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DL Adam Bellamy (R.I.P.)

Discussion in 'Buckeye Alumni' started by wadc45, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. wadc45

    wadc45 Bourbon, Bow Ties and Baseball Hats Staff Member BP Recruiting Team

    Rivals Profile
    Scout Profile
    ScoutingOhio Film and Bio


    Aurora (OH) HS

    Height: 6-foot-4
    Weight: 270 lbs.
    40-Yard: 4.8 seconds - Bucknuts Recruiting Roundup: Feb. 1

    Last edited: Feb 13, 2008
  2. leroyjenkins

    leroyjenkins Choose positivity

    Ugh, those Scouting Ohio video never work on any computer I have. What do we think??
  3. Napoleonbuck

    Napoleonbuck Sophmore

    I was impressed to say the least. Honestly, he reminds me of a faster Goebel, though I think he lacks Goebel's strength and skill at this point.

    The 4.8 forty looks to be legit based on those videos. Might be some competition concerns, but I was impressed. Great in pursuit on bootlegs. Held up the point of attack on running plays before disengaging and making the tackle. Great video.

    XBUCKEYEX Newbie

    Not trying to Hijack the thread. But I really would like to see adams vid or any vid at scouting ohio. Does anyone know wht plug-ins or media player you need to view them. All I get is a green screen and the music. Thanks in advance.
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  5. el mastiff

    el mastiff Freshman

    I thought he looked really good. He moves well. There were a few plays were he is chasing the running back down from behind. I thought he looked strong fighting off blocks. In the Bucknuts piece, his coach likes him as an offensive lineman too.
  6. I see him as OG or DT...Really like what I saw in his video...At times he is a little high, which will need to be corrected some, but he first step is something that catches your eye, he ability to fight through traffic, take on double teams, hold his ground, and then his closing speed, and angles when in pursuit are also things that catch your eye...He has long arms to, which helps keep seperation between he and the blocker or he and the defender...Overall I think with Simon already in the bag, and hopefully an offer out to Adams soon, and looks like we are might have our offers out to guys we like on the o-line then he, Tiller, Harris might be fighting for offers along the dline...
  7. stowfan

    stowfan Senior

    No disrespect but AHS level of competion is not tough so factor that in.
  8. LitlBuck

    LitlBuck I Don't Want Any Trouble but People Need Banners!

    I was going to say the very same thing when I saw this thread but....
  9. GoodLifeSean

    GoodLifeSean Proud to be born in the best state in the Union!

    While I'll agree that Aurora does not play the same competition as say a St. X or Canton McKinley, that is not what to look for in a video of a non-DI kid. The important issue it to look at agressive nature, flow to the ball, and, as I feel he is a D-Player all the way, a nasty streak. Mr. Bellamy has all of these from what I can tell.

    Plus he's got athleticism as being a hockey player will tell. Hockey is a sport where footwork is key, and frankly if has good enough for that with the size, speed, and attitude I feel he'll be a good one.
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  10. OregonBuckeye

    OregonBuckeye Semper Fi Buckeyes

    That may be the skinniest 270 lbs kid I've ever seen.
  11. aurorabuckeye13

    aurorabuckeye13 Freshman

    Alright I'm finally an expert on someone on here. I'm a senior at Aurora and have played football with Adam for the past three years and baseball for the past two years. I know how he blocks and plays defense because I lined up to him alot as a TE and beside him as an OLB. First of all this kid is a great person, he's very humble and he's gracious for his natural talent and strength. He is also a great overall athlete as he is not only a superb football player, but a good hockey and baseball player.

    Football wise, he recieved an official offer from Akron last week, as the coach came to our school and offered him around the end of the day. It was pretty big ews around our school, because not many kids from Aurora go D-I. He also told me that he has heard from Wisconsin, Illinois, and some MAC schools. He also attended the Army All-American Combine in San Antonio, and I think he did fairly well there. As far as his height and weight go, he is actually probably about 6' 4'' 270 lbs right now, but definitly has the frame to put on some more weight. At the college level, I think he will end up on the defensive side of the ball. He always graded out high in blocking percentage, but his pass protection would need a bit of work, although he plows people run blocking. Defensively you can see from his highlight film his motor and his quickness off the ball. Once he gets better at using his hands, he will be even more of a terror.

    As far as questioning the competition, it is true, we didn't play the most rigorous high school schedule in OH. Streetsboro is kind of a joke, as is Crestwood although they had some big boys. Twinsburg (white and dark blue on the highlight video) had some pretty good players, including a 6'4'' 300 lb. senior DE/T who me and him kinda abused just downing him to death. Beachwood was another interesting game. They really suck but their DE/T Evan Luxembourg (sp?) just verballed to NW and will play DT there. Bellamy held his own against him. Other than that, we faced some solid competition, but definitly not among the best in Ohio. Also something to remember for people questioning our level of competition... last year in the playoffs we defeated and physically dominated Walsh, and we beat Lake Catholic. Our DE who graduated last year and is in the similar mold of Bellamy (just about 3 or 4 inches smaller) absolutely destroyed current BC OL Nick Schepis. Also next year we are picking up Avon and dropping Streetsboro, which isn't a big upgrade, but and upgrade nonetheless.

    As far as his speed goes, he can definitly run and has natural speed for a big kid, but the scary thing is he can be faster. His running style is kind of jerky and unnatural and all over the place. I think with some more form running coaching, he could get down to a high 4.7. Also he is and was one of the strongest kids in the weight room even as a junior. I'm going off of memory here, but I believe they just maxed out and he was at bench-295, squat-405, power clean- 265. Again I'm just going off memory but I think they are pretty close to his numbers. And those should get much better over the summer.

    I'm looking forward to seeing how this all plays out over the next year and hopefully he will be one of the first football players from Aurora to go D-1 for football. I will provide my own updates throughout his recruitment as much as I can.
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2008
  12. sandgk

    sandgk Watson, Crick & A Twist

    Good summary aurorabuckeye13. I, and I'm sure others, appreciate all that background information.
  13. aurorabuckeye13

    aurorabuckeye13 Freshman

    Also here is a picture of him for the thread...

  14. wadc45

    wadc45 Bourbon, Bow Ties and Baseball Hats Staff Member BP Recruiting Team

    Rivals $


    From OhioVarsity...Akron has offered and Bowling Green could be close. Also hearing from Northwestern, Miami (Ohio), Kent State and Illinois and talks about his interest in OSU.
  15. aurorabuckeye13

    aurorabuckeye13 Freshman

    Indiana was in today an offered him.
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