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MLB '04 Preseason Picks

Discussion in 'Open Discussion (Work-safe)' started by Sloopy45, Apr 2, 2004.

  1. Sloopy45

    Sloopy45 Pimp Minister Sinister

    American League first, I'll post the National League later:

    AL East
    1. New York Yankees
    2. Boston Red Sox
    3. Toronto Blue Jays
    4. Baltimore Orioles
    5. Tampa Bay Rays

    Quick take: Yanks have the advantage over the Sox in the regular season, the Sox have the starting pitching to go deep in the playoffs: we'll see how this pans out. The Blue Jays might have the second or third best team in the American League: they could make a run at the division title or Wild Card if New York or Boston falters.

    AL Central
    1. Minnesota Twins
    2. Kansas City Royals
    3. Chicago White Sox
    4. Cleveland Indians
    5. Detroit Tigers

    Quick take: Minnesota lost a lot from its great bullpen in '03, but their steady, young position players, great defense, and steady starting pitching should be enough to win this awful division. The Twins' rookie catcher, Joe Mauer, is supposed to be special. Look for a decent Royals team to push the Twins all season. Should be a great pennant race, even if 90 wins is a lock to sew up this division.

    AL West
    1. Anaheim Angels
    2. Oakland A's (Wild Card)
    3. Seattle Mariners
    4. Texas Rangers

    Quick take: another great race, look for Anaheim & Oakland to duke it out all year. The second place team in this division could overtake the second place team in the AL East for the Wild Card on strength of schedule alone: the top three teams in the East are heavyweights, along with improved Baltimore & Tampa Bay teams that aren't push-overs anymore. The A's and Angels can feast on 19 games each against the declining Mariners and lowly Rangers.

    My picks: ALDS: Yankees over A's in 5; Angels over Twins in 4.
    ALCS: Yankees over Angels in 6.
  2. Nixon

    Nixon Wears Scarlet-colored glasses

    1. New York
    2. Boston(wildcard)
    3. Toronto
    4. Baltimore
    5. Tampa Bay
    Yankees and Red Sox are the two best teams in baseball, could go either way
    1. Minnesota
    2. Chicago
    3. Kansas City
    4. Cleveland
    5. Detroit
    This division blows. If the Blue Jays were in it, they'd win it.
    1. Oakland
    2. Anaheim
    3. Seattle
    4. Texas
    Oakland and Anaheim battle, each is in on the WC for a while
    Yankees win AL pennant
    1. Phillies
    2. Braves
    3. Marlins
    4. Expos
    5. Mets
    The Phillies should win fairly easily, but Larry Bowa could screw it up
    1. Astros
    2. Cubs(wildcard)
    3. Cardinals
    4. Reds
    5. Pirates
    6. Brewers
    Astros and Cubs are above the rest of the pack, the bottom 3 are just about the worst in baseball
    1. Padres
    2. Giants
    3. Dodgers
    4. Diamondbacks
    5. Rockies
    Or any other order you want to put them in. I really have no clue. Maybe they'll all go 81-81.
    Phillies win the NL pennant
    Yankess over Phillies in WS
  3. NorthShoreBuck

    NorthShoreBuck True Madness Requires Significant Intelligence

    Sloop & Nixon

    It sounds like you guys are still fans. Do you follow MLB closely? Been to a game lately?

    As a kid it was my second love after football but I lost interest.
    I still root for the tribe but I believe the days of glory are over or them.
  4. Nixon

    Nixon Wears Scarlet-colored glasses

    I'm a huge baseball fan. I don't go to many games--I went to one of the Reds v. Indians games last year at the Jake. Every night during the season I either watch a game on TV, or listen to the Indians on the radio if I don't have cable.
  5. RAMdrvr1

    RAMdrvr1 All Galaxy '14 NCAA Pick'em Champ

    A.L. East:

    Top to bottom,very competitive. Will beat up on each other all year. Second best team in AL might not even make the Wild Card. 1.New York 2.Boston 3.Baltimore 4.Toronto 5.Tampa Bay.


    As weak as East is strong. Believe White Sox will prevail, with Cleveland and Minn. fighting it out for 2nd. 1. Chicago 2. Minn. 3. Cleve. 4. KC 5.Detroit.


    Not even close. 1. Anaheim 2. Oakland 3.Texas 4.Seattle.

    N.Y. over Chicago Boston(wild card) over Anaheim
    N.Y. over Boston in 6

    World Series:

    Yankees over Phillies in 7
  6. Sloopy45

    Sloopy45 Pimp Minister Sinister

    nola: "It sounds like you guys are still fans. Do you follow MLB closely? Been to a game lately?"

    I'm a Yankees fan, so I'm very pumped for this season. I went to one or two games at the Stadium last year - can't recall against who.

    I still follow it closely. Baseball is my favorite sport behind college football. I'm still a fan, but IMO, the NBA, College Basketball, NHL, and especially the NFL all suck.
  7. Nixon

    Nixon Wears Scarlet-colored glasses

    I break down my favorite sports into amateur and pro categories. My favorite amateur sports are football(by a wide margin), basketball(by a similarly wide margin), baseball, hockey. But pro, it's MLB(by a wide margin), NFL(by a wide margin), NBA, and the NHL? What's that? :wink:

    I agree that the NFL sucks(I hate the salary cap), but football is still football. Besides, the NBA and the NHL have caps too.
  8. NorthShoreBuck

    NorthShoreBuck True Madness Requires Significant Intelligence

    I went to the game in Atlanta last year where the first 3 or 4 batters hit a home run.

    I remember going to a double header at Cleveland Stadium dressed in our little league uniforms as a kid.

    I'll watch college footbal 24/7. Besides that I get my sports from the net and very little at that. I was amazed that you both had predictions of MLB by division and team.
  9. Woody1968

    Woody1968 Agent Provocateur

    AL East
    1. Boston Red Sox
    2. New York Yankees (WC)
    3. Toronto Blue Jays
    4. Baltimore Orioles
    5. Tampa Bay Rays

    AL Central
    1. Minnesota Twins
    2. Cleveland Indians
    3. Kansas City Royals
    4. Chicago White Sox
    5. Detroit Tigers

    AL West
    1. Anaheim Angels
    2. Oakland A's
    3. Seattle Mariners
    4. Texas Rangers
  10. LoKyBuckeye

    LoKyBuckeye I give up. This board is too hard to understand. Staff Member

    American League East
    Tampa Bay

    American League Central
    Kansas City
    Chi. White Sox

    American League West

    National League East
    N.Y. Mets

    National League Central
    Chi. Cubs
    St. Louis

    National League West
    San Francisco
    Los Angeles
    San Diego
  11. Sloopy45

    Sloopy45 Pimp Minister Sinister

    Look at Woody1968 sticking up for his Liberals and Underdogs everywhere by picking my Yankees Second .. I love this stuff! Can't wait for the season!

    nola: "I was amazed that you both had predictions of MLB by division and team."

    Why is that amazing? Any sports fan can do that .. in fact, if you couldn't, you're not a sports fan.
  12. Woody1968

    Woody1968 Agent Provocateur

    Man, I lived in NYC for 4 years - I HATE the Yankees. Picking the BoSox is probably idiotic on my part, but I just can't vote for the pinstripers.
  13. Sloopy45

    Sloopy45 Pimp Minister Sinister

    Woody: "Picking the BoSox is probably idiotic on my part, but I just can't vote for the pinstripers."

    I wouldn't say that its that much of a stretch. The Sox' offense will be taking huge leaps backward compared with last year: Walker had a career year (gone), Ortiz had a career year (can't expect 31 dongs again, can you?), Mueller & Millar had career years, Nixon (who is hurt) and Varitek had career years as well (although they are both legit, unlike the aforementioned players), and Nomar is out to begin the season.

    But, the Sox' pitching has never been this good. The rotation has question marks, but if Pedro can start pitching games where his pitch count is 100+, and if the Schill can stay healthy, they'll be a 100+ win team.

    If this was any team but Boston, they'd be a solid pick. If they couldn't get past the Yankees up 5-0 in Game 7 last year with Pedro on the mound, how is it ever gonna happen? No matter who you have ... this team is legitimately cursed.
  14. Woody1968

    Woody1968 Agent Provocateur

    Yeah, they were cursed with idiotic coaching. Why, oh why, did they not pull Pedro. I can see why Dusty Baker didn't pull his starters in the NLCS - his bullpen sucked, but the Red Sox pen had shut the Yanks down throughout the ALCS. No wonder Little got fired.
  15. DiHard

    DiHard Guest







    oakland v. houston w/ houston winning it all.....

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