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tBBC MBB: OSU Overpowers Rutgers in 2nd Half, 94-68

Discussion in 'News' started by Ken, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. Ken

    Ken Guest

    MBB: OSU Overpowers Rutgers in 2nd Half, 94-68
    via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    (Thad applauds his team’s 2nd half performance)

    After getting tuned up in Bloomington by the Hoosiers, Ohio State returned to the friendly confines of VCA to take on Rutgers. The Buckeyes overpowered the Scarlet Knights 94-68, powered by a 55 point 2nd half. The result moved Ohio State to (12-6,4-1) and Rutgers to (6-12, 0-5). Rutgers held a narrow (41-39) lead at the half, but evidently Thad’s halftime chat energized the Buckeyes to overpower Rutgers in the 2nd half.

    The Buckeyes were led by JaQuan Lyle’s triple-double (16 points, 12 rebounds, 11 assists), which was the 2nd by a Buckeye against Rutgers in two years. Last year the deed was accomplished by D’Angelo Russell. Ohio State placed six players in double figures: in addition to Lyle, they were by Kam Williams (14), Jae’Sean Tate (14), Marc Loving (12), Trevor Thompson (11) and Kieta Bates-Diop (14).

    The Buckeyes shot 49% (36-73) from the field, 33% (7-21) from 3-pt range and an eye-watering 62% (15-24) from the foul line. They had 45 rebounds, 14 of them offensive rebounds.

    The Scarlet Knights were 38% (22-57) from the field, 30% (6-20) from 3-pt range and only 64% (18-285) from the line. They grabbed 36 rebounds, 9 of them offensive. Rutgers was led by Corey Sander (20 points) and D.J. Foreman (13 points, 9 rebounds).

    1st Half

    At the halfway point in the half Rutgers held a 21-20 lead, which was pretty indicative of the back-and-forth nature up to that point. Trevor Thompson started the scoring with a layup :18 into the game, Rutgers hit a 3-point shot a minute later and the first 10 minutes were just like that. Ohio Sate briefly held a 2 point lead (20-18) but a Rutgers 2-pointer by D.J. Foreman gave them the lead. The largest lead by either team to this point was 14-11 by Rutgers.

    Rutgers maintained a small (1-4 points) until a one minute stretch (5:39 – 4:37) where the Scarlet Knights outscored the Buckeyes 6-0 to move the score to 33-26. A flurry of buckets by both teams, mostly by Ohio State, moved the halftime score to 41-39, Rutgers.

    The Buckeyes were 14-28 (50%) from the field, 3-5 (60%) from 3-pt range, and an abysmal 8-13 (61%) from the foul line. They grabbed 14 rebounds, 2 of them offensive, and had 4 turnovers. JaQuan Lyle had a double-double (11 points, 10 rebounds) at the half! Marc Loving and Kieta Bates-Diop chipped in 7 points each and no one else evidently felt like rebounding.

    Rutgers was 13-30 (43%) from the field, 6-13 (46%) from 3-pt range and 9-12 (75%) from the free throw line. The Scarlet Knights had 21 rebounds, 6 of them offensive and 6 turnovers. Corey Sanders scorched OSU for 17 points on 6-8 shooting.

    Kam Williams and A.J. Harris had 5 points each at the half. With Jae’Sean Tate being relatively ineffective (2 points, 0 rebounds), it’s quite possible that Thad will play more mix-n-match in the 2nd half..

    2nd Half

    Thad made some halftime adjustments. I’m guessing that he chewed some ass at the break, since the Buckeyes came out a lot more focused and scored the first 8 points within 2 minutes of the half. At the 15:25 Rutgers finally scored their first points of the half, but by that time Ohio State had scored an additional 5 points to “win” the 2nd half 13-2 at that point. For the game, what really counts, Ohio State’s lead was 52-43 at the under 16 (5:02) mark.

    At the mid-point of the half, Ohio State had outscored Rutgers 24-8 at that point in the half. The game score was 63-49 to give the Buckeyes a bit of breathing room.

    The Buckeyes next game is Saturday against #3 Maryland @ 12:00 PM ET in College Park, MD. The Terrapins are coming off a loss to Michigan on Tuesday, so they’ll probably be in a testy mood for the OSU game. You can watch the game on ESPN2 (check local listings) and/or listen to it on 97.1. Go Buckeyes!

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