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LGHL Kyle Snyder's return propels Ohio State wrestling past 6th ranked Nebraska

Discussion in 'News' started by Dan Vest, Jan 17, 2016.

  1. Dan Vest

    Dan Vest Guest

    Kyle Snyder's return propels Ohio State wrestling past 6th ranked Nebraska
    Dan Vest
    via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    With the match knotted up at 17, Kyle Snyder put the Buckeyes over the top.

    Down three starters against top-ten opponent Nebraska (#6), the 11th-ranked Ohio State wrestling team needed a little bit of help. Fortunately, they got that help in the form of returning All-American Kyle Snyder, who made his season debut this afternoon.

    Snyder, who was originally slated to redshirt this season, entered the dual with it tied up 17-17 and the outcome dependent on his match. Facing 17th-ranked Collin Jensen of Nebraska, Snyder fell into an early 2-0 hole but rallied back using his world-class takedown ability to notch a 20-9 victory and seal the 21-17 victory for his team. It was a beautiful display of offensive wrestling, which has become more and more rare in the heavyweight division.

    Starting things out for the Buckeyes was Nathan Tomasello, who earned a dominant major decision victory over #9 Tim Lambert. Johnni DiJulius and Micah Jordan followed with decision and major decision victories respectively. The Buckeyes suffered their first loss of the dual when Jake Sueflohn defeated Sal Marandino, who was filling in for Hunter Stieber, via technical fall.

    The loss was followed by Jake Ryan versus Tyler Berger at 157 pounds. Berger wrestled tough but a reversal and two nearfall points in overtime gave Ryan the victory and the Buckeyes a 14-5 lead at the break. At 165 pounds, Bo Jordan did not wrestle and the Buckeyes forfeited, narrowing the gap to 14-11. Myles Martin got things back on track for the Buckeyes next, earning a 7-4 decision victory over Micah Barnes. At 184 pounds TJ Dudley proved too much for the Buckeyes' Kenny Courts, who fell 7-1.

    Filling in for Mark Martin, Josh Fox was pegged to go up against Nebraska's Aaron Studebaker in the night's penultimate matchup, which he would lose via decision 4-0. That tied the score at 17 and the Buckeyes looked to Snyder to seal the deal. He did and the Buckeyes are now 6-2 on the season and 3-1 in the Big Ten.

    Next up for the Buckeyes is a dual meet against the hapless Michigan State Spartans January 24 at 2pm at Walsh Jesuit high school.

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