    Sleeper-Vandy ( Another bold pick, but they have EVERY starter back from a team that hung with Tennessee)
    Dud- Tennessee (I hate Fullmer, and they just claim national prominance but still blow it year in and year out.)

    Sleeper- Georgia Tech ( I like Reggie Ball, and they have turned it around since their old coach left).
    Dud- Florida State (hard to say this but I think they lose to Miami, and Lose to NcSt., and Georgia Tech).

    Sleeper- Cal ( I watched there game film vs. K-state last year, and they're TOUGH man.)
    Dud- Oregon (SEE TENNESSEE)

    Sleeper-Missouri ( Brad Smith will have something to say about Oky bee'n #1)
    Dud-Texas ( This will be Mack Browns last year and I'll leave it at that).

    Confrence Champions

    1.Big Ten- OH-IO
    2.Big East- West Virginia
    3.SEC-Georgia or LSU (depends on that game)
    4.ACC-Miami (even tho I hate them)
    5.Pac10-Souther California
    6.Big12- Oklahoma
  4. Buckeyeskickbuttocks

    Buckeyeskickbuttocks Z --> Z^2 + c Staff Member

    Big Ten-
    Sleeper - Minnesota. Loss of Sr. QB from last year won't matter, as they run for 400 yards a game. Maroney could be the best TB in the Big Ten.

    Dud - Penn St. Indiana will suck, for sure, but when it comes to expectations versus end of the year results, my pick is Penn State. I think the candle is out of wax, maybe I'm wrong.

    Sleeper - Auburn. Can't stand em. War tiger? Damn eagle? Whatever. But, they do have a great backfield. Expectations are much lower this year.

    Dud - I like Tenny for Dud. Same reasoning as PSU, really. I mean, yes Vandy will blow large chunks, but when it comes to falling from heights, give me Tenny. Maybe new QB will be better than Clausen over the course of a career.... but not this year. Stout running game will give UT some quality wins, but I still think they drop 4 maybe 5 games.

    Pac 10 -
    Sleeper - Arizona. I'm not picking Cal as a sleeper because everyone knows about Cal now - or they should. Arizona SUCKED last year, and now under new coaching, I say they do better than people would have thought they would

    Dud - Washington... Team already has no heart. Now, team has even less talent.

    Big XII
    Sleeper- Texas - I hate to do that. But, really, who else is there? You can't take Nebby this year, not with a new coach with a new system using personnel from a completely different system.... K-State isn't a sleeper to anyone.. Since Texas hasn't won anything since 1996 I guess I'll take Texas.

    Dud - Nebby. Baylor may be lucky to win 2 games, but Nebby will disappoint the Nebraska faithful. See above.. Option personnel - west coast system... not this year...

    Big Least
    Sleeper - Uconn. Program will be serious contender for Big East title very soon, if not this year.

    Dud- The rest of the big least. If I had to pick one, I'd take BC as well.

    Sleeper- Clemson. OK, I'm on the bandwagon, I guess. I don't expect them to compete for the ACC crown, but they did play very very well towards the end of the year last season. If they find adequate replacements for Youngblood and the other guy (Edit: Hamilton), Whitehurst will get them the ball.

    Dud- Duke will suck, but keeping up my theme, give me Miami. Yes, good old Gold Teef U.. why? Because playing in a conference with more than 1 other competitor will bring Miami back to reality. Miami may only lose 3 games this year, but losing 1 is too many, in nit wit fans eyes. I will cherish their disappointment. Brock Berlin isn't the answer. Say what you will about KWII, but he was a force for that team.

    Honorary "Just cause I can" DUD -

    Notre Dame. Fuck these guys. I don't care if Brady Quinn is a local guy... Fuck Notre Dame.

    1. Big Ten - Ohio State (who else would I pick?)
    2. Big East- West Virginia
    3. SEC-Georgia
    4. ACC-Flast
    5. Pac10-Southern California
    6. Big12- Oklahoma
    Last edited: Aug 7, 2004
  5. bukIpower

    bukIpower Senior


    I agree with alot of you pics bkb! I wanted to ask you a few questions. Why do you say Vandy sucks other than they have usually sucked before?! haha (if that makes sense). 2) Reason I say Cal is because honestly people don't know about them yet they still think SoCal, UCLA,Oregon, Oregon St., Washington St., Washington will be on the top. 3) I agree that baylor will be in the lower pak but hey man don't be surprised they played actually fairly tough against some top competition! I thought your post was fairly accurate tho good post! KEEP THEM COMING guys! Go-Bucks.
  6. osugrad21

    osugrad21 Capo Regime Staff Member

    The Big Yeast Infection should have zero discussion on this board...what a waste of a BCS bid
  7. DiHard

    DiHard Guest

    all right...i promised it is...

    Sleeper: Penn much talent as anyone...and a great season gets joepa out the door...this will motivate the kids...
    Bust: Illini....a bad season will get turner out the door....this will motivate the kids...

    BigYeast (per21grad)
    Sleeper: Vagisil commercials.
    Bust: Any team left in the Big Yeast Infection.

    Sleeper: S.Carolina...a few wins in a row will keep lou from trying his motivational speeches before every practice...this will motivate the kids.
    Bust: Auburn...a four year starting quarterback is not always a good thing....think four years of stanley jackson...there wouldnt be enough bandwidth for buckeye boards...

    Sleeper: Maryland....a few wins in a row will allow KingRalph time to hit the buffet circuit....this will motivate the kids..
    Bust: UNC...the worst of the basketball only schools...

    WAC....i mean PAC10:
    Sleeper: Oregon....due for a good year and a certain booster has a way of motivating the kids.
    Bust: Washington....this program is dropping like a rock.

    Sleeper: Texas A& fran has said the team will build the bonfire this year if they enter the texas game with less than 8 wins....this will motivate the kids.
    Bust: Nebraska...the west coast offense in lincoln is like selling wool sweaters in coral gables....

    Conference Champs:
    Big10-Ohio State
    BigEast-West Virginia
  8. methomps

    methomps an imbecility, a stupidity without name

    I agree completely
  9. Buckeyeskickbuttocks

    Buckeyeskickbuttocks Z --> Z^2 + c Staff Member

    Buki -

    Vandy - While they do return 21 of 22 starters, and while Doster is a serviceable back the talent gap is too large.

    Baylor - Rashard Armstrong isn't back. He was pretty much all Baylor had to offer. I think the Big XII is overrated top to bottom, so perhaps Baylor wins a game or two they normally wouldn't. Still, when it comes to Big XII football, you can count on Baylor to keep close tabs on the wine. (Witty "cellar" reference)

    Cal - I think your taking Cal is as good a sleeper as any, really. You're probably right where you speak of what people generally think about the Pac 10. I just think anyone who follows College ball, even moderately close should know about Cal this year... I guess the same could be said for my Minnesota pick as sleeper in the big ten. Anyway, I don't disagree with Cal as a sleeper pick, really. I just think Arizona is going to do much better than what's expected.

    I look at my picks, and it occurs to me, I wasn't picking sleepers that could win the conf. title. I was really picking teams I think will do better than one might normally think. I suppose maybe this is not what the thread calls for.

    Dihard - I am surprised by your taking PSU as sleeper. Ballsy pick, I think. I sometimes feel as if I'm too hard on PSU, so I wanted to ask you what particulars you see with PSU this year. I see them going in the wrong direction (last year's class notwithstanding) and I wonder if I'm missing something. Also, good call on Auburn's Jason Campbell. 10 - 8 TD to INT ratio last year... 15 - 10 over two... When I picked them as sleeper, I completely overlooked that.
  10. Brutus1

    Brutus1 Don't be penurious, donate to the BP Spring Dr.

  11. DiHard

    DiHard Guest

  12. bukIpower

    bukIpower Senior


    Yes I totally agree with everything you responded with! Yeah I think anyone who knows college football should know Cal is a dangerous team for anyone to play now a days! I agree about Vandy and I'm not really picking them to win alot but to be competitive this year. I think they will just give some teams a good ball game besides Georgia/LSU. As for Baylor, I picked them just because again they gave some teams a game, well besides Oky (remember that ass kicking) and they seem like they have decent talent back besides the player you mentioned. You sound pretty creditable on your sources/names of player I didn't know so thanks for filling me in a bit with Baylor! but anyways this forum I think could be either people who might win it/people who will jus contend to ain't no problem with that! anyways keep them coming I like to read what you guys all have to say!
  13. Buckeyeskickbuttocks

    Buckeyeskickbuttocks Z --> Z^2 + c Staff Member

    Nice Blog, Dihard...

    I guess their WR's have nowhere to go but up as well...

    I'd also add, I hope your off base with your prediction of a double OT thriller - more importantly - the result ....

    I am inclined to agree with your Minnesota assessment as well. (Surprised? lol) Ohio State doesn't "Duck" anyone, but I not upset about not getting them on the sched. this year.

    Buki - I started a college fantasy football league last year (BCS teams only).. Had to run the stats by hand, which meant that I looked at every game's stats last year... If it were not for that, I wouldnt be anywhere near competent when discussing teams like Baylor.

    If you really want to have a blast, and keep up on ALL of CFB, I'd highly recommend a College league. If you do do one, stick to BCS conferences.. (Yes, that means Notre Dame is excluded) Don't do Defensive stats... too much work.. don't pick a kicker, but pick a "team kicker" and collect the teams kicking points... (That is, you take Ohio State, and not Nugent) no one wants to research kickers.. Having Nug is great, but you don't need to know who's booting the pigskin for Duke, you know.
  14. bukIpower

    bukIpower Senior

    heck yeah

    Heck yeah man I'd love to do a college fantasy type of thing? do you know where I could do it for free by chance?! I also know what you mean by not picking defense and specific kickers...... Thanks for the info! GO BUCKS!
  15. slickman

    slickman keeping tan

    Okay... I'm been drinkin... but...

    Purdue is going to suck donkey shnauz this yr.

    That's my call.

    Get those dudes who wrap your arms up behind your back.

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