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Funniest SNL skits?

Discussion in 'Open Discussion (Work-safe)' started by Lazlo, Mar 15, 2005.

  1. Buckeneye

    Buckeneye I lead, you follow.

    Farley - Matt Foley "motivation speaker"

    Still so sad he's not here :(
  2. stxbuck

    stxbuck Woody wore Sambas

    For my money "Dick In A Box", and "Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood" are tops.

    My favorite commercials are "Bad Idea Jeans", Schmidt's Gay, and the trapdoor company.
  3. MolGenBuckeye

    MolGenBuckeye Senior

  4. Crump's brother

    Crump's brother Moxahala Park Carnie/ Rehoboth Strangler

    Jason Sudeikis dancing in the background of "What's Up with That" kills me.

    Going back a few years, the "Sully and Zazoo" skits with Jimmy Fallon and Rachael Dratch as idiotic Masshole teenagers is a favorite. Even Weebs...
  5. DubCoffman62

    DubCoffman62 Lazy Slob

    [ame=""]Dailymotion - How much ya bench? - a Funny video[/ame]
  6. Jagdaddy

    Jagdaddy Senior

    "Mastermind" with Phil Hartman as Ronald Reagan pretending to be a doddering fool for the public but actually being an energetic, domineering, abrasive, multilingual genius:

    [ame=]YouTube - The Real Ronald Reagan, as Portrayed by Phil Hartman[/ame]
  7. willsonphilips

    willsonphilips Big Train

    Scrumtulecent!!! Will Ferrell as James Lipton, Inside the actor's studio.
  8. cincibuck

    cincibuck You kids stay off my lawn!

    Derrick Morris, Fondue Pots for Namimbia.

    and almost anything that contained the phrase, "Jane, you ignorant slut."
  9. Dryden

    Dryden Sober as Sarkisian Staff Member Tech Admin

    My link to the Jingleheimer Junction skit I posted last year is now dead.

    Curse you NBC-copyright-gestapo!

    Still the best SNL skit ever.
  10. ScriptOhio

    ScriptOhio Everybody is somebody else's weirdo.

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