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F/C Terence Dials (2006 B1G POY, Dir. of Professional Development)

Discussion in 'Buckeye Basketball' started by LoKyBuckeye, Mar 30, 2004.

  1. exhawg

    exhawg Mirror Guy Staff Member

    There's only 2 rounds in the NBA draft. If Dials doesn't get drafted I hope the Cavs would give him a shot. If his offensive game isn't ready maybe could change his game to be a defensive enforcer like Danny Fortson in Seattle.
  2. at 6-9 he doesnt have the size to be much more than a journeyman at the 5, and he doesnt have the quickness or face to the basket skills to play the 4. that being said, ive been wrong before.
  3. IMO I think there is better out there. He might make it in the NBA but he is going to have to toughen up and he is not quick enough.

    I see someone taking a chance, but I don't want the Cavs too.

    Not a knock on Dials b/c he is a very good college player.
  4. OH10

    OH10 *

    I don't see Dials getting drafted at all to be honest. He's a 6'9 center, with limited athletic ability. He doesn't have an outside jumper, and he's a below-average rebounder for his height. As the above article has pointed out as well, he's not exactly a defensive stopper.

    He has a strong awareness around the basketball and can put the ball in the hole over shorter defenders all day. But he doesn't handle the double team very well and is not a very good passer.

    At the end of the day, he's not big enough to play center in the NBA and not fast enough to play Power Forward. His other deficiencies are just nails in an already enclosed NBA coffin.

    I love TDials, so don't get me wrong. He's a heckuva college player. But his game would never make at the next level.
  5. exhawg

    exhawg Mirror Guy Staff Member

    I was thinking the Cavs didn't even have a 2nd round pick this year, but they got the Bucks pick in the Welsch trade. I'm just saying that if Dials didn't get drafted it would be a good move for the Cavs to pick him up for the summer league and see what he can do. The mock draft that I looked had has the Cavs taking ND's PF in the second round.
  6. exhawg

    exhawg Mirror Guy Staff Member

    How about TE like Antonio Gates? :p
  7. Not to get off topic, but do you have a link to that draft.

    I would have no problem with the Cavs giving him a shot in the summer league.
  8. EdDantes22

    EdDantes22 Keira Knightley's Future Husband

    No way Dials is an NBA player. His size and strength allows him to score in a college game that's pretty light on big man talent (though that will change some now with the age restriction). He's helpless against a double team, he doesn't have that many offensive moves and he definitely doesn't use his strength to his advantage most of the time, going up off balance and shying from contact. He's also much too slow in starting his moves; he takes a while to get settled, and by that time he's drawn too much attention and that stupid big man dribble he does to gain his balance ends up getting swiped. He's also not a great leaper, nor quick enough to be a good rebounder. He has no game outside of about 8 feet. Without Dials, this team would be sunk, but IMHO he's a complete waste of a draft pick for any team. He'll be remembered as a good college player and a great student athlete--he gives great interviews and he's extremely likeable. But maybe more than anything else he doesn't seem to have the necessary mean streak to be a bruising big man.
  9. EdDantes22

    EdDantes22 Keira Knightley's Future Husband

    Oh wow, can you see Dials shambling down field trying to catch a pass? One Rodney Harrison to the knees and he'd be down faster than a freshman on prom night.
  10. OSUBasketballJunkie

    OSUBasketballJunkie Never Forget 31-0

    Dials is a longshot to get drafted in my opinion, not because he is not talented but the simple fact he is a "tweener". Much like what was already posted, not big enough to be a true center and not quick enough to play the 4 spot.

    I love the guy, but he does have limitations.
  11. exhawg

    exhawg Mirror Guy Staff Member

  12. Golferdow01

    Golferdow01 East-Coast Living

    Shows how much I follow the NBA...but I still stand by my statement. After attending almost every home game of his career, I just don't see Dials making the draft.
  13. OSUBasketballJunkie

    OSUBasketballJunkie Never Forget 31-0

    Terence Dials Named Big 10 POW


  14. daddyphatsacs

    daddyphatsacs Let the cards fall...

    He definately deserved it.......congrats Terrence, way to step it up over the last month or so.
  15. lvbuckeye

    lvbuckeye Silver Surfer

    well, after five straight double doubles, he certainly deserves it.

    Congrats, Terence!

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