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BTN NFL Draft: Thursday’s opening round all about the Buckeyes

Discussion in 'News' started by Tom Dienhart,, Apr 29, 2016.

  1. NFL Draft: Thursday’s opening round all about the Buckeyes
    Tom Dienhart, Senior Writer via Big Ten Network

    One by one, their names were called. Defensive end Joey Bosa, No. 3 to the Chargers. Running back Ezekiel Elliott, No. 4 to the Cowboys. Cornerback Eli Apple, No. 10 to the Giants. Offensive tackle Taylor Decker, No. 16 to the Lions. Linebacker Darron Lee, No. 20 to the Jets. And on it went for Ohio State on a glorious night. Check it out: Three Buckeyes went in the top 10. The last school to do that was Oklahoma in 2010. Five Buckeyes went in the first 20 picks. The last time that was done was in the 2004 draft[​IMG]

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