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Frustrations of online play

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by OilerBuck, Mar 25, 2005.

  1. OilerBuck

    OilerBuck Sweet Crude

    I've been playing online for the first time and it's driving me nuts. I've played okay...I've won 3 out of 6 games. Except two of my wins didn't count because people are "glitching". I'm not really sure how they do it, but it seems to be a common occurance online.

    The first game I lost made me think online play was going to be sweet. I played against a pretty decent player and we went down to the wire. He eventually his a field goal to beat me by 3.

    Every game after that has just been frustrating. People don't play how the game was intended. They come up with "cheesing" plays, or ways to take advantage of gameplay glitches. I played a guy who "analog blitzed", which takes advantage of a glitch that allows you to jump of the line of scrimmage at full speed, which is too fast for the player to be picked up by any lineman who are still moving at normal speed.

    I also ran into a guy that took advantage of a glitch that will direct snap to the Wide Receiver. This play has no defense that I can find (because it's not even a natural play on the game).

    The next guy I played with Georgia and he would roll left. If youy were in man coverage, he would run it with his QB for a sure 10-15 yards. If you were in zone, or had a spy on him...he would LAUNCH it all the way down the field to exploit a game glitch that makes it way to easy to complete jump balls. Fred Gibson had 154 yards on 3 receptions in the first half before I quit out of anger.

    I guess online play is full of these morons that think it's more fun to win using the same plays, or by exploiting the games issues. I don't think I'm anything great, and so I don't mind losing. I just want to learn how to play better and I want to have fun with a decent football simulation...I don't want to learn how to take advantage of computer AI.

    I'd rather be 0-100 playing things legitimatly. I'm so angry right now. I pray I never run into any of these "cheesers" on the street, because I won't be responsible for my actions.
  2. MolGenBuckeye

    MolGenBuckeye Senior

    I feel your pain. :)

    The most common one is people playing as Texas and doing the rollout play. My best suggestion for that is a 3-3-5 stack, and blitz the strong safeties. (SS dogs, I think?) At the very least, he won't have time to throw a deep ball. Some people just can't be stopped with that strategy, but it'll beat the wannabes.

    Are you on XBox or PS2?

    ETA: With the 3-3-5, mix in a 2-deep man coverage every once in a while to keep them honest. Throwing into double coverage is tough even for good players/glitchers.
  3. BIATCHabutuka

    BIATCHabutuka out of chaos comes playoffs

    that's why i quit playing online pretty much. if i know the guy that is different, but nothing worse than getting rolled by some cheese baller 13 year old who plays all day. it is quite satisfying though to counter their cheese and hear them whine. i got one kid to cry, it was fucking sweet.

    have a run audible ready for the analog blitz. actually have two of them, one to each side. run up under the blitzer until they back off of it.

    when they glitch you, they are just unplugging their internet. before i quit, i would always take my losses. if a guy was cheesing me though i would ask to set it aside as a no contest and if they didn't (and they rarely did), then i would glitch the little cocksucker back. fuckem.
  4. MistriBuck

    MistriBuck aka MartyrBuck

    i feel your pain, it's so damn frustrating to want to play a legitimate game and run into these "cheesers".......i would typically be able to shut them down, but it still wasn't fun, and occasionally they'd get the best of me........the best thing i can suggest is check out their stats before playing them, that's why EA added so many extra categories this year such as shotgun %, hurry up %, should be able to get a good idea if a guy is a legit player by his stats after looking at enough of them
  5. MolGenBuckeye

    MolGenBuckeye Senior

    Yeah, but unfortunately there's no way I've found (please correct me if I'm wrong) to see their stats before starting a quick match or optimatch.

    And one of my favorite moments of countering cheese was making some kid whine to me to turn off the cheats when I continually completed mid to long passes on him. He was running a 4-4 all out blitz as his base defense. :)
  6. MistriBuck

    MistriBuck aka MartyrBuck

    naaah you can't do it with the quick matchups, you have to be picky

    funny stuff, kind of like guys who would whine and say you were using a gameshark because you completely shut down all 4 plays in their arsenal, and would keep picking off their jump balls thrown into triple coverage
  7. powerlifter

    powerlifter ▪█───────█

    Honestly there are certain plays that counter the dumbasses that use analog blitz and wr direct...if you need me to elaborate I will...But trust me there are ways around that shit...its a cheap ass way to get a few yards..but at the same time you can shut it down and expose what they are doing fairly easy.
  8. MolGenBuckeye

    MolGenBuckeye Senior these games, I just wait for them to pull out the Hail Mary. Then I know it's over. :)

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