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Los Angeles Lakers (17x NBA Champions)

Discussion in 'Professional Basketball' started by OCBucksFan, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. OCBucksFan

    OCBucksFan I won a math debate

    7-2 Over a nine game roadie, not too shabby.
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  2. BengalsAndBucks

    BengalsAndBucks Senior Former Premier League Champ

    Especially when those losses were 1 point at Detroit without Gasol and 3 points at ATL when Kobe had dislocated his pinky. Definitely a great trip, the Lakers are quickly establishing themselves as the team to beat in the West.

    When Bynum gets back our starting 5 is going to be excellent, plus with the recent contributions we have been getting from Vujacic and Radmanovic, this team could go very far into the post season. I don't know of any team in the league that can match up with a 4/5 of Gasol/Bynum for a 7 game series.
  3. OCBucksFan

    OCBucksFan I won a math debate

    I hate that term "the team to beat." If any team is that, it's the Spurs, they are the defending champs and they have shown that in the playoffs they are the superior team. I like where the Lakers are going, Gasol seems really happy, Bryant seems really happy, we have a lot of young players, Odom seems to have settled into a great role (Triple Double tonight) and when Fisher is on, he's deadly.

    Yeah, we have a really deep team right now, something we were missing for a long time, even during the 3 championships. I hope Bynum comes back and can be as effective as he was, he's on his way to being one of the great centers in the league, I would love to sit back in 10-12 years and look at his jersey hanging up in Staples, that's high hopes and a long way away, but the Lakers great teams have always been built around a great center.
  4. muffler dragon

    muffler dragon Bien. Bien chiludo.


    I keep hearing rumblings that Bynum may be out for the year. Anything substantiating this in LA?
  5. OSUBasketballJunkie

    OSUBasketballJunkie Never Forget 31-0


  6. OCBucksFan

    OCBucksFan I won a math debate

    Nothing like that going around here, 8 weeks is a rough estimate, but I have heard nothing to lead me to believe that he won't be back before playoffs.
  7. BengalsAndBucks

    BengalsAndBucks Senior Former Premier League Champ

    This Kobe injury is a scary thing. At the current pace, it would take 51 wins to get into the playoffs, and if he has to have the surgery I could see the team not making it. Really hope he is able to play through this for the rest of the season without doing any long-term damage to the pinky.
  8. OCBucksFan

    OCBucksFan I won a math debate

    Will this be the year? I mean, if you are a fan of the NBA there's a handful of players that truly impact a game in such a way that if they are removed, the team wouldn't be 30% of what it is with that player. Kobe Bryant is one of those players, yet he doesn't seem to get the MVP consideration I think he deserves. Here's a guy who hears the "MVP" chant from fans of opposing teams, and this year he's become a different player, he passes, he picks when he needs to, and he does what it takes to help the team win.
  9. MD Buckeye

    MD Buckeye BP Soft Verbal Staff Member BP Recruiting Team Bookie Former BPCFFB II Champ Former FF League III Champ

    ESPN - Los Angeles vs. Los Angeles - Recap - February 23, 2008

  10. OCBucksFan

    OCBucksFan I won a math debate

    Howforewhatthehell made the Lakers think they can suddenly expect teams to roll over? Yes, we have Gasol, yes, Kobe is having a great year, but the first quarter of tonights game against the Blazers was careless, the second quarter was better, but we are letting Outlaw and Aldridge have open shots whenever they want, not to mention Steve Blake is looking more like Kobe Byrant than Kobe is... This has been the curse we've had since Shaq left, as soon as we are doing well, we just sit back and expect teams to give up before the game has been played :(
  11. BengalsAndBucks

    BengalsAndBucks Senior Former Premier League Champ

    I wish I could watch this game.
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  12. OCBucksFan

    OCBucksFan I won a math debate

    Trust me on this one... No, you don't.
  13. OCBucksFan

    OCBucksFan I won a math debate

    Into the third quarter, up by 2. They did well in the third quarter, but they need to clean up on the rebounds.
  14. OCBucksFan

    OCBucksFan I won a math debate

    Up by 10 in the fourth, the Blazers use their LAST timeout.
  15. OCBucksFan

    OCBucksFan I won a math debate

    Heh, it's funny, after I posted this, they suddenly turned it on. Don't get me wrong, the Lakers played a horrible game tonight, but, they get the win and dominate the second half. Blazers 83, Lakers 96, Lakers get 40 wins tonight.

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