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DL David Patterson (Official Thread)

Discussion in 'Buckeye Alumni' started by bucknut11, Mar 2, 2004.

  1. bucknut11

    bucknut11 Defense still wins Championships

    i've been seeing several references that David Patterson is probably going to be moved to DE for this year. this really surprises me. i thought he showed flashes of brilliance during his somewhat limited playing time this past season at DT. he's listed at 6'3" and 285 lb, which seems to be good size for a DT (i'm sure with a little work, he could get up to 300). despite the size, he can still get to the QB, as evidenced by his 17 sacks as a HS senior along with 98 tackles and 25 TFLs.

    what do you guys think of this move? good, bad, or not gonna happen?
  2. BuckBackHome

    BuckBackHome Wolverine is largest member of weasel family

    It may happen if they are trying to get the best players on the field, but it seems like he was a perfect fit at DT. He had enough talent to get some playing time as a true freshman on a line full of studs and that says a lot about his ability.

    Who knows. Maybe he will be lined up on the end in a 3-4 defense with D'Andrea playing the true DE from his LB position. It's all conjecture at this point of the year, which is what gives us the right to imagine these configurations.
  3. FKAGobucks877

    FKAGobucks877 The Most Power-Drunk

    From my understanding, he is extemely fast for his size, and speed (among other things) is what you want out of a defensive end. I'm sure he could play both, but if the added weight takes away from his speed, then DE is a better fit for him. A lot of it also comes down to pass-rushing ability, as the interior lineman are usually better run-stoppers than DE, while the DE are better pass-rushers. Obviously, both positions need both skills, but if Patterson is a better pass-rusher, then why not make the move?
  4. BuckNutty

    BuckNutty Hear The Drummer Get Wicked Staff Member Bookie

    I think that's it. Patterson is a great pass rusher and there might be too much traffic in the middle for him to utilize his talent on a consistent basis. We also seem to be more set at DT than we do at DE with Pitcock, Green, Cotton, Maupin and Abdallah on the way. I was very impressed with Patterson this summer. I won't mention the O-linemen, to protect the names of the innocent, but Patterson dominated in one on one drills against the second string. Swim moves, spin moves, bull rush....the kid had it all working. Not sure he would have had the success against guys like Mangold, Step or Olivea but you could see his immense talent. If the reports of him slimming down a bit are true I like the idea of moving him outside. He will probably play a little bit of both, much like Darrion Scott. Coach Heacock is going to get the best 4 on the field and Patterson having the ability to play inside and out is a big plus.
  5. Sloopy45

    Sloopy45 Pimp Minister Sinister

    Well, we have to move one of the interior guys to DE, so it might as well be Patterson, if he can prove that he can rush on the outside.

    We're loaded with DTs, have a spot to fill at DE, and I don't really see the D'Andrea speculation happening, IMO.
  6. 7 45 33 48

    7 45 33 48 Freshman

    I don't think Patterson fits into playing end in the 3-4 defense. Patterson is more like a one gap player, while 3-4 defensive ends are two gap players (like Tim Anderson was). If he is cutting weight to move to 4-3 defensive end then he will not have the size to play 3-4 defensive end.
  7. FKAGobucks877

    FKAGobucks877 The Most Power-Drunk

    tOSU plays a 4-3 defense, and I really don't see that changing. Some people would like to see a 3-4 this year because of our strength at LB, but it ain't gonna happen. The majority of NFL teams also play a 4-3 D, so he doesn't really have anything to lose by making the move, especially if he excels at it.
  8. 7 45 33 48

    7 45 33 48 Freshman

    I agree, there are a lot of players on Ohio State's roster that would not fit into the 3-4 defense.
  9. BIATCHabutuka

    BIATCHabutuka out of chaos comes playoffs

    patterson looked awesome early last season and in the summer all star games. he was especially good in the north south game despite being slightly hobbled. coming into spring ball fresh and uninjured should give him lots of opportunities to impress the buckeye nation in the spring game.
  10. BuckBackHome

    BuckBackHome Wolverine is largest member of weasel family

    Guys, I'm not advocating switching to a 3-4, and I don't think we will. I was talking about lining up as though we were going to play that way and then do a shift where the line moves over and a LB moves up to play DE. It would only work a few times, unless we really played 3-4 on a regular basis, otherwise the offense would know exactly what we were doing as soon as they saw the 3 d-lineman. I really don't see us moving from our bread and butter. I do, however, see more blitzing in the near future as long as our DB's pan out as lock down players.

    Isn't it a wonderful time of year to imagine all the things we are going to do to the opposition. How many more days until the first game?
  11. I think this is an indication of how bad we are hurting at DE. I have never been high on Kudla as an every down DE and I think Frost and Richardson are a few years away. I think Paterson's idea position is still DT, if he can get pressure on the QB from his DT position all the better, that will mean 3 people can get good pressure on the QB instead of 2, which makes it hard for the O-line to know who to double.
  12. CleveBucks

    CleveBucks Serenity now

    I'm not sure who noticed, but Patterson played quite a bit of DE last year. He was almost like a Darrion Scott where he could go both ways (not that there's anything wrong with that). In fact, Patterson was listed as backup DE on the official site's depth chart for the 2nd half of the year.

    I think it's irrelevant where he's listed. Given how much they like to rotate D-Linemen in and out, he'll probably be moving back and forth depending on the personnel and the offensive scenario.
  13. 7 45 33 48

    7 45 33 48 Freshman

    I am sorry if I took your original post the wrong way. I can see that on passing downs when Ohio State needs to blitz. Have D'Andrea drop down to DE and Patterson, Pitcock, and Fraser would be the defensive lineman.

    I would also love to see more blitzing and attacking from the linebackers and safeties. Enough of this soft zone when Ohio State gets a 2 or 3 TD lead like in the Fiesta Bowl against KSU. I want to see this defense attacking like LSU did against Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl.
  14. bucknut11

    bucknut11 Defense still wins Championships

    i just wanna see us gettin' more of those 2 or 3 TD leads! then they can play whatever defense they want. :)
  15. jlb1705

    jlb1705 hipster doofus Bookie

    I disagree. I don't think it's an indication of mediocrity among the other DEs, I think it's an indication of just how good Patterson is. I have heard many enthusiastic reports about Frost's abilities, and have heard similar things about Jay Richardson. Also, if Kudla can stay healthy, he should be a force. I think any of those three guys could play a role similar to what Simon Fraser did in '02. I hope that ends up being the case, anyway. Just imagine... it's the fourth quarter, and Fraser and Patterson are going at the opponent with fresh legs... SCARY!

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