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Look back at the class of 2001

Discussion in 'Buckeye Football' started by OSUBasketballJunkie, Dec 15, 2004.

  1. OSUBasketballJunkie

    OSUBasketballJunkie Never Forget 31-0


  2. Sloopy45

    Sloopy45 Pimp Minister Sinister

    Our class (in its entirety) that season was:

    ILB Reggie Arden, C Adam Olds, TE/LB Andre Tyree, OL Ryan Cook, S Dustin Fox, DE Simon Frasier, WR Angelo Chattams, FB Brandon Schnittker, RB JaJa Riley, WR Chris Vance, TE Ryan Hamby, WR Chris Gamble, DL Marcus Green, K "Mr. Perfect" Mike Nugent, RB Lydell Ross, DL Quinton Thomas, RB Maurice Hall, & DB LeAndre Boone.

    How would you guys grade this class?

    Its a tough one: 2 All-Americans, 5 Starters on a National Championship team, 9 players with significant PT over the last four years, and four starters on the current team.
  3. bucknut11

    bucknut11 Defense still wins Championships

    I thought Fox was a corner. :wink:

    I think you'd have to give this class a good grade overall, maybe A- or a B+. Because alot of them contributed virtually nothing in their time here, you can't give them a solid A. But many of them were absolutely vital in our big 2-year run. Without Gamble, Fox, Nuge, and probably Mo Hall, we would've lost many more than 2 games during 2002-2003.
  4. tibor75

    tibor75 Banned

    Lydell Ross was productive? Yeah, a lot of research went into this piece.
  5. GoofyBuckeye

    GoofyBuckeye Nutis Maximus

    Fox was the top ranked safety coming out of HS.

    the 2001 class is half problems, half tough guys. You can't hold Tressel responsible considering he had such a short amount of time to recruit. He did pretty well, regardless. Cooper was responsible for recruiting most of the problem children.
  6. BB73

    BB73 Loves Buckeye History Staff Member Bookie '16 & '17 Upset Contest Winner

    I'd give it a B+
  7. Sloopy45

    Sloopy45 Pimp Minister Sinister

    The 1999 Class was the Buckeyes' Best in the Past Twenty Years. This one's an A++:

    DL Tim Anderson, DB Curtis Crosby, DB Mike Doss, QB Craig Krenzel, TB Kelton Lindsay, WR Maurice Lee, LB Pat O'Neill, LB Fred Pagac Jr., K/P B.J. Sander, LB Matt Wilhelm, OL Matt Zahn, RB/FB Jesse Kline, TE Ben Hartsock, OL Adrien Clarke, DB Richard McNutt, WR Drew Carter, QB Scott McMullen, FB Nate Stead, WR Rickey Bryant, DL Fred Sturrup, WR Maurice Harris, RB Richard Hall, LB Shawn Price, OL Bryce Bishop, & DB Ziyear Walker.

    The funny thing was, that this class started out a disaster: SEVEN kids failed to qualify academically: Crosby, Lee, Harris, Hall, Price, Bishop (who obviously enrolled, stuck it out, and contributed), and Walker. But, of the 19 kids who did qualify, 10 of them had significant contributions to OSU: a three time AA, a Ray Guy Award Winner, eight starters on a National Title team, the QB of the National Champs, etc. etc. It only goes to show that as bad as '99 was for the Bucks, this was a great year in disguise.

    IRONICALLY, this class' first game in Buckeye Scarlet was a loss to Miami in the Kickoff Classic. For those who weren't redshirted, their career began with a loss to the Hurricanes, and ended with the biggest win in school history against the Hurricanes. Some of you may remember the latter game ...
  8. coxew

    coxew Newbie

    It'd be nice to see how the class of '96 would have ended up had Boston and Katzenmoyer stayed for their senior year. I don't think sitting at home over the winter with a 6-6 record would have occured in '99.
  9. Sloopy45

    Sloopy45 Pimp Minister Sinister

    Does anyone have a complete list of the '96 class? I can't find it anywhere.
  10. stxbuck

    stxbuck Woody wore Sambas

    I'd give it a B/B+. Two starting CBs for an NC team, and 3 other NFL players (I think Hamby gets drafted in the later rounds) to be is not bad at all. Ross, Hall, Vance and Green have all contributed in some way. If you hit 50% on contributions from a class, that is considered stellar in coaching circles. This class is especially good considering that Tressel had to scramble after Coop's firing.
  11. spraguezilla

    spraguezilla Rookie

    Nice find Sloopy45, first time I had heard that. Pretty amazing when you think about it. That truely was a team of destiny.
  12. tibor75

    tibor75 Banned

    I guess that horrible coach Cooper did some good things after all. :roll1:
  13. GoofyBuckeye

    GoofyBuckeye Nutis Maximus

    I found this. Not a complete list, but the main attractions...

    OSU’s Fourth-year seniors – those that did not red-shirt – were part of the No. 1 recruiting class in the nation in 1996. Andy Katzenmoyer and David Boston, 1999 first-round NFL Draft picks, are already gone from that class. The recruits that year included Gary Berry, Ben Gilbert, Kurt Murphy and Michael Wiley (all seniors) and red-shirted juniors Joe Brown, Na’il Diggs, Brent Johnson, Dan Stultz, Tyson Walter, Clinton Wayne and Jerry Westbrooks.
  14. Sloopy45

    Sloopy45 Pimp Minister Sinister

    Goofy: "I found this. Not a complete list, but the main attractions..."

    Thanks, Goof - I appreciate it. Does anyone know where we can get comprehensive lists of the OSU recruiting classes dating back to like, 1990?
  15. GoofyBuckeye

    GoofyBuckeye Nutis Maximus

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