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Illinois Fighting Illini (dumpster fire)

Discussion in 'College Football' started by osugrad21, Jul 29, 2004.

  1. AJHawkfan

    AJHawkfan Wanna make $14 the hard way?

    Shoulda kept Zook.
  2. Jake

    Jake They took the bar! ‘17 The Deuce Champ '18 The Deuce Champ Fantasy Baseball Champ

    I remember when Illinois wasn't a dumpster fire, and I remember this game because I was there as a student. Good times.

  3. MililaniBuckeye

    MililaniBuckeye The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St Staff Member Tech Admin

    I remember also when Illinois beat us five straight and six-of-seven from 1988-1994. So I have zero qualms about running up the score on these fucks, no matter how badly they may suck.
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  4. Zurp

    Zurp I have misplaced my pants.

    I have no qualms about running up the score on ANYBODY. And I have no problem with Illinois beating Ohio State 5 straight times, or anything like that. If Ohio State doesn't want to lose 5 straight games, they should have played better on the field.

    There's not much you can do to make me hate your team. Maybe if your fans throw piss balloons at the opposing team's band, or if your head coach claims that he needs to look at a card to decide if he should go for the extra point or the two extra points. Or, of course, your most famous-est of head coaches whines to the media after his team tied, and a vote of all AD's in the conference says that your team should stay home for the holidays. And that's about all you have to hang your hat on.
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  5. BigWoof31

    BigWoof31 Senior

    Buddy, have I got a fanbase for you.

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  6. NFBuck

    NFBuck Total Coverage.

    We have our own...the Cult of Joesus.
  7. DiamondBuck

    DiamondBuck Football is 100% physical, 100% mental.

    I was there for that game as a student too. Unfortunately I was also there for "the darkest day in Buckeye History" when we were manhandled in the 'Shoe by Indiana. There are a lot of fans who have been spoiled by the Tressel/Meyer era...
  8. Jake

    Jake They took the bar! ‘17 The Deuce Champ '18 The Deuce Champ Fantasy Baseball Champ

    I too witnessed the 10-31 Indiana embarrassment. The only saving grace for that season is a bunch of us booked the trip to Ann Arbor before it went to shit, and got rewarded with a surprising victory in Coach Bruce's final game.

    You're right about fans being a bit spoiled now. We lost at least 3 games every season during my college days.
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  9. NFBuck

    NFBuck Total Coverage.

    Illinois has no shot here.

    EMU :rofl:
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  10. Gatorubet

    Gatorubet Loathing All Things Georgia

    That was an entertaining video. Never knew that. When I think of Illinois, I think of TheKid and his Zook prognostications.
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  11. DaddyBigBucks

    DaddyBigBucks Still Calculating Buckeye DSC... Staff Member Bookie

    That was one of the first games I took my younger brother to. We were the loudest people in the South Stands that day, which is saying something. That was one of the better crowds I've been a part of.
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  12. Jake

    Jake They took the bar! ‘17 The Deuce Champ '18 The Deuce Champ Fantasy Baseball Champ

    I was in Block O that day/season.
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  13. MGMT

    MGMT Senior

    Lovie Smith makes 5m a year and his record thus far is 11-28. His salary is higher than Ryan Day’s.

    at least I thought I read Day was 4.5
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  14. NFBuck

    NFBuck Total Coverage.

    And they beat Bucky. What a world.
  15. Palpie

    Palpie Senior

    Is this the "you'll see" we were promised?

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