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tBBC Francesca Di Lorenzo Nominated For Best In Collegiate Women’s Tennis

Discussion in 'News' started by jcollingsworth, Jun 6, 2016.

  1. Francesca Di Lorenzo Nominated For Best In Collegiate Women’s Tennis
    via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    Francesca Di Lorenzo, a freshman for The Ohio State women’s tennis team, is one of four nominees for the Honda Sport Award in tennis; The Collegiate Women Sports Awards (CWSA) announced Thursday.

    The Honda Sport Award is an annually presentation by the CWSA for the past 40 years to the top women athletes in 12 NCAA- sanctioned sports and represents “the best of the best in collegiate athletics.” The winner of the sport award becomes a finalist for the Collegiate Woman Athlete of the Year and the prestigious 2016 Honda Cup which will be presented on a live telecast on CBS Sports Network on June 27, 2016, in the Founders’ Room at the Galen Center on the campus of the University of Southern California in downtown Los Angeles.

    The nominees were chosen by a combination of NCAA finish and rankings. The Honda Sport award winner for tennis will be announced next week after voting by administrators from over 1,000 NCAA member schools. Each NCAA member institution has a vote.

    The other nominees are Haley Carter from the University of North Carolina, University of Virginia’s Danielle Collins and Pepperdine University’s Luisa Stefani.

    Di Lorenzo has had a fantastic first year in collegiate sports. She was The Big Ten Player of the Year along with being named the Big Ten Freshman of the Year. She is the third Buckeye to claim All-America honors. She also was the No. 3 seed in the NCAA singles championship and reached the Round of 16 in the tournament, ending the year ranked fourth nationally. Di Lorenzo won the ITA National Indoor Championship in the fall, the first ITA national title for the Buckeyes’ Program.

    An Ohio State Scholar-Athlete, Di Lorenzo had a 37-5 record for the year, setting the program record for single-season wins. All four of her losses during the spring came in the third sets, with three of the four losses to Top 15 ranked players. Di Lorenzo, rated the top newcomer in college tennis in the fall, was ranked in the Top 5 all spring, including four weeks as the No. 1 player (also a first in program history).

    Di Lorenzo and the Buckeyes won both the Big Ten regular season title outright as well as winning the Big Ten Tournament championship and was the first Buckeye squad to ever host NCAA matches and reach the quarterfinals.

    Time, folks, to break out that Buckeye gear and root for Francesca …. Another great athlete of our beloved Scarlet and Gray who is on the National Stage for her accomplishments.

    Best of Luck Francesca … you are deserving of this notice.


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