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It's Good To Be The King

Discussion in 'College Football' started by ORD_Buckeye, May 16, 2019.

  1. ORD_Buckeye

    ORD_Buckeye Wrong glass, Sir.

  2. BuckeyeNation27

    BuckeyeNation27 Goal Goal USA! Staff Member

    That's good for the big wigs. I'd take 2nd place if it meant a guaranteed spot in the playoffs every year like the SEC Bama gets.
    kujirakira and Zurp like this.
  3. LovelandBuckeye

    LovelandBuckeye You never lose to those pricks. Ever. Ever. - UFM

  4. LovelandBuckeye

    LovelandBuckeye You never lose to those pricks. Ever. Ever. - UFM

  5. colobuck79

    colobuck79 tilter of wind*ills

    Confederate money. Basically worthless these days.
  6. ShowMeBuck

    ShowMeBuck You know what? Chicken butt.

    And have your own world.
  7. Buckeyeskickbuttocks

    Buckeyeskickbuttocks Z --> Z^2 + c Staff Member

  8. Zurp

    Zurp I have misplaced my pants.

    That sounds great, and all, but how does this translate to on-field product? Are the schools going to use this money to hire better coaches? More knowledgeable/better trainers? Better equipment? Safer equipment? Better facilities?

    It seems as though we've seen these stories a lot the past 20 years, and yet, deserved or not, the Big Ten still gets shit on by the media. Too many schools aren't pulling their weight in the Big Ten. (I'm looking at you, M*ch*gan, Illinois, and Nebraska.)
    Jake likes this.
  9. BigWoof31

    BigWoof31 Senior

    If you're Maryland or Penn State - you probably use it to pay off your considerable legal fees.
    If you're Rutgers - you probably use it to pay your taxes.
  10. Mike80

    Mike80 Avenge Woody

  11. ShowMeBuck

    ShowMeBuck You know what? Chicken butt.

    It’s good to get high.

    And never come down.
  12. Trevi

    Trevi Junior

    Do Maryland and Rutgers get full shares yet?
  13. AuTX Buckeye

    AuTX Buckeye Beam me up, Mr. Speaker. Yahoo Pickem Champ Former Game Champion

    Not yet
  14. Zander42

    Zander42 Stupendous Nut

    Nah, protection money there.

    Or is that what you meant by 'taxes'.
  15. DiamondBuck

    DiamondBuck Football is 100% physical, 100% mental.

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