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tBBC No Flatbilling for Ohio State Bowling

Discussion in 'News' started by jcollingsworth, Feb 9, 2016.

  1. No Flatbilling for Ohio State Bowling
    via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    What sport is it we all have played, believing we are better than we really are? I suppose if you said billiards, even table tennis – you’d be right too! Because when you get your groove going in either of those games you escalate into thinking you are awesome – but what you will never be is ‘The Dude’ from ‘The Big Lebowski’. And that is because bowling was his game.

    Yes I am speaking of Bowling.

    Did you know that bowling existed in the ranks of college sports? And that it was competitive against other schools? It isn’t just the weekend gathering of friends and beer.

    College bowling does exist. The powerhouses in this sport are Wichita State, Robert Morris, McKendree University, and Urbana University – just to mention a few. There is one school though that carries that highly recognized sporting brand which details strides of success. I am speaking of The Ohio State University. In 2014, they were the club national champions.

    This year (2015-16) in Week 7 (Week ending Nov. 1, 2015) the Buckeyes were ranked 17th. In Week 8 (Week ending Nov. 8, 2015) they’d drop to 25th. But come Week 19 (Week ending Jan. 17, 2016) they would ascend to 19th.

    It’s a crazy sport. We all know that too. The rankings for bowling aren’t based on a vote from a committee, or some calculated program like in football. It is all calculated as if holding a scientific calculator. AxEF plus PPx2. AxEF ( The average multiplied by Event Factor (7.00) + PPx2 (Power Points multiplied by 2.)

    Got it?

    Anyway – back to our discussion …

    The Ohio State University’s Bowling head Coach – Franklin Varney and Women’s Head Coach Jon Leonard have constructed respectability from a club sport into national recognition. With no scholarships being handed out and a “minimal” amount of support from the school their budget is reliant on fundraising and donations
    ( ) in order to cover costs such as traveling, hotels, and meals in their journey to compete in tournaments – thus becoming eligible in sectionals and nationals.

    Thus far this season in Tier I Events they would finish 9th in The Las Vegas Invitational, 11th in the Collegiate Shoot Out, and 15th in the Kegel ISBPA Midwestern Classic. In Tier II Events the Buckeyes finished 8th in the Western Shootout, 7th in the Orange and Black Classic, 3rd in the American heartland I, 7th in the American heartland II, and 1st in the Raider Classic.

    Both the Men’s and Women’s Bowling Clubs take the sport and challenge to succeed very seriously. As we all know any sporting competition at the Ohio State University isn’t a roll over and “..I’ll do better tomorrow!” characteristic. The rooted Buckeye attitude is to win today, tomorrow, and again and again. These kids have that attitude, or they wouldn’t be Buckeyes.

    They can be seen perfecting their sport at HP Lanes located at 2012 Innis Road. For a full schedule of upcoming events just drop a request to

    Leaders for the Buckeyes on the Men’s team are as follows:

    Kyler McDonald – AVG: 211.519
    Ben Sobel – AVG: 201.426
    Wayne Apgar – AVG: 199.216

    For the Women’s Team:

    Molly Crouch – AVG: 188.898
    Belle Panza – AVG: 172.902
    Mackenzie Olesky – AVG: 168.63

    Let’s give these kids the old Buckeye love they deserve. Follow them on twitter @buckeyebowling. Don’t let them get that old gutter feeling because understand they are Kegler’s first but most importantly they are a part of the Buckeye family.

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