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Game Thread Game Two: Ohio State 20, Akron 2 (Final)

Discussion in '2007 Football Season Capsule' started by BB73, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. Kickdown02

    Kickdown02 Newbie

  2. ytownbuckeye

    ytownbuckeye Freshman

    maybe this week we can get to page two of the playbook. look to be much more productive offensively and the defense will remain solid. this one's a rout. get ready for the huskies.:oh:
  3. Cicero

    Cicero BP Infidel

  4. txbuckeye1983

    txbuckeye1983 We are the innovators, they are the imitators

    That game was actually at Paul Brown Stadium. It was technically an away game, even though we had more butts in the seats. And my prediction for this weekend is 45-9.
  5. Yertle

    Yertle Pounding out aggression, turns into obsession

    Again, I'd disagree. Sure, this game means nothing for the MAC or Big 10 championship, but this is much more than a Major League and Minor League team playing a charity game. Only one Div 1 team wins a NC. Sure, Akron doesn't really have a shot, but they're still in the same league from that standpoint. The Reds and Clippers are not fighting for the same championship, therefore, the sense of competition is totally shot. Sure, Ohio State is the biggest name in Ohio College football... by a long shot. Sure, we get the biggest, strongest, fastest players the state has to offer. Sure, Ohio kids grow up huge Buckeye fans only to go to school somewhere else for one reason or another. But, to treat them like they don't belong in our league is arrogant, in my humble opinion. Their ultimate goal is the same as ours. Win every Div 1 game and make it to the best bowl game they possibly can - and if that's the NC game, then all the better.
  6. Jaxbuck

    Jaxbuck I hate tsun ‘18 Fantasy Baseball Champ

    So they are equals because they can theoretically win the NC? By that logic Tulsa is in the same league as Texas, SJSU is in there with USC and the sunbelt conference deserves as much respect as the SEC. I take it you would also be in favor of abolishing weight classes in wrestling so the heavyweights won't be arrogant toward the lightweights? You ever wonder why they have weight classes in things like boxing, pride fighting etc?

    What you consider arrogant I call being realistic. An Ohio school hasn't beaten OSU for nearly 100 years and has never won a NC to the best of my knowledge.

    Thats not a fluke, there is a reason for it...they aren't in our league.
  7. TooTallMenardo

    TooTallMenardo “Big-time players step up in big-time games.” '17 Bowl Pick Em Champ

    You're right, thanks for the correction.. See what listening to the radio does to you! :biggrin:
  8. Yertle

    Yertle Pounding out aggression, turns into obsession

    Jax, I guess I'm trying to make two points.

    1. I'm not saying that they have an equal shot as Ohio State. However, I am saying that I don't agree with the major/minor league analogy. In that analogy, the playing fields are no where near equal. Different competition and different goals. Even the most ambitious minor league manager doesn't tell his team that he wants them to win the World Series this year. In NCAA Div 1 football, the playing fields are the exact same. The teams can play the same opponents for the same ultimate goal. Basically, the teams have the same benchmark, baseline, or measuring stick.

    2. I'm not saying that our confidence in a victory is arrogant (and yes, I'm very confident in a victory). I'm suggesting that referring to these teams as minor leaguers is arrogant. Again, what if the rest of the country was referring to Big 10 teams as minor leaguers? We'd get all pissed off and make comments about how the Big 10 is just as tough as everyone else and start threads about how well we do against the SEC since the beginning of the BCS (by the way, I did really enjoy that thread). But, the bottom line is we'd get defensive and maybe even a bit belligerent. That's what I find so ironic and hypocritical about this entire topic... we're talking about these Ohio schools in the same way that the rest of the BCS conferences are talking about the Big 10. And then we don't understand why Akron fans get pissed off at us? hmm....

    Anyways, I don't want to get all worked up about it. I'm done now. I'd much rather spend my time reading recruiting updates, basking in the glory of Michigan's sorrow, and getting mentally ready for Akron.
  9. zeket10

    zeket10 Newbie

  10. Jaxbuck

    Jaxbuck I hate tsun ‘18 Fantasy Baseball Champ

    ...and there lies the difference. We have facts, recent events that are in direct opposition to the stated opinion. MAC schools do not. If they say B10 is minor leauge to SEC we say not so fast, please explain our winning record in Bowl games etc. What does a MAC team say? Their best can beat our worst occasionally?

    Also there is no way anyone is going to convince me a sane MAC coach sets his team goal as winning the NC. That would be stupid because he knows it won't happen, the kids know it won't happen and it would hurt his credibility with his team. First rule of goal setting is to make sure they are realistic goals.

    Like you, I don't think this is a worthwhile discussion. Seems to me the Ohio school fans are looking for something to get their panties twisted about and it doesn't make a fuck bit of difference what they think anyway. The Zips are going to lose by 20+.
  11. Yertle

    Yertle Pounding out aggression, turns into obsession

    Now, I can agree 100% with those three sentences!!!:banger:
  12. BuckeyeNation27

    BuckeyeNation27 Goal Goal USA! Staff Member

  13. osugrad21

    osugrad21 Capo Regime Staff Member


    Zips special teams may trouble OSU

    Tuesday, September 04, 2007 Elton Alexander

    Plain Dealer Reporter
    Speed may not kill, but it's been proven it can upset. Certainly it can upset plow-horse Big Ten teams.
    If the Akron Zips (1-0) are going to have a special afternoon this week at Ohio State (1-0), it may be because of special teams. One thing the end of last season and the opening week of this season have proven is the Big Ten is vulnerable to speed. Florida displayed it during the national championship against Ohio State in January, and Football Championship Subdivision (formerly Division I-AA) power Appalachian State revealed it against Michigan on Saturday.

  14. osugrad21

    osugrad21 Capo Regime Staff Member


    Michigan upset, poor offensive line play among reasons Tressel is wary of Akron
    Wednesday, September 5, 2007
    By Todd Porter

    COLUMBUS Six years ago, when Jim Tressel led Ohio State onto the field for the first time, the new coach was nervous. He just hoped his team would line up correctly.

    They didn?t. And that was against Akron, which happens to be Saturday?s opponent for the 12th-ranked Buckeyes.

  15. DaddyBigBucks

    DaddyBigBucks Still Calculating Buckeye DSC... Staff Member Bookie

    So because Akron ripped off a 70-yard return against Army they now are going to be the gazelle to Ohio State's Plow Horse???


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