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tBBC Making the list: Sam Marder

Discussion in 'News' started by jcollingsworth, Jun 10, 2016.

  1. Making the list: Sam Marder
    via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    The season for Softball is over for the Buckeyes. They finished up the year 34-20-1 overall and were 13-9-1 in Big Ten play. Their season came to a screeching halt in Knoxville on May 22 in a loss to Tennessee 10-1. But we aren’t here to discuss that. They had a fantastic year and deserve notice. Our hats go off to the Scarlet and Gray Softball Team of 2016.

    What we are here to discuss is Making The List. The season of baseball, softball, track, swimming, etc., is upon us. With The Ohio State University announcing the inductees for The Ohio State University Athletic Hall of Fame Class of 2016 I have suddenly found an obvious inductee into our own wall of honor.

    Sam Marder is the only three-time All-American in program history, finishing her career at Ohio State by cementing her status as one of the greatest power hitters in the Buckeyes history after setting both the single-season and career records for home runs (19 and 61, respectively). The 2010 OSU Female Athlete of the Year from Calabasas, Calif., wrapped up her career with a .384 batting average, .778 slugging percentage and .571 on-base percentage. These are ALL records – to this very moment at OSU. She also holds the record for RBI’s (191), total bases (438) and walks (232). A four-time Ohio State Scholar Athlete, Marder’s walk total ranks No. 5 all-time in NCAA Division I history, while she is also 26th in career home runs and her slugging percentage is the 15th-highest.

    Marder was named the Ohio State Female Athlete of the Year in 2009-10 after her senior season. She was the leader of a senior class that finished with 159 wins—second-most in school history—achieved the program’s highest national ranking (No. 12).

    In 2009, her junior year, Sam led the nation with a school-record 67 walks – including 18 intentional. Behind the plate, she threw out 16-of-21 base-runners, including two during the NCAA Tournament. Led by Marder, the 2009 Buckeyes went 47-11 and advanced to the NCAA Super Regionals.

    In her sophomore year , Marder was an at-large selection to the Third Team All-America list after leading the nation in on-base percentage (.633) and walks per game (1.07, 60 total) while ranking second in batting average (.475) and eighth in slugging percentage (.842). Marder was also ranked among the national leaders in RBI (25th, .96 per game) and home runs (14).

    On September 9th of this year Sam will be at a dinner that will announce this year’s (2016) Inductees for The Ohio State University Athletic Hall of Fame. And the following day at halftime of the Football Game versus Tulsa Sam will be a part of the small group introduced to the feverish Buckeye crowd. I am certain Sam’s blood will be boiling with Scarlet and Gray pride and a tear or two will come her way. Because such an honor just does not come to everyone. And Sam Marder just happens to be one of those that it has arrived.

    Great job Sam!

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