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Indiana at tOSU, November 21st, Noon on Fox

Discussion in '2020 Football Season Capsule' started by BB73, Sep 20, 2020.

  1. calibuck

    calibuck Too soon old, too late smart

    LJB, great analysis. Refs didn't do tOSU any favors, and Penix, while a serviceable QB, isn't 500 yards that good against a decent D. PS, the 'like' button wasn't working on your post (at least on my box), so couldn't rep you. Go Bucks!
  2. BB73

    BB73 Loves Buckeye History Staff Member Bookie '16 & '17 Upset Contest Winner

    His post is on the front page now.
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  3. 1926Buckeyes

    1926Buckeyes Senior




    Seriously though, sounds about right.
  4. OHSportsFan

    OHSportsFan Fan of Ohio Sports in Indy

    For what it’s worth

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  5. Jaxbuck

    Jaxbuck I hate tsun ‘18 Fantasy Baseball Champ

    and while I'm at it...B1G officials are a complete joke.

    The first fumble that OSU didn't get occurs inside the IU 20, less than 4 minutes into the game and OSU up already 7-0. IU has that "oh shit" look in their eye and are getting hit like they've never been hit before by Proctor and Browning. Officials don't even stop to review it.
  6. ScriptOhio

    ScriptOhio Everybody is somebody else's weirdo.

    Last edited: Nov 22, 2020
  7. billmac91

    billmac91 Senior

    It’s nice for at least one year, to have this arrow in our quiver.

    Normally it makes me uncomfortable bc you know ESPN is looking at that and cringing. This year though, ESPN is desperate for any ratings they can get, and will no doubt, be pulling for tOSU internally to help boost CFP ratings.
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  8. dragurd

    dragurd Senior

    That and they called one damn pick play when they ran it nearly every 3 or 4th and short and at least some of those times multiple WR's were clearly blocking. Oh and the confimed in 2 seconds incomplete pass review even Perria and the announcers wtf'd there. It probably wasn't going to be overturned but it sure as hell shouldn't be confirmed and especially not that fast.
  9. buckeyebri

    buckeyebri 40 Days in the Hole

    50+ passes and not one holding call, hands to the face, or what not....
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  10. scarletmike

    scarletmike Researching the Magic!

    Oh, but they made sure to call a weak-ass push instead of the hands to the face that caused it.
  11. Steve19

    Steve19 Watching. Always watching. Staff Member

    Nor did the Ohio State coaching staff call a time out to force them to look at it in the booth. That was a MAJOR mistake.
  12. buckeyebri

    buckeyebri 40 Days in the Hole

    Already burned 1 early on defense so that would have left them with only 1 for the half. Calculated risk that replay would do their job correctly.
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  13. DaddyBigBucks

    DaddyBigBucks Moderator Staff Member Bookie

    This is the same Woody Hayes that won the 1968 NC, right?
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  14. bukIpower

    bukIpower Senior

    Gimme NW all day
    I actually agree somewhat... are we capable of better? Oh no question.

    Will we though? Well all I know is this is 3 weeks in a row where our starters have had to go the distance because the other teams keep putting up points. At some point we need to stop saying "we haven't come close to reaching our potential" and just put together a complete game.

    Right now though I would be terrified of playing Alabama particularly with their passing game and balance on offense.
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  15. ScriptOhio

    ScriptOhio Everybody is somebody else's weirdo.

    Five Seconds
    That’s all that had been played when Ohio State was forced to use a timeout. Indiana ran one play, which was an incomplete pass, then the Buckeyes took a timeout. Maybe it was a good timeout, I don’t know. Perhaps Indiana showed something new and Ohio State needed to make a change to deal with it. Whatever the reason, it’s a bad look and Ohio State gave up a first down on the next play anyway.

    Where’s the Replay?
    Indiana turned the ball over to start its second drive. The ball was clearly fumbled by Whop Philyor prior to hitting the ground after a huge hit by Baron Browning. The replay booth had plenty of time to look at the play before the next snap but for some reason there was no review and no one on the Ohio State sideline asked for a review. This is a colossal officiating error but also a mistake by the OSU staff. The Buckeyes should have started their second possession inside the Indiana 35 and perhaps could have put Indiana away earlier.

    Careless with the Ball
    Justin Fields entered the game with more touchdowns than incomplete passes. He threw an interception — his first of the season — on the first play of Ohio State’s second drive on a poorly thrown ball. That might not have happened if the Buckeyes had taken over where they should have, but that’s not an excuse for the pick. Fields threw a second interception in the first quarter on a play where he found no one open and then forced a pass when he should have tucked it and taken off or simply thrown it away. It was uncharacteristic from Fields.

    On Fields’ third interception of the day (a phrase I never thought I’d type), he simply tried to do too much, and his throw sailed on him as he was trying to hit Julian Fleming. The interception was rendered harmless when Fleming ran down Jamar Johnson from behind and punched the ball out.

    Unforced OL Issues
    Wyatt Davis’ personal foul cost Ohio State a first down on a completion to Chris Olave on Ohio State’s third drive. Part of what made me grind my teeth on the play was that it was a harmless push and another part of it is that it appeared the defender got away with hands to the face on the same play before Davis retaliated. Ohio State’s drive stalled, and the Buckeyes punted.

    Nicholas Petit-Frere had back-to-back bad plays late in the first quarter. First, he decided to block no one instead of Jerome Johnson, getting Fields sacked. On the next play, Fields made a nice gain with his feet but the right tackle negated that with a holding penalty.

    Wait, “Confirmed?”
    The Big Ten officiating crew’s lousy day continued when Zach Harrison hit Michael Penix before his hand started moving forward. It was a classic empty hand situation and it was ruled an incomplete pass on the field. Not only did the replay not overturn it, but it was announced as “confirmed.” It is clear that officiating is beyond anyone’s ability to actually do. Again, this play perhaps kept Ohio State from putting the game out of reach earlier.

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