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Heat 2010-11 (official failure in the NBA Finals)

Discussion in 'Professional Basketball' started by buckeyesin07, Oct 6, 2010.

  1. zwem

    zwem The Dark Invader

  2. Flocka

    Flocka Where you going? NOWHERE!

    Please stop. We will have to hear this shit again two years from now once he gets canned.
  3. WolverineMike

    WolverineMike Senior

    :lol: Paper Fail
  4. Flocka

    Flocka Where you going? NOWHERE!

    Miami is such a disgrace as a sports town. After the win the Mavs went to LIV where they played "We are the champions". Erick Dampier was also there partying with the Mavs.
  5. exhawg

    exhawg Mirror Guy Staff Member

    If you don't win the game win the party after the game.
  6. Magua

    Magua Buckeye

    Pretty much sums up my high-school football career...we were undefeated in post-game parties!
  7. scooter1369

    scooter1369 Chief Toad Fart

    I think the Cavs should trade the #1 and #4 picks to Miami for Wade and Miller
  8. Tlangs

    Tlangs Owner of the Tressel Jacket

    that would be hilarious
  9. localyokel

    localyokel Allergic to Kool-Aid

    What? No v-bet for their game tomorrow? I wasn't gonna spoil Christmas Day by watching them, but I'd still like to bet against them.
  10. WolverineMike

    WolverineMike Senior

    I'm shocked there's not a 2011-12 Heat thread :sarcasm:

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