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G Jamar Butler (Official Thread)

Discussion in 'Buckeye Alumni' started by Moebuck, Jan 3, 2005.

  1. Moebuck

    Moebuck Newbie

    Don't get me wrong, I really am excited to see the improvement in Fuss-Cheatam and he is easily having his best season as a Buckeye.

    Sooner or later, Butler has to be the man on this squad. He is definitely a game changer. He really hustles his butt off on the defensive end. There was a notable difference in defensive intensity with Butler and Foster in the game together the other night. It's only a matter of time before his confidence grows on the offensive side of the ball as well.

    One thing I really like about Matta is his ability to rotate guys in and out and there still seems to be a good flow to the team. He likes to bring in Butler and Foster together. Sylvester usually comes in for a good stretch in both halves and typically Marinchek spells Dials before the end of the first half. It is as if these guys come into the game at the same point each night. They expect to play at those times and their rotation is really working well.

    The next three games are going to be pretty telling about this team, but I for one am excited about the next couple of years under Matta!
  2. Bestbuck36

    Bestbuck36 Kyle Young/Cade Stover man crush. Not ashamed

    I'm just really happy with the depth, and its only going to get better with Matta's recruiting. Right now when Dials goes out of the game we are in trouble inside but the rest of the team goes on without missing a beat and sometimes improves with guys off the bench. You are right though, Butler has been playing very well and I see him at least pushing for more playing time if not starting during the B10 stretch.
  3. tsteele316

    tsteele316 Mr. Such and Such

    butler still needs some work on his ball handling. he definately has trouble with the press. once he improves on that, he will get more and more minutes.

    with the speed of the game being faster than in high school, it is probably natural to have trouble in those areas as a freshman pg.

    however, i wouldnt be surprised if butler moved to the 2 guard if sylvester mayes is as good as advertised.
  4. gold_pants

    gold_pants Sophmore

    Great observation and in Matta's system at Xavier he often had versatile guards that could handle both PG and 2G duties...
  5. i had a coach once who always stressed "its not who starts, its who finishes that matters"
  6. No way will Butler move to the two guard. He is a pg all the way.
  7. Xevious

    Xevious Recovering Arcade Junkie

    I believe Coach Matta has stated that who starts a game isn't as important as who is on the floor at the end of the game. Having said that, I wouldn't be surprised if Butler starts soon assuming he can handle pressure from B10 guards. I think Butler can provide a better overall game than BFC because of his D. The offense seems to flow better when BFC is on the floor, but I think Butler just needs to figure out his role on the offensive end. I'm guessing in HS he was able to coast some, then takeover the game when he felt the need. Whether he gets to start or not this year, it's great to have a guard talented enough to play a lot as a freshman.
  8. IronBuckI

    IronBuckI Calmer than you are.

    I grew up in the Lima area and Shawnee is not a very big H.S. at all. They played in a strong football conference, but not so much in basketball. So, yes, he pretty much owned his opponents in every game he played. As far as him taking the starting PG spot. I think that we're doing pretty damn good with our current rotation. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2005
  9. VWBuck!

    VWBuck! O-H.....

    Iron Buck....wait a minute....The W.B.L. is strong in basketball as well.....I believe we held Mr. Butler to 9 points last year at Ohio Northern!.....I agree he should get his shot at starting to see what he can do.....But to call the W.B.L. weak in basketball is not right!....I play Football, Basketball, and Baseball in the W.B.L and in every sport it is tough!
  10. Oh8ch

    Oh8ch Cognoscente of Omphaloskepsis Staff Member

    Barring injury Fuss will start every game this season. Butler still makes a lot of Frosh mistakes and IMO has not separated himself from Fuss at all.
  11. Lima JOck

    Lima JOck Newbie, but old!

    Maybe the question should be why is Fuss Ch is still playing more minutes when he hasn't seperated himself performance wise from a freshman who could be at OSU for three more years.
  12. jamar is a great player...but hasnt proven himself against the press. his ball handling needs some work.
  13. Lima JOck

    Lima JOck Newbie, but old!

    A freshman will not get better playing 12 min a game. I respect Fuss efforts this year, but who has the best potential up side for the big ten tourney. Again, has Fuss seperated himself from Butler even though he is getting more minutes? Are we preparing for the next 15-17 game or the next 90 to 100.
  14. Oh8ch

    Oh8ch Cognoscente of Omphaloskepsis Staff Member

    You play the best player - not the best potential. Play a kid with potential ahead of the kid who earned the minutes in practice and you are one step from losing your team.
  15. Lima JOck

    Lima JOck Newbie, but old!

    I don't believe the best player or the player with the most potential is playing the most point guard. When comparing players, both have similiar stats in assists and rebounds. Fuss is shooting better from the field, while Butler is the much better on free throws and a better defender on all accounts. I tell you from experience of viewing many many games of Butler in high school and AAU that with more playing time he would average as much or more than Fuss is scoring with as good or better shooting percentages if he felt like he had the option to shoot without recourse like others. All I believe is that Butler would of got a makeable shot off last year against Ill. in the final regular season game, not got picked from behind at LSU, or stepped on the line at LSU, unlike what happened.

    In conclusion, the best player at point isn't getting the most minutes in my humble opinion.

    Question: How can I find where the assistant coaches previously coached. Especially high school experience???

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