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MotS&G Heard Around the ‘Shoe – 4-26-2016

Discussion in 'News' started by Ben Van Ooyen, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. Heard Around the ‘Shoe – 4-26-2016
    Ben Van Ooyen
    via our good friends at Men of the Scarlet and Gray
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    Sorry for the break in daily social media updates! Heard Around the ‘Shoe is back!

    Mel Kiper Jr’s. Last Big Board:

    2 – Joey Bosa

    8 – Ezekiel Elliott

    15 – Darron Lee

    16 – Taylor Decker

    26 – Vonn Bell

    28 – Eli Apple

    61 – Joshua Perry

    63 – Adolphus Washington

    66 – Michael Thomas

    70 – Braxton Miller

    101 – Nick Vannett

    153 – Cardale Jones

    171 – Jalin Marshall

    179 – Tyvis Powell

    Todd McShay’s Tier’d Prospects:

    Tier 2:

    1 – Joey Bosa

    4 – Ezekiel Elliott

    Tier 3:

    13 – Darron Lee

    16 – Taylor Decker

    Tier 4:

    25 – Eli Apple

    30 – Vonn Bell

    37 – Michael Thomas

    Tier 5:

    51 – Braxton Miller

    58 – Nick Vannett

    Tier 6:

    71 – Joshua Perry

    77 – Adolphus Washington

    Todd McShay’s Ultimate Draft Preview:

    Highest Floor:

    #2 – Taylor Decker

    Most Consistent Tape:

    #1 – Joey Bosa

    #2 – Ezekiel Elliott

    Most Physical Players

    #5 – Ezekiel Elliott

    Best fit for today’s NFL:

    #3 – Darron Lee

    Most pro-ready from Day 1:

    #1 – Joey Bosa

    Quarterback Strongest Arm:

    #2 – Cardale Jones

    Running back Best vision/patience:

    #1 – Ezekiel Elliott

    Tight End Best Ball Skills

    #2 – Nick Vannett

    Offensive Line Best run-blocker (tackles)

    #2 – Taylor Decker

    Defensive Line Best motor:

    #3 – Joey Bosa

    Defensive Line Best counter puncher:

    Joey Bosa – Very slippery as a pass-rusher, in large part because of his ability to keep OTs off his pads with his exceptional hand-to-hand combat skills.

    Linebacker Best in coverage:

    #3 – Darron Lee

    Safety Best in coverage:

    Vonn Bell – Can match up against most slot WRs and TEs one-on-one. Has outstanding range in deep zone coverage.

    Defensive Backs Best ball skills:

    #2 – Vonn Bell

    Buckeye Target Chase Young:

    FaceTime with the head man coach Urban Meyer at 8:15… #silverbullets @OSUCoachMeyer

    — Chase Young (@youngchase907) April 26, 2016

    The Rise of Ezekiel Elliott Part 2:

    DVR Alert: Part 2 of ESPN E:60's “The Rise of Ezekiel Elliott” airs tonight at 10 p.m. ET.

    — Eleven Warriors (@11w) April 26, 2016

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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