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Game Thread Indiana at tOSU, Nov 23, 3:30 ET, ABC/ESPN2

Discussion in '2013 Football Season Capsule' started by BB73, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. Drubuck

    Drubuck What time is it?

    Doesn't matter how much we win by in this game. Just win because Baylor jumps us no matter what if they win tonight. Which they won't.
  2. jlb1705

    jlb1705 hipster doofus Staff Member Bookie

    No flag. I guess the refs thought he was too dumb to realize when somebody is taking a knee and took pity.
  3. buckeyebri

    buckeyebri Reach down between my legs...

    So disrespected even by the BIG referees.....:sick1:
  4. Steve19

    Steve19 Watching. Always watching. Staff Member

    No, the refs could hit Ohio State with a late hit, but not them?

    Oregon losing 42-16 with 3 mins left.
    lvbuckeye likes this.
  5. TampaBuckeyes

    TampaBuckeyes Senior

    The penalty flags have been a little one-sided today, though far from the worst I've seen.
  6. Jake

    Jake They took the bar! ‘17 The Deuce Champ '18 The Deuce Champ Fantasy Baseball Champ

    I long for a world where 23 consecutive victories are more impressive than "style points", all day, every day. :roll1:
  7. Fungo Squiggly

    Fungo Squiggly Mortal enemy of all things Bucky Yahoo Pickem Champ Former Game Champion '18 Keeper League Champ '18 BPCFFB II Champ

    Well, sure. You can't tell if a guy is taking a knee - that is really hard to discern. You know, unlike seeing the white sideline through the snow, which is very, very easy.
    lvbuckeye and Steve19 like this.
  8. SloopyHangOn

    SloopyHangOn WhoO WhoO WhoO!

    Should've been unsportsmanlike for showing up the D.
  9. NFBuck

    NFBuck Total Coverage.

    It is to me. I just avoid all the noise.
  10. TampaBuckeyes

    TampaBuckeyes Senior

    We won, we looked good. Though those two late TDs will hurt.
  11. kujirakira

    kujirakira Senior

    Like the call. Give it right back to Guiton, it ain't no thing.
  12. HorseshoeFetish

    HorseshoeFetish Silver Bullet Supporter

    Not to mention that despite what the pumpkins on TV say there is only one way a championship game can offer this...

    [​IMG] VS [​IMG]

    Big money is aware of this fact.
  13. Fungo Squiggly

    Fungo Squiggly Mortal enemy of all things Bucky Yahoo Pickem Champ Former Game Champion '18 Keeper League Champ '18 BPCFFB II Champ

    Is Urban Meyer.........smiling? That is weird.
  14. Phaeton

    Phaeton Sophmore

    I would love to hope it's as simple as expecting Baylor to lose to keep our place in line, but I'm already stressed out 3 impossible situations from now when everyone is screaming about how 1-loss Alabama is more deserving than Ohio State.
    kujirakira likes this.
  15. TDunk

    TDunk The Dunk Abides

    Next up:


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