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LGHL NFL Draft 2016 prospect: Vonn Bell

Discussion in 'News' started by Alexis Chassen, Feb 29, 2016.

  1. NFL Draft 2016 prospect: Vonn Bell
    Alexis Chassen
    via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    Bell, the interception-magnet, is hoping to have earned a first or second round draft pick after his first tryout.

    Ohio State has sometimes been referred to as DBU, case in point being the success and potential of safety Vonn Bell, who after three season with the Silver Bullets declared for the NFL Draft following the team's win in the Fiesta Bowl. His instincts and talent are what will set him apart from other safeties in the draft, and will hopefully earn him a pick in the first two days.

    Bell might be the secondary player missed most due to production of all the players headed to the NFL. In his three years with the Buckeyes, he amassed 175 total combined tackle (115 solo), 1.0 sack, two fumble recoveries and nine (!) interceptions. Of his nine interceptions, he snagged six in the 2014 National Championship run, but recorded his first career pick 6 in 2015 against Minnesota.


    Height: 5'11

    Weight: 199

    Arms: 32 3/8"

    Hands: 9 1/2"


    Bell took the podium Saturday to discuss his NFL potential, but may have been a little too honest. On what he brings to a team, he noted he's a "fiery guy" who "showed passion and energy" on defense.

    He was then asked about his run defense, to which he honestly replied, "It was a little iffy at times, getting better." While that alone is not cause for concern, he proceeded to explain, "Sometimes you get lazy, but as I've seen on film, sitting down with some scouts, they was tearing me up a little bit. It's something to fix, it's not hard to fix. Just got to run to the ball a little harder."

    Using the word lazy caused quite a stir with reporters who continued to prod Bell as to why, "It just happens, man. Young guy, thinking the world or whatever, it just happens ... it happens."

    He went on to explain what he has to do to show teams that this won't be an issue moving forward, You've got to show your passion, your love of the game, it's just not just being paid now, you've got to show your passion, because those guys are looking up to you, ‘this guy's taking a play off, why should I go hard for him'."

    Despite having teammate Tyvis Powell in the safety group with him throughout the combine weekend, Bell was very confident in claiming he was the No. 1 safety in the draft class.

    "I am, you get the full package, a playmaker, a guy who can tackle in the open field, a guy who can make plays, a guy who just holds the whole the team together, you're going to get a leader, you've got another coach on the field.''


    Bench press: 16 reps

    40-yard dash: Bell didn't run due to a hamstring injury

    Vertical jump: " "

    Broad jump: " "

    20-yard shuttle run: " "


    Bell is a second-round pick up who could sneak his way into the late first in the right situation. He may have caused some concern with his comments about sometimes being somewhat "lazy" on plays, but if he was able to successfully explain to teams that it was something he dealt with early on and has since learned the value of 110%, he has a chance to stay a high round pick.

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