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Google Five Buckeyes set to play in Super Bowl 50 -

Discussion in 'News' started by Buckeyes - Google News, Jan 25, 2016.

  1. Five Buckeyes set to play in Super Bowl 50 -
    via Google News using key phrase "Buckeyes".

    Five Buckeyes set to play in Super Bowl 50
    Either Brown or Ginn could find himself at some point working against the only Buckeye who is active for the Broncos: Bradley Roby, a key defensive back for the AFC champions. When the Broncos have the ball, the place to watch for Ohio State fans will ...
    Buckeyes will be well represented in Super Bowl 50Dayton Daily News
    Carolina Buckeyes Demolish Arizona Cardinals, Punch Ticket to Super Bowl 50Eleven Warriors
    Eight Buckeyes in Conference Championship SundayWaiting For Next Year -Land-Grant Holy Land -College Spun
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