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tBBC MBB: Ohio State Beats Michigan 76-66

Discussion in 'News' started by Ken, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. Ken

    Ken Guest

    MBB: Ohio State Beats Michigan 76-66
    via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    Thad appreciates good effort at both ends of the floor.

    For Tuesday’s game, Michigan (19-7, 9-4) entered the game as a 1-point favorite against Ohio State (16-10, 8-5). The left the game haunted by The Villain’s ghost as Ohio State put together a nice game to win 76-66. For the “Honor Evan Turner at Halftime” game, Thad went with the starting lineup of JaQuan Kyle at Guard, Trevor Thompson at Center and Marc Loving, Jae’Sean Tate and Kieta Bates-Diop at the Forward positions.

    Before I get into the game, I just want to mention this: the ESPN production concept was put together by idiots. Evidently their idea of a fun “rivalry week” viewing experience was to have several cameras mounted at seat level along the floor. There was no sense of dimension, spacing, ball/player movement, nothing remotely worthwhile. Don’t do it again.

    Ohio State won this with deadly shooting and a very solid defense. Michigan came into the game averaging 76 points per game on 45% FG and 39% 3-pt shooting. The Wolverines were held to 66, 39% and 21%, respectively.

    The Buckeyes placed five players in double figures. Jae’Sean Tate and Marc Loving scored 3 points each, JaQuan Lyle and Trevor Thompson with 12 points each and Kam Williams with 10 points. Marc Loving also had the distinction of a double-double by pulling in 10 rebounds and he led the team with 5 assists.

    For the game, Ohio State shot 54% (27-50) from the field, 36% (5-14)from 3-pt range and 74% (17-23) from the foul line. They had 31 rebounds (3 offensive), 14 assists and 9 turnovers.

    Meanwhile for the game, the Wolverines 39% (23-59) from the field, 21% (5-24) from 3-pt range and 83% (15-18) from the line. They grabbed 34 rebounds, 10 of them offensive and committed 9 turnovers. Michigan had three players in double figures: Mark Donnal (17 pts), Zac Irvin (15) and Derrick Walton Jr (13).

    1st Half

    The teams ended the half with Ohio State holding a 36-28 lead. To get to that point, Ohio State jumped out to a quick 5-0 lead but let Michigan even things up at the midpoint at 12-12. A quick 9-4 burst over the next 2:30 was led by Bench Offense A.J. Harris (3 pts) and Kam Williams (6 pts). During this stretch, OSU’s defense held UM to 1-3 from the field and created 2 turnovers.

    During the last three minutes of the half, Ohio State outscored UM 7-4 to take eh 36-28 lead into the locker room. Actually, it was Jae’Sean Tate that outscored UM, since he was 3-3 from the field and 1-1 from the FT line to account for all of OSU’s points down the stretch. Jae’Sean “Little Big Man” Tate put on quite a show.

    Ohio State was led by Jae’Sean Tate (9 pts, 3 rbs) and A.J. Harris and Kam Williams with 6 points each. Marc Loving and Kieta Bates-Diop puled in 4 rebounds each.

    For the half, Ohio State shot 50% from the field (14-28), 44% (4-9) from 3-pt and 100%!! (4-4) from the free throw line. They had 18 rebounds (3 offensive), 5 assists and 5 turnovers.

    Michigan was led by Jae’Sean Tate (9 pts, 3 rbs) and A.J. Harris and Kam Williams with 6 points each. Marc Loving and Kieta Bates-Diop puled in 4 rebounds each.

    For their part, Michigan shot 33% from the field (9-27), 21% (3-14) from 3-pt and 88% (7-8) from the free throw line. They had 15 rebounds (4 offensive), 6 assists and 4 turnovers.

    It’s always nice to go into the half with the lead, but as UM demonstrated in their previous game against Purdue, you can’t let up on them. On to the 2nd half…

    2nd Half

    The 2nd half was a series of small runs by both teams. At the under-16 mark, OSU had stretched it’s lead to 44-33. At the under-12, OSU had maintained it lead 52-38, but a quick UM run (7-0) over the next 60 seconds pulled UM to within 7 points, 52-45. Fortunately, Loving and Tate countered with FGs to move the lead back to 12 points, 57-45. The Wolverines were ratcheting up the defensive pressure with some half court trapping, but the Buckeyes seemed to be able to break the pressure without turning the ball over too many times.

    UM went on a bit of a run from the under-8 to the under -6 marks, 8-4 to cut OSU’s lead to 63-55. Part of this was driven by OSU turnovers and inability to block anyone out.

    Ohio State held a 67-57 lead at the 3;44 mark (under 4 timeout). I’m still uncomfortable, because with 3:13 in their game against Purdue, the Wolverines trailed by 6 points, yet came back to win. Thankfully, Ohio State is not Purdue, and they withstood a Michigan rally to win 76-66.

    The Buckeyes next game is Saturday February 20th at @ 7:00 PM ET when they travel to Lincoln, NE to take on the Nebraska Huskers. You can watch the game on BTN and/or listen to it on 97.1. Go Buckeyes!

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