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Game Thread Game Nine: Ohio State 40, Illinois 2 (final)

Discussion in '2005 Football Season Capsule' started by Clarity, Nov 30, 2004.

  1. akronbuck

    akronbuck Junior

    if the offense was like half the defense is, ohio state could beat USC

    I still can't get over the wr's we have andthat are barely used to kill some of these teams badly,

    I know the qb's do not have the reaction time down to change there view for the different options to use, they can hit a slants easily but, not the homerunners.Not sure if its tressel or smith but, onething for sure we have the weapons to use.

    I feel like galloway, glenn and boston are at OSU now with a good running game and a great D that should be punishing teams not getting byethem or just beating poor teams very soundly..
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  2. BuckeyePride

    BuckeyePride All-Ohio

    What's our turnovers margin? -5 before Ill game. does that really show how good our team is? NO

    Our O is doing fine...better than fine...but not elite yet
  3. Buckeyeskickbuttocks

    Buckeyeskickbuttocks Z --> Z^2 + c Staff Member

    Did you happen to read anything I wrote re: offense?

    Did you not see Smith connect with TG for 73? And Holmes for 41?

    YOu think adding three NFL professionals might help? Well, gosh, maybe. Although I'm not sure Boston can play right now.
  4. Buckeyeskickbuttocks

    Buckeyeskickbuttocks Z --> Z^2 + c Staff Member

    Are you kidding me? You're going to rank OSU's offensive "eliteness" on turnover margin?

    If you can't be serious, this discussion isn't going to go very far. Maybe our "elite D" should get some TO's, yes? Troy has a 10 - 1 TD to INT ratio since PSU and a 13 - 3 for the year. Should we put Zwick in?

    Seriously, I've given you the numbers. How is Ohio State's offense not been elite over the last several weeks. Do tell.
    Last edited: Nov 6, 2005
  5. BB73

    BB73 Loves Buckeye History Staff Member Bookie '16 & '17 Upset Contest Winner

    Game summary from BN

    <TABLE cellSpacing=1 cellPadding=0 width="98%" align=center border=0><TBODY><TR><TD colSpan=3>Buckeyes Roll Past Illinois 40-2

    </TD></TR><TR><TD vAlign=top bgColor=#ffffff>[​IMG]
    Antonio Pittman

    </TD><TD noWrap width=3></TD><TD vAlign=top>By Steve Helwagen
    Managing Editor
    Date: Nov 5, 2005

    Ohio State crusied to its fifth Big Ten win as quarterback Troy Smith threw for 298 yards and three touchdowns. Antonio Pittman added 96 yards and two touchdowns. (NOTE: This story was updated at 8:30 p.m. with more notes, stats and quotes as well as an update on receivers coach Darrell Hazell, who missed the game due to illness.)
    </TD></TR><TR><TD colSpan=3>In many respects, Ohio State was a bigger enemy to its cause than Illinois was Saturday.

    The 12th-ranked Buckeyes played through a handful of mental and physical mistakes before pulling away in the second half for a 40-2 victory over the outmatched Fighting Illini before 104,799 at Ohio Stadium.

    “I thought our defense did a great job of really controlling the tempo of the game and creating field position for us and really did an excellent job of handling the various things that Illinois brought at them,” said OSU coach Jim Tressel. “ We were a little disappointed in the first half with our offensive consistency. We didn't think that we were as sharp as we need to be at this time of the season.

    “I thought we came back and did a little bit better job in the second half. We obviously made a lot of big plays. But we've got work ahead of us.”
    The win allowed Ohio State (7-2, 5-1) to remain a half-game behind Big Ten-leading Penn State (9-1, 6-1), which dispatched Wisconsin 35-14 Saturday at State College, Pa.

    Quarterback Troy Smith completed 13 of 21 passes for a career-high 298 yards and three touchdowns.

    “Any time we get out there as an offense, we have a goal to score 42 points,” Smith said. “That's one of our key things that we want to do. But we do understand that when we score 24 points and above, we have something like a 98 or 97 percent chance of winning in the past, so any time we can get points on the board, that's what we're going to do.”
    Two of those touchdowns went to split end Santonio Holmes, who ended up with three catches for 59 yards. The other TD pass – a 73-yarder -- went to flanker Ted Ginn Jr., who also had a 65-yard kickoff return. Ginn had four catches for a career-high 138 yards.

    Tailback Antonio Pittman ended up with 96 yards with two touchdown on 22 carries for the Buckeyes, who were a five-touchdown favorite to beat an Illinois team that had lost its first five conference games by an average of 33 points. Pittman also had two catches for 41 yards.

    The Buckeyes piled up 526 yards total offense and reached the 40-point plateau for the third straight game – the first time that has happened since 1995.

    “We're not opposed to scoring, contrary to popular opinion,” Tressel joked afterwards.

    The defense never gave Illinois (2-7, 0-6) an opening. In fact, the Illini got their only points on a two-point return of a botched snap on an OSU extra point attempt. Illinois ended the game with 160 yards total offense and just nine first downs. The Illini were a woeful 3 of 15 on third down conversions.

    Illini quarterback Tim Brasic was 18 of 24 passing for 92 yards.
    “They are a well-coached and disciplined football team,” first-year Illinois coach Ron Zook said of OSU. “We’re not the first to have trouble against Ohio State’s defense. They have a lot of seniors and are very athletic in the secondary.”

    The Buckeyes sacked Brasic five times. Linebacker A.J. Hawk led the defense with 10 tackles and two sacks.

    It was a far cry from a week earlier when the Buckeyes allowed 578 yards in a 45-31 win at Minnesota.

    “I definitely felt like we were getting after them,” said defensive end Mike Kudla, who had nine tackles and a sack. “It seemed like we were hitting that guy a lot. He was having a tough time getting time to pass it.”
    Ohio State opened the scoring on its third possession. The Buckeyes drove from the Illinois 49 down to a first down at the 5. But they were flagged for illegal substitution there. Smith had a pair of incompletions and OSU had to settle for Josh Huston’s 29-yard field goal and a 3-0 lead with 13 seconds left in the first quarter.

    The Buckeyes then drove from their own 10-yard line all the way to a first down at the Illini 7. Smith hit Pittman for a 21-yard gain and then ran for 20 yards himself. Smith then got 18 more yards on a third-down scramble down to the 7. But Pittman got just 2 yards, Smith got 1 after bobbling a snap and Smith’s third-down pass to Holmes in the end zone was incomplete. OSU had moved 86 yards, but had to settle for Huston’s 22-yard field goal and a 6-0 lead with 7:38 left in the half.

    Ohio State notched its first touchdown with a nine-play, 80-yard march. Smith converted a third down with an 11-yard pass to Anthony Gonzalez. Finally, on first down at the Illinois 41, Smith lobbed a perfect pass left to Holmes. He juked Illinois’ Charles Bailey Jr. at the 10 and got a crushing block from Ginn to complete the 41-yard touchdown that gave OSU a 13-0 lead with 2:20 left in the half.

    “He's a great athlete,” Smith said of Holmes. “You give them the ball and they're going to make a play. As much as we can, we try to give them the ball. You know, he does great things.”

    The OSU defense then turned up the heat with defensive end Mike Kudla pressuring Brasic into an intentional grounding penalty at the Illini 3. OSU used its timeouts and forced a punt with 1:57 left. But Ginn fumbled the ball near midfield and Illinois’ James Cooper recovered. The 13-0 score stood at the half.

    Ginn atoned on the opening kickoff of the second half. He was bottled up in the middle of the field, but raced around the outside and down the left sideline for his 65-yard return. OSU needed seven plays to cash that return into points. Smith found tight end Marcel Frost for a 17-yard gain and then hit Pittman with a 20-yard screen down to the Illini 4.
    On third-and-goal from the 3, Smith hit Holmes on an out pattern and he caught the ball on the goal line for the touchdown and a 19-0 lead with 11:12 left in the third quarter.

    But the PAT attempt went awry when holder A.J. Trapasso mishandled the snap from Drew Norman. The ball skitted backwards and Illinois’ Kevin Mitchell recovered it at the Illini 25 and rolled 75 yards the other way for the two-point return. Mitchell benefited from a blatant block in the back on Huston at the OSU 20 to complete the play, cutting the OSU lead to 19-2.

    Illinois then attempted a fake punt deep in its own end. But punter Steve Weatherford was forced out of bounds at the Illini 27, 2 yards shy of the first down.

    Four plays later, OSU was back in the end zone. Smith faked a run to his right and pitched left to Pittman. He bounced off Illinois’ Morris Virgil at the 10-yard line and went down the sideline on his bruising 16-yard touchdown run that put the Buckeyes up 26-2 with 7:22 left in the third.
    “I think he's getting back to his form when he was at Buchtel, you know, when they gave him the nickname The Beast,” Smith said. “(Virgil) is supposed to be Illinois's hard hitter and they were out there doing a lot of jawing and within that. I think he got what he deserved because I don't understand why guys talk stuff all the time on the field anyway.
    “Pittman is just a hard tough runner, you know, the more carries he gets, the more he's going to grind the defense out.”

    OSU pushed the lead to 33-2 with 4:00 left in the third as Smith connected with Ginn on a deep ball that went for a 73-yard touchdown.
    “The played is called Z-Go Rocket, and once I saw that I beat my guy, I kind of heard him say, ‘Man,’ “ Ginn said. “Once I heard him say, ‘Man,’ I looked up and I saw the ball, so I knew he had bit on Santonio's route and the only thing it is is catching the ball.”

    The Buckeyes then went up 40-2 with 12:10 left in the game on Pittman’s 8-yard burst up the middle. That touchdown was set up by Smith’s 15-yard pass to Holmes and a 52-yard bomb to Ginn.

    Game Notes

    * OSU is now 30-4 at home under Tressel. Tressel is now 47-13 in five years at OSU. He improved to 2-1 against Illinois.

    * Ohio State now leads the all-time series 59-29-4, including 26-17-4 in Columbus. This game ended a two-year hiatus in the series. Illinois had won six of its last eight visits to Columbus.

    * Holmes’ touchdowns were his eighth and ninth of the season and he now has 23 in his career. David Boston tops that OSU career list with 34, while Cris Carter had 27.

    * Smith matched his career high with three touchdown passes. He has now thrown 13 touchdown passes on the year against just three interceptions. For his career, he now has 21 TDs against six interceptions.

    * Ginn scored for the fourth straight game. He now has five touchdowns on the season (three receiving, one kick return, one punt return) and 13 for his career. Ten of those Ginn touchdowns have been for 57 yards or longer.

    * Pittman just missed out on his sixth 100-yard game of his career and he came up just shy of 1,000 yards on the season. He now has 978 yards and four touchdowns on the year.

    * OSU will wrap up the home schedule by hosting Northwestern next Saturday. The Wildcats improved to 6-3 overall and 4-2 in Big Ten play with a 28-27 win over Iowa Saturday. The game will start at noon and will be televised regionally by ABC.

    * OSU played the game without wide receivers coach Darrell Hazell, who took ill at about 1:15 p.m. and was sent from the team hotel at the Blackwell Inn to OSU Medical Center.

    “Coach Hazell in the pre-meeting before we were heading over to the skull session took ill and – and the trainers thought it would be best if they took him over from a preventative standpoint, took him over to the hospital,” Tressel said. “The word I got as we were coming up is that he's doing fine and don't know for sure if he'll be out today, but they feel good about where they have him and he'll be fine.”

    With Hazell gone, backup quarterback Justin Zwick wore headphones and assisted in relaying play calls. Gonzalez said it was different not having his position coach on the sideline.

    “It was really weird to be honest because every game the last two years he’s been down there," Gonzalez said. "You have a system we have developed and it kind of took us out of that. On top of that, you’re wondering if the guy is all right. I was told it was pretty bad.”

  6. BB73

    BB73 Loves Buckeye History Staff Member Bookie '16 & '17 Upset Contest Winner

    O-zone article on the game:

    Defense Dominates, Offense Rolls in Second Half in OSU Win
    By John Porentas

    OSU offensive coordinator Jim Bollman made a little half time talk that got the attention of his squad and got them on track. OSU defensive coordinator didn't need to make that kind of talk.

    The Ohio State offense sputtered for a half in Ohio State's (7-2, 5-1) 40-2 win over Illinois (2-7, 0-6) but the Buckeye defense - that was a different story.

    OSU's defense limited Illinois to just 160 yards of total offense, only 64 of those yards coming in the first half, with a suffocating performance.

    "Their linebackers did a great job of banging our quick routes, our receivers that were coming underneath, the things that were successful last week," said Illinois quarterback Tim Brasic. "They took those things away. We tried to come in behind them but we needed a little more time and we just didn't have it."

    Ohio State's front seven completely dominated and made life miserable for Brasic the entire game with pressure that was relentless and effective.
    "It didn't stop," said Brasic.

    "Even in the fourth quarter I was really getting hit. These guys kept coming and coming.

    "They weren't really bringing all the blitzes. It was just the front four and they did some twists and they brought a linebacker here and there. They were able to put pressure on me. Not necessarily to get sacks, but every time I let the ball go they were hitting me. I'm sure that was their plan and it's a good plan to do, just keep hitting the quarterback because it's tough to keep getting up and keep getting after it."

    The Buckeyes sacked Brasic five times and chased him around the backfield the entire game, disrupting the Illinois offense.

    "They made that one big run but really, that was it, and it was called back on a holding call," said OSU safety Donte Whitner.

    "We pretty much knew what they were going to do coming in here and they really did the same things, except they lined a lot of guys to the boundary a couple of times, but other than that, they did the same things. We had them scouted out. We never really felt threatened," Whitner said.

    The OSU offense didn't fare quite as well, at least in the first half. The Buckeyes put just 13 points on the board despite having outgained Illinois 218 - 64 at the half. That's when Bollman did his thing in the OSU locker room.

    "He got a little fired up," said OSU senior center Nick Mangold.
    "I think we did (need it)," Mangold said.

    "I think it was the right things said at the right time. We all knew we weren't playing the way we should have and he made sure we knew that. We were able to come out and take that little fire and get things done."
    "I just kind of let them know how I felt," said Bollman. "They understood. It was nice to have a better second half."

    Bollman didn't mince words with his team at the intermission.
    "When it's time to be direct, I'll be direct. I'll tell them what I think. I'll tell them when I think they're doing good and when they're not so good, I'll tell them too," Bollman said.

    The Buckeyes rolled up 308 yards of offense in the second half that resulted in 27 second-half points.

    OSU quarterback Troy Smith completed just five-of-13 in the first half, but one of those completions was a 41 yard scoring strike to Santonio Holmes for OSU's only touchdown of the first half. Holmes hauled in Smith's pass, made a move to get past an Illinois defender, and picked up a block by Ted Ginn near the goal line to get to the end zone. The play capped an 80 yard, nine-play drive. OSU's other scoring drives in the half were a nine-play 32 yard drive near the end of the first quarter that resulted in a 29 yard Josh Huston field goal, and an 11-play, 86 yard drive midway through the second quarter that stalled at the five-yard line and resulted in a 22 yard field goal by Huston.

    After a sputtering first half, and after Bollman's little message, the OSU offense was explosive in the second half.

    Ted Ginn returned the second half opening kickoff 65 yards to the Illinois 35. Seven plays later, Smith hit Holmes with a three-yard touchdown pass to put the Buckeyes up 19-0. A bad snap on the extra point try was picked up by Illinois' Kevin Mitchell and returned the length of the field for two points for the Illini.

    "I just scooped it up. I just saw it on the ground. Usually they blow the whistle," said Mitchell.

    That would be the high point of the day for the Illini.
    The Illini gained just four yards in three snaps on the ensuing possession. Facing a fourth and six at the OSU 24, the Illini lined up in punt formation, but instead of kicking, ran a fake. Illinois punter Steve Weatherford sprinted at right end but was tackled two yards short of the first down marker for the turnover.

    "I knew it would be pretty close because they had two guys spying on me. I just gave it my best shot and we didn't get it that time," said Weatherford.

    The Buckeye took over on the Illinois 26 and drove to a first down at the 16. On first down from that point, running back Antonio Pittman took a pitch out around left end and went the last 16 yards to the endzone. Along the way, Pittman ran over Illinois cornerback Morris Virgil who had a clean shot at Pittman on the sideline, but Pittman ran through the tackle, leaving Virgil on the turf.

    "The thing about 'Tone is that he's a tough little dude," said OSU wide receiver Tony Gonzalez.

    "People don't realize that because he's a little smallish from a football player perspective. Antonio has always run tough. That particular player found out the hard way I guess."

    "He came at me and I lowered my shoulder and I guess I won," said Pittman.

    The run seemed to wake up the Buckeye offense. OSU scored touchdowns on its next two possessions. Smith hit Ted Ginn with a 73 yard bomb for the first one to put his team up 33-2. On OSU's first possession of the fourth quarter they went 80 yards in five plays for a score. The big play of the drive was another bomb to Ginn, this one for 52 yards that carried down to the Illinois eight-yard line. Pittman went the last eight yards on the next play, going untouched up the middle into the end zone.

    Smith completed eight of eight attempts in the second half for 193 yards and two scores. He finished his day with 13 completions in 21 attempts for 298 yards and three touchdowns and no interceptions. Smith completed passes to five different receivers. He also rushed for 55 yards on seven attempts to be the second highest rusher in the game and was not sacked once.

    Pittman led all rushers with 96 yards on 22 carries.
    Ginn led all receivers with four catches for 138 yards and one touchdown to go with his 65 return yards.

    The Buckeyes have now scored 40 or more points in three consecutive games, the first time they have done so since the 1995 season.
  7. OSUBasketballJunkie

    OSUBasketballJunkie Never Forget 31-0


  8. DaddyBigBucks

    DaddyBigBucks Still Calculating Buckeye DSC... Staff Member Bookie

    The stats don't usually tell you how a game is going to turn out. They give you a general idea of what to expect, but there are numerous less tangible factors that sometimes make the game go 180 degrees out of phase with what the stats predict (see MSU meltdown). Sometimes however, the stats tell you everything you need to know.

    This game turned out generally the way that the stats predicted. Here is an excerpt from my post on Page #1 on this thread:

    The score is eerily close. As for the yards; 1) who cares, and 2) if one did an analysis of just the last few games (taking into account OSU's improvement on offense), a better prediction would have resulted.

    The point to take away from these numbers is that the Buckeyes, in spite of a langorous first half, are showing continuing improvement. That's just how I like November to go.

    Bring on the Mildcats.
  9. MililaniBuckeye

    MililaniBuckeye The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St Staff Member Tech Admin

    We've scored 40 in three straight, not four.

    As for our offense, I was at first concerned that while we may have scored 40 (should've been 41), it was against a horrid defense. Then I remembered that we put up four TDs, in 20 plays, in the first 19 minutes of the second half, which is great against anyone. We then put in the second stringers who promptly ran off the last 8:00 of the game, covering 75 yards, despite the fact that the Illinois defense knew we were going to run the ball.

    On defense, there's not a whole lot to say other than they flat out dominated. Illinois drove inside our 40 one time (to our 27 on their fourth drive), which was the only time they were even close to scoring any offensive points. Brasic was sacked five times and was harressed most of the game (if he didn't have the ability to ditch the ball so quickly, we would've had 3-4 more sacks). E.B. Halsey had one run of 32 yards...take that away and Illinois has 36 yards on 32 attempts.
  10. Buckeyes looked good because Illini are bad

  11. scooter1369

    scooter1369 Chief Toad Fart

    No. But she was also very nice.
  12. JXC

    JXC '01'02'04'05'06'07'08'09'10'12'13'14'15'16‘17’18

  13. BuckeyePride

    BuckeyePride All-Ohio

    None of the teams we played in last three games had decent D. There is a big difference between a good and ELITE.

    I don't think we are quiet there yet as far as ELITE goes. if we play next three games as we did last three, then we have a solid case. Not just yet.
  14. Buckeyeskickbuttocks

    Buckeyeskickbuttocks Z --> Z^2 + c Staff Member

    I gotta say, I'm not sure I understand the point of Hunter's article there. Illinois is bad? No kidding. Ohio State should have crushed them? Yep. Coaches and players often try and say something nice, even when they don't mean it, with regard to the opposition? Obviously.

    Nice to know Smith is only seeing the field better because OSU played Illinois, and not because the line is becoming a better unit.

    Nice to know that Pittman can expect his rushing production to decrease signifigantly once OSU gets a real team suiting up against him.


    Maybe Hunter's been on this board talking about how bad the O is?
  15. Taosman

    Taosman Flatten the Curve

    Defense is 3rd in NCAA in sacks, 36. The use of Carp at DE has been huge. Heacock deserves all the credit for changing our defensive style back to attacking. The passive style last year probably cost us a game or two.
    Curiously, we don't cause or get many turnovers? But, no denying the end result, stellar. :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

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