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DE Joey Bosa (Los Angeles Chargers, 2016 Defensive Rookie of the Year)

Discussion in 'Buckeye Alumni' started by Hodgepodge, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. wadc45

    wadc45 Bourbon, Bow Ties and Baseball Hats Staff Member BP Recruiting Team

    And that's not coming from a Florida guy or an Ohio State guy...that's coming from a national recruiting analyst...
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  2. RB07OSU

    RB07OSU #7 aka Vick the human joystick Staff Member BP Recruiting Team

    Impossible not to make the comparison, especially with all the batted passes and long arms. Curious to see his wingspan...with his huge vertical and height, coupled with his strength, speed, and overall mean attitude, he is going to be a serious force here. Cannot emphasize enough that I think Bosa is the top player in our class. Only difference between Watt is Joey is more filled out at this stage and MAY end up at DT depending on how he fills out. He gets great leverage considering his height...however, I really like his potential at SDE with his athleticism.
  3. NJ-Buckeye

    NJ-Buckeye They Hate Us cuz They Ain't Us.. Banners are good Staff Member

    USA Today - 2nd team selection
  4. k2onprimetime

    k2onprimetime All in

    [ame=""]Joey Bosa #97 DL - 2012 Highlights - YouTube[/ame]
  5. EasternBuck

    EasternBuck Freshman

    Moves really well for a kid of his size and strength.
  6. RB07OSU

    RB07OSU #7 aka Vick the human joystick Staff Member BP Recruiting Team

    Angry and violent...the exact player I want at OSU. Physically gifted beyond belief but still has an animal mentality. We live in an age where so much evaluation is cast towards a player's measurables. While Joey meets the tangible requirements and then some, he is simply a football player too. Again, I hate to put such expectations on a kid but I think he will go down as a Buckeye legend.
  7. calibuck

    calibuck Too soon old, too late smart

    And there's both the agony and ectasy of recruiting. Everyone is going to be a 'legend' or 'heisman' or whatever as a HS senior. Ratings are wonderful (at least when I/we agree with them, not so much when we don't :biggrin:), and all of tOSU's recruits are under-rated, or get bumped up in Scout etc's rating, simply because Osu, or Notre Dame, or USC, or ? recruited them.

    Time will tell, and the heart/brains/attitude/intelligence/football savvy, etc will kick in. Taking the coaches advice, and putting it into action, will be key to seeing the field. Many a talented individual sits on the pine because they cannot grasp the intent of the coach's intent.

    Having said all that, all we DO have are the measurables, and the reflection on the body of work that these young men/kids accomplished in HS. Projecting them as elite D-I players is difficult if not impossible. Yet this is what these coaches are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to do. The 'coaches of the year' are the ones who win more than they lose (both on the field and recruiting of the kids that perform). There are many examples of non top 5 teams (Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Iowa come to mind) that are successful on the field.

    Every kid has the potential to do well, and yes, the system has to fit the player. In this way the kids of today are waay smarter than those of yesteryear. They analyze two-deeps, offensive styles relative to their skills, coaching staffs, and other things. Pretty heady stuff for 17 year olds to do. I/we wish Joey and all the recruits the best, and hope that they remember to get their education on the way, because the pyramid narrows drastically at the college (to the pros) level, and only the best survive to advance.

    Happy New Year all, and may all of Osu's recruits be 5*'s that succeed in becoming the best that they can be.

  8. Taosman

    Taosman Wrongfully Ejected

  9. TooTallMenardo

    TooTallMenardo has been ejected for Targeting

    Love the post, but what's this 'coach of the year' you speak of? I thought they eliminated all coach awards when Kirk Ferentz decided he was the greatest thing that's ever happened to college football. :)
  10. tillmatic

    tillmatic Newbie

    Updated video.

    [ame=""]Joey Bosa 2012 v3 - YouTube[/ame]
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  11. Wham

    Wham Sophmore

    Looking forward to watching Mr Bosa

    This guy with the rest of the DL haul, the LB's we are hoping to join, and the DB's all bring athletecism, toughness, and speed, and this guy adds attitude and excitement to a unit that should outstanding.
  12. Buckeneye

    Buckeneye With Rumple Minz, anything is possible.

    Had me sold when I heard the choice of music.
  13. NJ-Buckeye

    NJ-Buckeye They Hate Us cuz They Ain't Us.. Banners are good Staff Member

    Would also be a nasty right offensive tackle...
    I could be a 1000 yard rusher behind him.. who would touch me
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  14. bucknut11

    bucknut11 Defense still wins Championships

    Penn State?
  15. Buckeye1

    Buckeye1 Junior


    That's wrong and classless.

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