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LGHL Ezekiel Elliott says he plans to take a selfie with Roger Goodell at the NFL Draft

Discussion in 'News' started by Geoff Hammersley, Apr 8, 2016.

  1. Ezekiel Elliott says he plans to take a selfie with Roger Goodell at the NFL Draft
    Geoff Hammersley
    via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    With the draft looming, a query of professional teams are honing in on Ezekiel Elliott. And he's going to live up every minute of his being selected.

    "I plan on taking a selfie with him {Roger Goodell}"

    Ezekiel Elliott to NFL Network

    While he may have hung up the Scarlet and Gray pads for good, Ezekiel Elliott will don new colors once his name gets called at the NFL Draft at the end of the month.

    Elliott isn't the only one to be lucky with the situation. The highly touted running back has drawn the curiosity of the Chicago Bears, Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles and the Miami Dolphins – who are all searching the market for the next star running back.

    While breaking down the high number of teams interested in his services, Elliott also tipped the NFL Network off to his plans on draft day -- he wants a particularly memorable selfie. Hey, that's better than a hug, right?

    If you forgot how insanely good Elliott was (or if you just want to see the Buckeyes dismantle the Fighting Irish again), look at some of the highlights from the Fiesta Bowl below.

    "A coach can now, in theory, flood a recruit’s inbox with direct messages and Twitter mentions and more."

    Kevin McGuire, NBC Sports

    The people at the NCAA are making some changes. Whether they are good or bad is anybody's guess.

    After shutting down satellite camps immediately, the National Collegiate Athletic Association opened up the door for coaches to have unlimited communication with recruits.

    So, in theory, if you were a recruit, you would be stuck getting text messages from colleges that are pursuing for your services. If that doesn't sound too bad, think about this: you could conceivably be receiving non-stop text messages from Jim Harbaugh for a year (or more).


    On the bright side, Urban Meyer gave his opinion on the matter...

    "So here's a kid in high school being bombarded with text messages sitting there doing this all day. If it's social media, you can determine who you want to hear from."

    Urban Meyer, as reported by Ari Wasserman at

    In the past, coach Meyer has been vocal about when NCAA policies are hurting the players. Going back to last year's CFP Championship run, coach wanted players to be able to bring their families to the games. Now, the three-time National Championship winner sounded off on what it meant for coaches (and colleges) to have what seems to be unlimited access to messaging potential recruits.

    Meyer brought up the point that in social media, the recruits can decide what they see and hear; with texting, you really don't have an option to what you see.

    "We're excited to partner with Ohio State to extend this time-honored rivalry to a new program that will engage our faculty and staff in a fun competition to encourage physical activity and workplace well-being,"

    Juanita Day, The University Record

    The Ohio State-Michigan rivalry looks to have a new addition. First was the gridiron, then the blood battle, now...a physical activity challenge?

    Participants from both schools will track their daily physical activities. That could be anything from walking to meetings, to working out.

    According to the site, participants at the Ann Arbor institution will be able to win prizes like sneakers and baseball caps, while participants at Ohio State could end up winning FitBits.

    The competition runs from May 2 - June 26.


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    • Texas-Notre Dame won't be kicking off on Saturday this fall

    • Sepp Blatter is on a panel to reform FIFA (yes, you read that right)

    • A student radio organization at OSU that gives real world broadcasting experience

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