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Game Thread Game Nine: Ohio State 40, Illinois 2 (final)

Discussion in '2005 Football Season Capsule' started by Clarity, Nov 30, 2004.

  1. MililaniBuckeye

    MililaniBuckeye The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St Staff Member Tech Admin

    538 yards last week against Wisconsin...

    Illinois got 160 yards today, 68 rushing and 92 passing. They got their 68 rushing yards on 33 carries (2.1 ypc).
  2. westbrock

    westbrock Rookie

    I think the best part of today was how hard everyone was playing. They were having fun; not playing to lose (maybe I'm still scarred from Coop's days). Was that Datish pushing his man through the endzone on Pittman's great run?

    The future's looking up with all that hard playing and great play calling. I know we played Illinois, but not letting up the entire game is admirable. Nice work TRESSEL.
  3. JXC

    JXC '01'02'04'05'06'07'08'09'10'12'13'14'15'16‘17’18

    I listened to Munch on Sports after the game for a little bit...but then had to turn it off as Munch was saying how bad the offense was in the 1st half and how JT can't call plays, and was also hinting that he thinks JT needs to look himself in the mirror and make some major changes or leave. Said he was still learning how to be a D1-A coach, and tOSU isn't the place to learn, it's the place to perform for coaches. Then when people call in, he says he never said Coach Tressel should be fired...which he never did directly...but he sure says everything but that. The guy is a joke, and it pisses me off, because all he does is get tOSU fans to think somethings wrong with this team, when right now, nothing is wrong. They couldn't be playing any better. So we only scored 3 points in the 1st quarter? It'd be a problem if we had done the same thing for the rest of the game. He says you can be a real fan, and address the problems, or be a fan that wears rose colored glasses and think a win is a win, and a win is great. Rose colored glasses or not, a 40-2 win with 500+ total yards offense, and giving up less than 200 is a GREAT win. You are just getting rediculous, if your going to let ONE quarter decide how you feel about a game. Ohio State plays 3 perfect quarters, and ONE average quarter...and that one average quarter makes the man say the offense needs help.

    A. The 1st half wasn't the greatest...but a game isn't made in one half...and actually, the offense picked it up after the 1st Q, so it was really only one slow quarter for our offense. I believe we scored 10 points in the 2nd that's not bad.

    B. The play calling has been fine. Are we NEVER supposed to run off tackle? We found out what was working, and what wasn't early, and stuck with what was working. That's great coaching in my eyes.

    C. MAYBE you can make the argument that JT needs an OC...but now's not the time to argue that. The offense is on a roll. We've scored 40 points in 3 straight games for the first time since 1995. Maybe after the season you can look back at the whole picture and see if any changes need to be made...but right now, things are clicking. Just keep doing what you are doing offense. Sure it'd be nice if we didn't start out as slow next week...but we didn't start out slow against Minnesota, so I don't think this is something to really worry about. It was Illnois!!! How pumped up can a team get for a game like this?

    I know the man likes to cause controversy. I know that's what people listen to. But...this is a columbus radio station...and an Ohio State show. There really is no need to be such an dick when it comes to tOSU football. Leave that to other news outlits...and be a little bit more positive about your hometown team. If this guy is going to keep getting on Columbus radio, and talking about the Buckeyes and Jim Tressel like there is a serious problem...then I think he needs to be fired. It's one thing when there are problems...but these past few weeks...there aren't problems. Give the staff and team credit for what they've done...and quit trying to get fans pissed off about things right now, when we should be happy with what's going on. Just because fans are happy with how the team is playing, doesn't mean Tressel is going to quit trying to make the team better. Tressel will do that no matter what. I think we all need to step up...and start talking a lot more positive about tOSU football right now, because we are playing as good as anybody in the country, on both sides of the ball. And I like the fact that, on this board...people are doing exactly that.
  4. westbrock

    westbrock Rookie

    [/QUOTE]we are playing as good as anybody in the country, on both sides of the ball.[/QUOTE]

    I agree (or close to it on offense).
  5. BuckeyePride

    BuckeyePride All-Ohio

    I don't think we can put us in elite teams due to two losses. however, our D is there. O needs to be better
  6. NFBuck

    NFBuck Total Coverage.

    40 points in 4 straight games not enough for ya? Sheesh! Good old Buckeye fans....never happy! :wink2: Anyway, I loved seeing everyone jumping around and enjoying themselves on the sidelines as time was winding down. These guys are really becoming a "team", and Troy is really stepping up as the leader. i, for one, am enjoying every second of it.
  7. JXC

    JXC '01'02'04'05'06'07'08'09'10'12'13'14'15'16‘17’18

    We obviously aren't an elite team...cuz we lost 2 games early. But this is another Tressel team...where they just keep getting better as the year goes on. And I like that...I mean, of course I wish we wouldn't have lost early. But it's great that we get better, and not worse.

    Oh...and against Texas and Penn State...this team had no identity, no swager. But out of nowhere this team just got it all. All of a sudden this is the most fun team to watch in the Big 10, and maybe college football. I mean...this attitude that this team has now is amazing. The are awesome together. Lots of Buckeyes that look like the love being Buckeyes and love winning games as a team!
  8. Bucklion

    Bucklion Throwback Staff Member Former Premier League Champ

    We still have a great shot at a shared Big 10 championship and possible BCS bowl in a year that many will consider at least a bit of a disappointment. Not a bad position to be in, really...a lot of places with disappointing years are fighting to gain bowl eligibility.
  9. NFBuck

    NFBuck Total Coverage.

    In a superficial sense this year has been a disappointment. With the expectations coming in, 2 losses could certainly be very hard to swallow. But taking a step back, these guys have showed tremendous heart. That loss to Texas could have crippled a lot of teams....same with the PSU loss. But those are 2 of the top 5-6 teams in the country, and as has become the standard with Tressel coached teams, they are gaining momentum as the season progresses. Right now this is the most exciting all around team since that gifted '98 squad (F-you Michigan St.!), and maybe in all of the land! We are rolling, and I'm salivating for the game November 19th! We're gonna loose a lot after this season, but with Troy, Gonzo, Teddy, Pittman and all the rest of the talent coming back on offense, and a bunch of other offensive talent returning and coming in(!) next year looks fun too! Whoops, getting ahead of myself.
    :oh: :io:
  10. Steve19

    Steve19 Watching. Always watching. Staff Member

    I had hoped very much for a national championship this year. I was disappointed in a few things the guys did in the first half.

    But, if these guys finish up 10-2, after having played one of the toughest schedules in college football and having to overcome the legacies of the Smith suspension early in the season, then I see no reason to not count them among the elite.

    The next two weeks will tell us what these Buckeyes have. I think they will show that they have a lot.

    BUCKYLE Washed

    I agree. It's gut check time.
  12. jlb1705

    jlb1705 hipster doofus Staff Member Bookie

    With two losses, I'll call the Bucks "elite". Shit, I'd declare 'em National Champs, kinda like a few jackass USC fans tried to do for their team in 2002. Haha!
  13. Buckeyeskickbuttocks

    Buckeyeskickbuttocks Z --> Z^2 + c Staff Member

    Better than what?

    Illinois vs #12 Ohio State (Nov 5, 2005 at Columbus, Ohio)

    Illinois (2-7,0-6) vs. Ohio State (6-2,4-1)
    Date: Nov 5, 2005 Site: Columbus, Ohio Stadium: Ohio Stadium
    Attendance: 104799

    Score by Quarters 1 2 3 4 Score
    ----------------- -- -- -- -- -----
    Illinois............ 0 0 2 0 - 2
    Ohio State.......... 3 10 20 7 - 40

    NET YARDS RUSHING.............202
    Rushing Attempts............ 46
    Average Per Rush............ 4.4
    Yards Gained Rushing....... 204
    Yards Lost Rushing.......... 2
    NET YARDS PASSING............ 324
    Average Per Attempt......... 13.0
    Average Per Completion...... 20.2
    TOTAL OFFENSE YARDS...........526
    Total offense plays......... 71
    Average Gain Per Play....... 7.4

    #12 Ohio State vs Minnesota (Oct 29, 2005 at Minneapolis, Minn.)

    Ohio State (6-2,4-1) vs. Minnesota (5-3,2-3)
    Date: Oct 29, 2005 Site: Minneapolis, Minn. Stadium: HHH Metrodome
    Attendance: 54825

    Score by Quarters 1 2 3 4 Score
    ----------------- -- -- -- -- -----
    Ohio State.......... 17 0 14 14 - 45
    Minnesota........... 10 7 7 7 - 31

    NET YARDS RUSHING............. 216
    Rushing Attempts............ 43
    Average Per Rush............ 5.0
    Yards Gained Rushing........ 235
    Yards Lost Rushing.......... 19
    NET YARDS PASSING............. 233
    Completions-Attempts-Int.... 14-20-0
    Average Per Attempt......... 11.6
    Average Per Completion...... 16.6
    TOTAL OFFENSE YARDS........... 449
    Total offense plays......... 63
    Average Gain Per Play....... 7.1 7.4

    Ohio State vs Indiana (Oct 22, 2005 at Bloomington, Ind.)

    Ohio State (5-2,3-1) vs. Indiana (4-3,1-3)
    Date: Oct 22, 2005 Site: Bloomington, Ind. Stadium: Memorial Stadium
    Attendance: 52866

    Score by Quarters 1 2 3 4 Score
    ----------------- -- -- -- -- -----
    Ohio State.......... 7 10 14 10 - 41
    Indiana............. 0 3 7 0 - 10

    NET YARDS RUSHING............. 240
    Rushing Attempts............ 48
    Average Per Rush............ 5.0
    Yards Gained Rushing........ 266
    Yards Lost Rushing.......... 26
    NET YARDS PASSING............. 238
    Completions-Attempts-Int.... 15-24-1
    Average Per Attempt......... 9.9
    Average Per Completion...... 15.9
    TOTAL OFFENSE YARDS........... 478
    Total offense plays......... 72
    Average Gain Per Play....... 6.6

    3 Game totals:
    Rushing total yards- 658
    Avg per Game - 219.3

    Passing Total yards - 795
    Avg Per Game - 265

    Total Offense (Yards) - 1453
    Per Game - 484.3

    Scoring total 126
    Avg per game 42

    SO, you think the O needs to get better than this? Can't say I see why.
  14. BuckeyePride

    BuckeyePride All-Ohio

    to be considered ELITE? hell yeah. our O is not THAT good to be considered ELITE. it's good but not great like our D

    No need to show me stats. I already know the stats. If you find Minn, Ind, Ill in top 40 Ds...then you can make your case. Everyone scores 40 on Ill. penn state poped 60+ in Ill before they pulled their starters. I am not saying our O is not good. It's just not ELITE...Not yet.

    You keeping dinging and present stats from those three games.. but you don't have much of an argument.
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2005
  15. Buckeyeskickbuttocks

    Buckeyeskickbuttocks Z --> Z^2 + c Staff Member

    OSU has lost two games by a total of 10 points. With all due respect to Texas, OSU beats Texas with a non-rusty Troy Smith. OSU wins that game if Antonio Smith makes a tackle in the EZ on a kickoff, or if Houston makes a 50 yarder (was wide by a few feet.)

    OSU goes to OT with PSU if Troy doesnt throw a pick giving PSU 1st and G at the 1.

    The way Ohio State is playing right now sure as hell does put them in the same class of "elite" you speak of.

    484 yards a game (100 yards a game above OSU's Avg) would rank OSU with the number 10 Offense in the country right now.

    USC 601
    Texas Tech 535
    Mich St 532
    Northwestern 515
    Arizona St 514
    Texas 502
    Minnesota 501
    Louisville 495
    Notre Dame 492
    Washington State 489

    How many of the "Better offenses" would you rather have to go with team record? I count 2, USC and Texas.

    By the way, our D, which is in your mind already "Elite" is rated 12 in terms of yards against and 8th as against the score.

    Recognizing that I'm saying OSU's O is doing just fine NOW (Surely not earlier in the year), I'd love to hear why you don't think so.
    buckeyefool likes this.

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