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Disrespect in the polls?

Discussion in 'Buckeye Basketball' started by Yertle, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. buckzip

    buckzip Reeking with awesomeness

    Unless OSU is #1 in every sport. They are disrespected.

    Instead of looking at the ranking, look whom is ahead.
  2. jwinslow

    jwinslow A MAN OF BETRAYED JUSTICE Staff Member Tourney Pick'em Champ

    Can someone explain why we have to have a ranking? Maybe it would be nice as a consolation prize for our season, but there are a lot of bubble teams that could benefit from having a #25 ranking to boost their bubble status for the tourney. I didn't think teams that were on probation were ranked anyway. I realize its a self-imposed ban, but I guess I think its a little selfish for us to steal the spotlight away from another team.

    We just beat the freaking #1 team in the nation, one that had rolled thru its entire season. Isn't that enough recognition for most of you?
  3. Yertle

    Yertle Pounding out aggression, turns into obsession

    Damn dude, rest easy. I was just wondering if we were getting screwed because of our self-imposed ban. I wasn't really expecting a top 25 ranking. I just thought we deserved more than 1 stinking vote. No need to bring out the cans o' whoopass those for football season... :biggrin:

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