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my overall look on the buckeyes (long)

Discussion in 'Buckeye Football' started by crazybuckfan40, Nov 8, 2004.

  1. I posted this on bn and figured you guys might like to read it also

    Ok where to start:

    Tressel has this team and program going in the right direction. I know some of you disagree, but his record speaks for itself. All the players going to the nfl and having success also show great things from tressel.

    A.) All of our lineman going to the nfl, who everyone last year said that they sucked, well 3 of them are starting. For those that want to blame the line coach for all the problems look at this quote from Olivea

    "Continuity is real important because you get to learn everybody's tendencies and get to know what they're thinking throughout the course of a game," said Olivea, a three-year starter at Ohio State. "You learn what area guys are going to be in and what they're seeing. It's an ongoing process, and I think we're getting better and better every week at recognizing different things and helping each other out.

    "It's getting a little evident that we're starting to play together and building cohesiveness. We're more confident in each other; everybody knows what they're doing. They always say, once you're confident in what you're doing you can just go out there and play, and I think that's what we're sort of doing."

    I believe he must of heard things like this along the way maybe at tOSU from the coaches. Our line was good last year just our running backs sucked, and teams stacked the box on us, and our qb did what he needed to do to win. Just like he is showing in the nfl right now with the bears(2-0) as a starter. Also the falcons can't keep Jenks out of the lineup because he is showing so much, and they have 3 proven recievers on their team. Also Gamble is showing why he was so highly regarded, and doss is still starting. It is just testemant to our great coaching staff and what it takes to get these kids ready.

    B.) Do you know where our offense would be with a top notch running back. We will see next year when pittman and haw are getting the bulk of the carries. We know what tressel wants to do when we get a lead. He wants to run the ball work the clock. Well against PSU and MSU we had the lead and were not able to run the ball very well. Also we shot ourselves in the foot with turnovers and penalties.

    C.) So lets take away the penalties and from the last two weeks and we probably add 150 yards of total offense. Since that is what some of you seem to care about. How many yards we rack up on offense. Well Cryami can rack up 500 but not win. I don't care about offense yardage, as long as our offense is doing what it needs to to win.

    D.) We have two young qbs just getting their first string of playing time at the next level. I believe they are doing well for being their first starts. Both would look 100x's better if you look at B.) from above. With the emergence of tg2 we will see our qbs get even more comfortable with two targets to throw the ball too. Ginn and tonic(formely known as holmes)<!--EZCODE EMOTICON START :biggrin: -->[​IMG]<!--EZCODE EMOTICON END-->

    E.) Tressel knows way more about the game of football then anyone here on this board. So what if he doesn't win the pretty way like stoops, carrol, and them. As we can see oklahoma has struggled the past two weeks and usc struggled last week. Also what happened to miami. They lost two in a row two years in a row. Tressel understands about all the parity in college football especially in the big ten. Any team could beat any team on any given saturday, and that is the truth. I would take this conference over any other conference in the nation, even the sec. In a couple years the parity is going to be even higher and then the usc's and oklahoma's arent going to just blow people out. Like texas until they come against a good team. Like cooper used to do.

    F.) Also this team is gaining chemistry, and leadership, And most of these players will be back for next year. I can't wait with all the talent we got and coming in next year and they are buying into tressel system it will just be a matter of time until they just explode, with a good running back, good line, smart qb, and great recievers. we all know the defense will be better next year.

    G.) I will take tressel over any coach in the ncaa, i don't care about all the glamoros things he has this program headed in the right direction and he can also beat Scum.

    H.) Also for all those that say he won with cooper's players, yeah but it was his system, and those that say he can't recruit the seniors know was his year when he took over after the bowl game and didn't have awhole lot of time to go after the people he probably wanted too.(as you can see only like 3 senior starters.

    I.) Last of all MeeeCHigan Still sucks.

    In Tress We Trust

    Go Bucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. DCBuckFan

    DCBuckFan Fark You

    I agree with point I :)
  3. osugrad21

    osugrad21 Capo Regime Staff Member

    Some good points...definite discussion material. I agree about the QB's and lack of quality backs for now.

    MoC is still haunting us as well....
  4. edr4225

    edr4225 Banned

    i have to agree with many points of this post, although i would have to say that right now, troy smith looks like the best qb option for the buckeyes, and your right michigan does suck
  5. Naplesbuckeye

    Naplesbuckeye Newbie

    I agree with most of your points and I think that we are really lacking two main areas.

    A) Leadership

    B) Toughness

    I saw more OSU players helping guys up for MSU all game. I don't understand this and can't wait for the days when we are pushing off people once we make a tackle to get up. There was some hitting going on on Saturday but it really wasn't form our OL. I can't wait to see a Peterson led or coached OL that will want to go out and really bury someone. I think this will come as coach Pete gets more of a say and more work with the OL. I think that will inevitably happen even if Bolman is aboard next year.

    I think that Carpenter, Hawk, Mangold and others need to take the reins in the off season and get this team together. They need to someone to step up and take responsibility from a players' perspective. I think we will see this and that they will be fired up for next year.
  6. some good points
  7. Piney

    Piney Stay thirsty my friends Former Game Champion

    Time to take a whack... since it is more fun this way.

    I agree with all of your points... but (you knew there was going to be a but) the first point about the offensive line and continuity.

    First off that line had there Junior and Senior years together. They should be on the same page by then, but the line got worse, not better. The fact that 3 of them are starting in the NFL also says it is not the talent... IT IS THE COACHING!!!!

    Also it was brought up on this board a few weeks ago was that it was mentioned that one of our O-Lineman had to be totally retaught offensive line technique since it was so horrible. Luckily his raw talent helped him become the starter still. What does this say about the O-Line? IT IS THE COACHING!!!

    Has it looked better recently? Yes... Why? Could it be the teams we are playing? Or could it be a certain coach is starting to take over on the offensive line (I can dream can't I?) and changing the technique of the O-Line and start firing off the ball instead of pussy footing around and doing side steps and back steps to get "leverage"?

    But besides that.. your post is dead on :biggrin:
  8. "First off that line had there Junior and Senior years together. They should be on the same page by then, but the line got worse, not better. The fact that 3 of them are starting in the NFL also says it is not the talent... IT IS THE COACHING!!!!"

    Or it could be our center getting hurt right at the beginning of the season, Douglas going down with his problem, playing mangold at center(newbie) and the fact that clarke got lazy.

    Or it could be lack of a running back. Clarrett seemed to just fine behind the line, but when ross was in they looked bad.

    Technique can only be taught so much until instincts take over and you do what you need to do to take the guy in front of you out of the play.
  9. Piney

    Piney Stay thirsty my friends Former Game Champion

    Well that would explain it for 2002, but Mangold eventually took over for Step in 2003 as Step was moved to guard. So they still had time together to work out anything.

    Clarett was special and a special back can make a horrible line look good... but Ross was no slouch. Everyone was calling for him to start over J. Wells just the year before. But I am of the belief that we are Ohio State. We should be able to push a small team out of our way (ie Marshall, Cincy, Northwestern) and the running back can crawl to a 3 yard gain, and ANY running back would be able to rush for 100 yards. Look at IOWA! They are on their 6th string walkon running back and can still run the ball!

    Yes, Instincts are one thing, but when you are taught something so messed up when you are freshmen & sophomores when you are mentally twisted by a technique it makes you tentative and hard to flip the switch and be right.

    But then again tis my humble opinion.
  10. I believe that our line did improve more as the season went on last year, just like they are this season. We will see a very good o-line next year barring injury i believe.

    I don't know that the coaches teach some messed up technique. What is there to teach besides stay low and block. They aren't telling them to stand up straight and push as hard as you can.
  11. DiHard

    DiHard Guest

    with zone blocking...usually there is no designed is for the running back to pick the right place to go....(correct me if i am wrong exhawg)....

    wells and even more so with clarett....they had hips, feet, vision and the ability to quickly slide over one or two holes to run free....

    ross is like one of those test cars you see with the crash dummies in them.....he is on a track and has no ability (both vision and physical) to move any direction but straight ahead....that is a nightmare for zone blocking....
  12. jwinslow

    jwinslow A MAN OF BETRAYED JUSTICE Staff Member Tourney Pick'em Champ

    I don't know that we have to hate MSU. For one thing, they've never been tools to us despite having some big upsets over the years. Also, we both hate UM more than anything else. Did you not see what we were doing to their QB right after he threw it? We would kill him, but once the play was over, he would congratulate us on a good hit. What's wrong with that? We smother him on a great blitz, nail him, then get ready for the next play. Emotion can be outstanding, but I'd take all-out effort without being out of control anyday instead of being bssessed to make a particular hit out of anger.
  13. "ross is like one of those test cars you see with the crash dummies in them.....he is on a track and has no ability (both vision and physical) to move any direction but straight ahead....that is a nightmare for zone blocking...."

    DiHard this had be cracking up. But the sad thing about it is it is true.

    You are right about zone blocking also. I ran it in high school and MSU ran against our defense. The back side collapsed on our backside and the cutback was there for them. That is where it takes vision and quick cuts to get too. See above for why ross can't do that.<!-- / message --><!-- sig -->

    I am glad I posted this over here also, I posted it on bn at the same time and i have not got a single responce. All they want to do over there is bash the bucks and say tressel should be fired, we need a new o cord., who should be qb, D sucks, Snyder sucks, Bollman sucks, o-line sucks, and the only good things they say are ginn is awesome, but then they say he don't get the ball enough. I am so sick of that board i am never going to post over there again. Go Buckeye Planet it is the best place to talk buckeye football. Hell this same post got an award over here. People here really know how to talk football and keep the board under some order. To the mods you do an excellent job.
  14. Sdgobucks

    Sdgobucks Pig on a wing

    I agree, I was proud of the sportsmanship we displayed. There is a difference between being aggressive and being a bunch of thugs. I don't ever want to watch tOSU and see a reflection of FSU or Cryami.
  15. Oh8ch

    Oh8ch Cognoscente of Omphaloskepsis Staff Member

    I will take on a couple of your points.

    I fully agree that it is not reasonable to have high expectations of our OL this season. They are young, inexperienced and - quite frankly - not that highly touted out of HS. The question that I struggle with is that for four straight seasons OSU has performed in the bottom half of the Big Ten offensively - even with two OL who are starting in the NFL as rookies. The biggest hue and cry on the OL came after JTs first season when the O was also poor and yet sent all six graduates (including two OL) to the NFL. The under achievement of the O is chronic. JT himself has spoken week after week about failure to meet offensive goals.

    Yes, our QBs are 'new'. But they are third year 'new' and they were both Elite 11 campers. Expectations of these kids should be high.

    The line that our Offense "does what it needs to do to win" worked until the three game losing streak when the same problems of an ineffective Offense were just too much to overcome. There is nothing in any coaches strategy that says "I want to put an ineffectifve Offense on the field". If you want to run it off tackle all day fine - but get some first downs. Ineffective and conservative are two differeent things. Many of our wins the past three years had much more to do with good fortune than something magical we call "Tressel-Ball".

    All that said, we are undergoing a lot of turnover of talent. We have had some bad breaks with RB not developing or getting injured. The OL cupboard - from an experience standpoint - is relatively bare. Our QBs are learning. Things will get better, JT is a great coach, and I am very optimistic about next season - and the rest of this season.

    But I am not at all sold on Tressel's ability to put an effective offense on the field at this level. Most of the 'excuses' for our current state are the responsibilty of the coach - recruting in particular. If the O doesn't start showing up that is not going to get easier and anybody who doesn't think we are losing recruits because of our performance on the field isn't following the process.

    (Good post BTW - welcome to the board.)

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