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tBBC Jeff Boals to Leave Ohio State to Coach Stony Brook; Diebler to Vanderbilt

Discussion in 'News' started by Joe Dexter, Apr 9, 2016.

  1. Joe Dexter

    Joe Dexter Guest

    Jeff Boals to Leave Ohio State to Coach Stony Brook; Diebler to Vanderbilt
    Joe Dexter
    via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    Former Ohio State assistant head coach Jeff Boals has finally landed the job opening that he feels is worth leaving Ohio State.

    After various reports throughout the day on Friday reported that the former Ohio grad was heading to Stony Brook to fill their head coaching vacancy, the school has made the announcement official.

    Boals replaces former head coach Steve Pikiell, who spent 11 years as the leader of the Seawolves. As Boals leaves the Big Ten Conference, Pikiell enters it as the new head coach at Rutgers University. He brought with him former SBU associate head coach Jay Young, who was thought by many to be the favorite to replace Pikiell.

    NewsDay’s Greg Logan shared late Friday why Boals was the choice for Athletic Director Shawn Heilbron. His understanding of needing to stay competitive right away.

    Heilbron said the candidates he interviewed were well aware of the success Stony Brook achieved under Pikiell before finally breaking through to earn the school’s first NCAA bid this season, and they were attracted by the situation.

    “Something I made very clear is that we had a historic season, and now we have to build on that,” Heilbron said. “We want to get to the point where we’re competing for an at-large [NCAA bid] and we’re in the tournament mix every year. That’s hard to do, but certainly we’re well-positioned to do it. We’d like to put ourselves in a position, if we don’t win that last [America East title] game, to get a shot.”

    Boals will return to Stony Brook on Sunday to meet with the current players on the roster and to tour the facilities. The university will officially introduce him to the public on Monday at 11 AM ET. He will be the 11th head coach in school history.

    “I’m very excited for Jeff, his family, and Stony Brook University,” said Thad Matta in a press release from the Stony Brook Athletic Department. ” Jeff has done a remarkable job at The Ohio State University in his seven years as a Buckeye. He is certainly ready to be a head coach and has an amazing opportunity at such a fine institution. Jeff has a great basketball mind and will bring energy and enthusiasm to the great situation that Stony Brook University offers.”

    The process for hiring a new coach started back on March 20. Since then, Stony Brook has been working with a coaching firm to hire the right candidate. Heilbron told NewsDay though that Boals without a doubt is his guy.

    “The misconception about search firms is they tell you who to hire,” Heilbron said. “That couldn’t be further from the truth. It was my decision 100 percent.”

    In a recent press release, Heilbron explained the hiring more in depth.

    “My focus during this search was to find the right person who could lead Stony Brook men’s basketball to new heights, and Jeff Boals is the right guy at the right time,” Heilbron said. “He is prepared for this opportunity, which comes at a critical time in our history following our first America East title and NCAA Tournament appearance.

    “Jeff has coached at the highest level as a member of Thad Matta’s staff at Ohio State and he understands what it takes to win,” Heilbron added. “I am excited for our players to learn from him on the floor and, more importantly, he will serve as a strong mentor to our student-athletes in all areas of their lives outside of basketball. We look forward to welcoming Jeff, Katie, Sydney and Chase to Long Island and the Seawolves family.”

    One time considered the favorite to replace Thad Matta down the road, Boals spent seven seasons as an assistant at Ohio State. Most of that time was spent as the top defensive coach and as Thad Matta’s right hand man.

    According to Logan, Matta told Heilbron that current Dayton head coach Archie Miller and Boals are the two best assistant coaches he’s ever had.

    Jake Diebler to Join his Former Coach at Vanderbilt

    According to ESPN’s Jeff Goodman, Ohio State Video Coordinator Jake Diebler will leave his post to join his former Valpo boss Bryce Drew at Vanderbilt.

    New Vandy coach Bryce Drew has hired Jake Diebler as an assistant, sources told ESPN.

    — Jeff Goodman (@GoodmanESPN) April 9, 2016

    Diebler, who was thought by some to be a candidate to replace Drew at Valparaiso, rejoins the coach that he worked for or alongside from 2009-2013. Diebler served as a student assistant and the director of basketball operations under Homer Drew from 2009-2011. During his final two seasons, he was elevated to assistant coach under his new boss at Vanderbilt.

    The brother of the best shooter in Ohio State history, Diebler spent three seasons as Thad Matta’s video coordinator.

    With Boals and Diebler moving on, Matta will be looking to hire two coaches from outside the program. Currently, Dave Dickerson and Greg Paulus will remain on staff. Dickerson was hired in 2010 after being fired from his post as Tulane’s head coach.

    Paulus joined the staff in 2011 after a brief stint as an assistant at Navy.

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