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game plan xo's

Discussion in 'Buckeye Football' started by slobberknocker, Aug 31, 2004.

  1. Was sitting on my thrown, thinking about the game sat. Jt knows cinci will load the box with 8. How is Jt going to counter this, Dantonio is going to make Zwick beat him thru the air, because he's going to do what he did at osu make the offense 1 dementional. The priority is to stop the run first. I have a few ideas but was wondering what you'all think. :oh: :io:
  2. BIATCHabutuka

    BIATCHabutuka out of chaos comes playoffs

    play action passing, specifically to the TE hamby. i look for hambone to have a big game saturday.
  3. BuckeyeInTheBoro

    BuckeyeInTheBoro This space left intentionally blank

    I'm not 100% sure this is true. Dantonio also knows our running game is suspect at best especially without Joe, so he might feel he can play it straight-up. Also, JT will want to establish the run until they prove they can stop it (and maybe even a few plays after just to prove it wasnt a fluke) before he'll change anything.

    Just the same, I'd like to see some runs to the outside or passes to the flats where we should have a speed advantage and I bet Roy Hall can throw a good block. The TE should be another position where we have a size advantage over the D.
  4. agree need to get our speed guys one on one in the flats, along with hamby, frost against lb's.

    not sure I agree with you on cinci defense scheme, they have to make us one dimensional or we will pound them.
  5. KillerNut

    KillerNut Banned

    I know I am not a defensive genius like Dantonio, but I wouldn't stack the box unless it was needed. It sticks with his pattern. I don't think Dantonio will assume anything the first couple series. Then he will start to make his adjustments. To be clear He is not going to assume he is going to get dominated up front and therefore stack the box. He is not going to assume that his CB will have a hard time with our WR. He is not going to assume that J Zwick can pick them apart if they sit in a zone defense. Once he sees where our weakness is and where their strengths are, adjustments will be made. Ohio State will likely score a Touchdown on our first drive, that doesn't mean it will be smooth sailing.

    I would assume his goals would be to make sure our atheticism is not the factor that beats them, and pressure our young QB's into making quick decessions. He has two pretty good DEs to one will have to go up against Sims, (and probably get punked), but one will be going against schaffer who is starting his first game and could be a target. If Dantonio can do this without blitzing that would be huge for them because it takes away opportunities.

    Offensively, I assume it will be much of the same we have seen in the past from UC. Pass to set up the run. Probably a lot of spread formations, draws, Shovel passes. Nickel and Dime stuff. UC will attack my favorite CB, and the Nickel back. Don't be surprised if Gugdeckeliekitkickici does some draws or CK type of plays.

    That is what I expect from them.
  6. AKAK

    AKAK Well, that's like hypnotizing chickens. Staff Member Tech Admin

    This is the only thing I'm not sure of.... And you'll only see it if the game is close... this one game is not going to make their season... and getting Gugdeckeliekitkickici killed isn't going to help them win in the Big East....

    But if they want to let a LB or Nate Salley have a free shot at him... I say fine.

    Other than that... I think you're right... they'll dink away until they think they can get vertical down the middle of the field....
  7. MegaWoody

    MegaWoody Newbie

    I don't think JT will gameplan so much against D'Antonio as for Zwick. By that I mean, the offense will be geared to what Zwick can do right now, two years into the program as a first time starter. IMHO that means heavy run emphasis and some high-completion-percentage passes.

    If D'Antonio's boys stack 8 in the box (and that's questionable), I would assume JT will ask for quick release, short passes, likely to big tight ends. Things that Zwick can do fast, are fairly simple and don't require tremendous touch.

    If Cinci plays straight-up, waiting to see what JT intends and what Zwick can do, I think we'll see a lot of runs with Ross testing the both the middle and the outside. Then JT will go to play action passing. (Guys on this board were very critical last year of Krenzel's play action fakes -- nobody was buying them. I think there was some truth to that critique and assume JT and Bollman have worked on that with Zwick. I would guess play action will be more effective this year than last.)

    Because this is such a big game for Cinci, I'd expect their adrenalized D, playing in the 'Shoe with zillions watching, to overpursue somewhat. That might mean some draws and screens, maybe even a reverse.
  8. exhawg

    exhawg Mirror Guy Staff Member

    Dantonio hasn't been in a situation like this for at least 3 years. His defensive group is outclassed by the offense of his opponent. JT and Dantonio both subscribe to the stop the run and make them beat you through the air defense. Back in the mid 90's when I played against them at YSU they always loaded 1 more guy in the box than we could block in order to stop the run. The worst thing you can do on offense when they load the box is try to pound the ball anyway even if you have superior athletes. The best thing we can do is start out with play action and quick passes to open up the passing game. When Dantonio adjusts to the short passes we need to hit a couple deep. If we can show that the Cinci D can't stop us they should go back to a base 4-3 and just let the game grind out. Our biggest key is to hurt them with the pass early so that they will worry about it the whole game. Dantonio's biggest key is to convince his DB's that they can man up our young receivers and that their blitz will be able to get through our young o-line to pressure our young QB into making mistakes. I would love to see a play action Iso pass deep to Hall on the first play of the game.
  9. DaytonBuck

    DaytonBuck I've always liked them

    I think we're going to try to pound them on the ground. UC doesn't have much depth or size on defense. I think Tressel will try to protect the QBs with the ground game and look to get some play action and short passes going.
  10. KillerNut

    KillerNut Banned

    Tressel is going to test UC against the run that is a given. The key to the game is do they need to bring that 8th man up to stop it. If they don't, like I currently believe, then this game is going to be very close. If they do Zwick one on one with our wideouts will kill them.

    Defensively we need to get pressure on the QB. We can not let Guigdelickickileckikici get comfortable in the pocket. Hopfully our front four will be able to do this. If not we are going to need to send a 5th man every time (from lots of different spots) to make sure he is not comfotable and is never sure about what he sees. The draws will keep the middle of te field open for slants. Yound defenders are going to need to stay in their lanes and know there assignments. If not he will find the holes.

    I really am thinking this will be a 10 pt game at most.
  11. OSUBasketballJunkie

    OSUBasketballJunkie Never Forget 31-0

    my thoughts on the gameplan

    I am in no way a coach or claim to be but if I had to face Cincy there are a few things I would do....

    First...on offense

    1. I would establish the run with Ross....we have a distinct advantage up front with our athletes, lets use them.

    2. Go play action on first down after having success on the ground.

    3. When they blitz, check off to the tight end (hamby or Nichol)

    4. Play our field position game and be simple, over power them with our athletic ability, especially at wide receiver and tight end.

    5. Be physical and run the ball straight at them, they gave up alot of points last year and by the fourth, our depth should give us the edge to break a few runs.

    6. Let Zwick get comfortable by throwing hitches and in the flats until he gets into rythm

    Now on Defense................

    1. One word.....BLITZ....use our linebackers to our advantage, let them make plays

    2. Use our depth at D line to wear down there O line and stop the run.

    3. Get pressure on Gino, he is rattled easy and is prone to the INT.

    Now on Special Teams.....

    1. No turnovers by this area.

    2. The punting MUST be adequate, no shanks!

    3. Nugent has to be clutch for 40 +

    what I think cincy will try to do....

    If you have a tape of the 02 game, pop it in...because on offense they will try to spread us out and run quick screens along with the occasional shovel pass and throw some outs.....they will dink it all over the field until the field gets shorter like in the red zone and there inability to run the ball will result in missed opportunities on Saturday.

    Their Defense will be solid and will be a test for at least three quarters, but I feel we have to many athletes and a tressel coached team has yet to beat itself so I see a 27-10 ho hum victory and Zwick will have Krenzel like numbers.

    Go Bucks!
  12. bukIpower

    bukIpower Senior

    My opinion on the game

    For Cinncy, I think on Defense they're going to blitz alot and often with our new oline, and try to keep everything to the inside of the field because they know we have the speed, but I'm sure he's aware we didn't do well in between the tackles like we hoped last year. I don't see their Defense playing man to man at all because if they do they'll get burnt. So expect alot of zone blitzes, and anything coming from the edge as noted earlier with Schafer, and also Rory Nicol as our TE covering the ends of our line.

    On Offense for Cincy, I think our defense will be much to fast for them and I will expect the crap that Nc State did to us to slow us down with the screen passes, draws, Slant Routes, and Dives between the tackles. I look for Richard Hall to be there main weapon, and second of all look for Gino to be another weapon actually with his legs.

    For OSU on offense well its simple. Take it to them. Now I think we should do our nice short patterns that I heard we're running well and get them wondering weather we're going to go outside/Inside. Another thing I look for OSU to do and this is just my opinion but I look for us to spread it out such as a 3 or 4 receiver set and run dives and draws (qb or rb). This will take advantage of our size of our line and as well actually with our Recievers and Tight Ends on there lines and Db's.

    For Defense I say we just do the same as usual with us doing some zone blitzes and such things like that. However I would like to see OSU blitz between the tackles and take away their draws and Qb sneaks and that stuff because I think we all know what happens when you go east/west on our defense instead of north south. I Think we need to baite cincy into going outside on our defense in retrospective they would just get killed with the speed we have.

    Predition OSU 24, Cincy-3
  13. thanks for the responses

    I think cinci is going to mix it up and try to put us on our heels. Yes we will see the short stuff so gino doesn't get killed by aj and carp. Misdirection and counterplays help slow a defense down if they are over pursueing. Hall is no joke at tailback and just like hawg said jt and dantonio both like to make teams one dimensional. If we don't stop hall and have to start run blitzing and moving guys into the box to stop the run, we could be in a little trouble.I think they pick on our new corner and try to use salleys aggressivness against us.

    Defense Everything but the kitchen sink will be thrown at Zwick, they will not give him time to go thru his progressions, its probably going to be 123 throw. I know some of you feel they won't stack the box, I think he does, first it takes away some of the playbook second our young qb becomes the key which we don't want. Priority number 2 would probably be stopping holmes. If they stop the run and make us throw the short quick slants, outs etc then, they have effectivley made it where our qbs must win the game. Meaning they have to complete 55% to 60% and our wrs, te must make plays. Sorry so long.

    :osu: offense I don't care if they stack the box, if we use all the weapons we have meaning rb in the flats or screens, te, wr slip screens etc basically just let everyone be a threat at anytime. Cinci won't be able to match up.

    Defense: just be the bullets and fly all over the field making plays.

    Special teams : no turnovers no big plays :oh: :io:
  14. its this simple, dantonio knows us our o cor and snyder his d cor he knows what we do (so does everyone who has the intelligence of a rock-we try and stop the run and run the ball)

    BUT what im not hearing from anyone is that dantonios o cor this year was tressels o cor at ysu, so its not like we dont have any idea whats goin on dow there.

    speilman said it best today "we know that they know that we know that they know what they know what we know, what were gonna do, or do they?"
  15. chuck_jax

    chuck_jax Newbie

    If I'm Dantonio


    I'd be tempted to see if I can run the ball against the inexperienced D-line. Maybe run some traps and Iso blocks because I'm a little smaller. When given the chance, I open things up and try to let my most talented guy (Guligliani sp?) make something happen.

    I don't go crazy on offense because I might win the punting battle.


    Ross must get under 100, preferable under 75 yards for UC to have a shot at winning. I load the box and see what Zwick is made of. Absolutely a must - make OSU win the game through the air.

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