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tBBC Making The List: Margarita Tschomakova

Discussion in 'News' started by jcollingsworth, Jun 3, 2016.

  1. Making The List: Margarita Tschomakova
    via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    The Buckeyes Men’s Baseball team is NCAA bound. Basketball is dominated with the NBA Finals and the possibilities of the Cleveland Cavaliers finally ridding the fan base of Cleveland with the jinx of a Championship (in any sport for 52 years now). But the power overwhelmingly dominating me, at least as I pound away at my keyboard this very moment, is fencing.

    Yeah – that’s right – Fencing!

    Margarita Tschomakova was born in 1988 in Bulgaria. She is the daughter of Georgi Chomakov, a 1980 Olympian for Bulgaria in Moscow in the same competition that Margarita would eventually participate in – sabre. He would also participate in the same event for Bulgaria in the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

    Margarita would also represent Bulgaria at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, where she competed as the nation’s lone fencer in the women’s individual sabre event. She would not win any medal, but her abilities are not hampered by any sense of this lone moment in her fencing history.

    Prior to attending The Ohio State University Margarita won the Bronze at the European Team Junior Championships – twice placing third at the German Championships. She had also fenced for the German National Team from 2003-08 where she finished second in the OB Tournament (Oberhausen) in Bonn.

    Margarita’s Freshmen Year at the Ohio State University (2008-09) she would lead the Buckeye’s Women’s sabre unit with 35 wins, tying Allison Henvick for lead among all Buckeye fencers with 19 wins at the Northwestern Duals, taking second at the Midwest Fencing Conference Championships. She earned a trip to the NCAA Championships with a third-place finish in the NCAA Midwest Qualifier, before battling at the NCAA Championships where she claimed 14 wins and a ninth-place finish. She would also be a OSU Scholar-Athlete.

    Her Sophomore year (2009-10) she earned First Team All-America and first-team All-Midwest Fencing Conference honors, placing 30th, tying third at the North American Cup events in Pittsburgh and San Jose, Calif., respectively. She’d have 18 sabre wins, picking up nine wins at both the NYU Duals and the St. John’s Duals. The season would conclude with a bronze in the NCAA Championship in the sabre. She would add the honors of OSU Scholar-Athlete and Academic All-Big Ten for this season.

    Her Junior Season (2010-11) earned her a second consecutive All-America honors while picking up a 16-win, fifth-place finish at the NCAA Championships. In the regular season she would nail down 24 wins, which included a season-high 11 at the NYU Duals. Her cadence found majesty in the postseason, earning gold at the Midwest Fencing Conference Championships and fifth at the Midwest Regional Qualifier, placing 12th at Cincinnati, Ohio, North America Cup and 18th at Dallas, Texas, NAC. She would again be a Academic All-Big Ten and a OSU Scholar-Athlete.

    Come her final year at The Ohio State University (2011-12 – Senior Season) Tschomakova finished her collegiate career with a seventh-place showing at the 2012 NCAA Championships in Columbus, Ohio, earning Second Team All-America accolades, 29 wins during the regular season, placing second at the Midwest Fencing Conference championships before earning gold at the Midwest Regional. She then decided to represent her native Bulgaria at the 2012 Olympic Games in London after earning a berth at the European Zonal in Bratislava, Slovakia. She would also conclude her OSU days as an OSU Scholar-Athlete and Academic All-Big Ten.


    Margarita Tschomakova is a clear definition as to what represents the outline for Making The List. She is a power in her sport and had been during her time in Columbus. She brought a sense of difference and notoriety in a sport that is not quite as focused upon in The United States as it is in Europe. She made Buckeye fans proud during her time with us and it is certainly our time to acknowledge her greatness in a wonderful sport and say Sabre-Fencers, well, they do it best.

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