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Looking for some positives

Discussion in 'Buckeye Football' started by BuckeyeRob, Oct 25, 2004.

  1. BuckeyeRob

    BuckeyeRob Yeah, whatever...

    When the season has turned like it has.... you start (at least I do) looking for some positives to build on. I did find a few. One thing I took away when I studied some stats was that the OSU offense has faced several very good defenses. In fact, 4 of the OSU opponents are in the top 25 in total defense. All but Northwestern and Indiana are in the upper half of the NCAA in total D(UC #49)

    Should that give us some glimer of hope for the rest of the season? In my estimation, yes it should. Particularly, if the OSU staff continues to use the personnel and play calling we saw on Saturday. Smith should improve with more reps. Pittman is clearly the best running back when it comes to running the ball. Tony has roughly 60 fewer yards on half the carries. He does need to show marked improvement in picking up his blitz assignments. Elbow blocks just dont cut it at any level and particularly at the collegiate level.

    I think being at home, should give the bucks the razor thin edge they need to get a hard fought win against a very, very good PSU defense (currently ranked #14.) All of this preassumes that Smith continues to get the nod at starter until he plays himself out of said role. At some point, you have to look at the production and the bottom line, is as they say the bottom line.

    Justin Zwick is 81/160 for 1020 yds 5 ints and 5 td's
    Troy Smith is 27/36 for 216 yds 0 ints and 4 td's

    The biggest thing that jumps out is the 5 ints. That also doesnt include the multiple fumbles Justin Zwick has had thus far. The most important thing a quarterback has to do is not have untimely turn overs. That falls under the catagory of you dont have to WIN the game for us, just dont LOSE it for us. I think that Smith should continue to get the nod until he plays himself out of the starting line up.
  2. bukIpower

    bukIpower Senior

    I agree that OSU has played some tough teams on both sides of the ball. Hopefully this week against Penn State we can see some of the same play calling according to you guys (I missed the game) and we can build on another win.

    As For Justin and Troy....

    Troy not only is a more capable runner but he doesn't float the ball in which will cut down the time a Db has time to intercept it. Right now the 4 Td's 0 Int's should definatly get Troy atleast 2-3 more starts. I just don't understand why Zwick started in the first place? Troy's stats have always been better than Justins. The spring game, the Red/White game. Everything IMO has pointed to Troy should get the snaps. I see positives in both the boys and I will support either but its just plain dumb if you can't see that Troy is what this university needs.

    If you think about it Justin is a poor mans Craig Krenzel, where as Troy is kind of like a Brian Randell/Ell Roberson type of player. With our amazing defense now in the NFL we just need to kind of get away from the old ways of limited Offense with alot of defense. If Troy does stay the QB I think we'll see alot more aggressive play on Offense WHICH I LOVE.
  3. kippy1040

    kippy1040 Junior

    All of these posts were very good and thought provoking to me. Even in 2004 when Ohio State won the N/C, they had to go thru some real damn good defense to get there.

    And I think that after all the other teams, in the BIG10 watched us beat Miami - well maybe they thought to themselves - "If Ohio State can do it, why can't we"

    By us winning that game, alot of teams (Especially in the BIG10) set thier goals alot higher because of what Ohio State did. And Jim Tressel knew this nd said it would be tough for us to repeat. Alot of people talk about how strong other conferences are compared to the BIG10, but I see it as the other way around. The BIG10 IS RIGHT UP THERE with other conferences. Parity is such a big equalizer in college football today. Two years ago Ohio State raised the bar for everybody. I think we have some great kids at Ohio State and now our COACHING STAFF has to step to the plate and take some responsibility here, especially for the future.
  4. Yeah, Kip...I agree. The thing that hurt B10 the last couple of years was having front running weasels and Iowa (and others) get blown out in Bowl games.
  5. kn1f3party

    kn1f3party Junior

    I've got 6 interceptions and 6 fumbles by Zwick--not taking care of it at all.
  6. Jaxbuck

    Jaxbuck I hate tsun ‘18 Fantasy Baseball Champ

    Hate to play Tibor here but have you considerd that those defenses are ranked so high in part, BECAUSE they played us?

    Total D Rank by opponent as of 10/23


    scary part: Remaining schedule ranks


    Everyone left on our schedule is significantly better than IU and NU defensivly and we couldn't even beat NU.

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