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NCAA Football 14

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by LovelandBuckeye, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. LovelandBuckeye

    LovelandBuckeye You never lose to those pricks. Ever. Ever. - UFM

    Same old shit, different day.

    [ame=""]NCAA Football 14 - First Look at New Gameplay Engine - YouTube[/ame]

    The first video from the HYPE TRAIN!!! CHOO CHOO!!!
  2. Mac

    Mac That's a pain in the buns

    Staying away
  3. Buckeneye

    Buckeneye That boy good

    Cut on a dime, huh? So big backs will basically be Kenyon Barner??

    Fuck that. I'll pass.
  4. Mac

    Mac That's a pain in the buns

    Lol everyone still looks like they run with a stick up their...
  5. Buckeye86

    Buckeye86 I do not choose to discuss it

    How are any of these "improvements" different than what they've hyped for the game the past 3+ years?

    I didn't buy last year and I'll keep that streak going.
  6. jwinslow

    jwinslow A MAN OF BETRAYED JUSTICE Staff Member Tourney Pick'em Champ

    So about those other fifteen scholarships, any chance we could get those by the next decade / xonsole?
  7. Tonyank

    Tonyank BuckeyeNation 4 Life

    they could just stop making this game and it wouldnt bother me one bit.
  8. Merih

    Merih GO BUCKS!

    This franchise hasn't aged well at all.
  9. CentralMOBuck

    CentralMOBuck Senior

  10. GomerBucks

    GomerBucks Gomer

    I do have to say that I like the infinity engine they are moving to. It was a huge reason I loved Madden for the first time on this generation of consoles....
  11. Buckeneye

    Buckeneye That boy good

    Its not an "engine" at all. Its a mass collection of new tackle animations.

    If it was a fucking "physics engine" then you wouldn't see Ahmad Bradshaw stop and cut so fast that his upper body trails behind his lower bodylike a god damn cartoon.

    Strength ratings are still fucked - no angle logic (doesn't look like they'll ever attempt either) pass rush is garbage (you're either locked up with your blocker and going nowhere or instantly blowing past him. No consistency in that department.

    Defensive awareness and alignment is beyond fucked. Still can't check TE's at the line, but hey, who needs them to NOT have a free release?

    Being able to get constant clean jams on WR's off the LOS is incredibly annoying.

    Halfbacks or anyone coming out of the backfield into the pattern still aren't properly defended. TE's down the seem are uncoverable unless you manually do it.

    There's just no point to play online. Its a bunch of kids and adults who've never played a down of real football in their lives, know nothing of scheme and execution but everything about cheese and nano's.

    Time to take my money elsewhere. I'm done with EA football games.

    edit: May I suggest the bolded to everyone else as well.
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2013
  12. Merih

    Merih GO BUCKS!

    FIFA has a real collision engine, and it's not even a collision sport.
  13. JBaney45

    JBaney45 Junior

    Which in itself still have a large # of flaws..but is still excellent compared to NCAA/Madden
  14. LovelandBuckeye

    LovelandBuckeye You never lose to those pricks. Ever. Ever. - UFM

    You aren't quitting your Florida coaching job in the OD are you?

    On topic, fix the line play and you may be able to keep a lot of the sim style players. EA admits they sacrifice realism for fun gameplay. Which is funny because that "fun" gameplay is what makes it so un-fun at times for sim style players.

    Imagine if they got actual football coaches, players, experts, etc. to test this game instead of a bunch of nerds that no nothing about the sport. They just want three plays that work and to throw bombs to their 99 SPD WR. :(

    This guy probably fits the category.
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2013
  15. Buckeneye

    Buckeneye That boy good

    Not until I find someone to buy my Xbox.

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