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Official BCS-CG Bulletin Board Thread

Discussion in 'Buckeye Football' started by DaddyBigBucks, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. jwinslow

    jwinslow A MAN OF BETRAYED JUSTICE Staff Member Tourney Pick'em Champ

    Apparently BKB is not up on his Mike Gundy "garbage" :wink:
  2. Buckeyeskickbuttocks

    Buckeyeskickbuttocks Z --> Z^2 + c Staff Member

    You're talking about the 1460 thing with Spiels? I heard most of that, and like you're saying, found it desperately transparent. Give SC a pass on Idaho, but not OSU on YSU.... Miss. St. is a solid win for WVU, but Michigan was down... bla bla bla.....

    Herbie handed Colin his ass earlier... forget the whole of it but it went something like this...

    After stroking SC's schlong...
    Colin: Look, the last 4 teams the Buckeyes have lost to have had athletic QBs, they can't match up.
    Herbie: Well, you ask Vince Young who was the toughest team he faced in 2005. Seriously. And he will tell you it was Ohio State, and not the SC double corner blitz that he treated like school kids..

    On those four losses, I'd add....
    1 - 2005 Ohio State lost to Texas - QB Vince Young. Yes, VY was mobile. He popped off a hell of a run in the 1st Q. Then, was shut down the rest of the evening, more or less. OSU held Texas to lowest total of the year, by no stretch was this game a blow out.
    2 - 2005 Penn State. QB Michael Robinson. Mobile, I guess. I mean, Colin seems to like to rip on PSU as a has been program with a senile coach... but.. whatever, we'll forgive the double standard. 17 - 10. Mobile fast QB managed a 5 yard scoring drive too! Quite the blow out.
    3 - Florida 2007 Fiesta. QB Chris Leak. Somehow Leak is now a mobile QB? True this was the biggest blow out of the bunch, it's ironic that it came with a drop back QB... true Tebow was taking snaps... But, it was no secret what he was doing with the snap. To their credit, they spanked Ohio State..
    4- Illinois 2007. QB Juice. Here again, we find Ohio State losing by 7 or less, and revisionist history seems to find this some sort of blow out... and fuck.. this game was not even a month ago... Ohio State played poorly, Illinois made no mistakes.. they won. The refs aside, Illinois wanted it more that day. OK. Sure... but 28-21 isn't exactly giving up 50 to Kentucky and Arkansas, losing, and still considered the "real" best team....
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  3. Buckeyeskickbuttocks

    Buckeyeskickbuttocks Z --> Z^2 + c Staff Member

    I'm almost a man. I'm not quite 40.
  4. TGfan06

    TGfan06 Senior Hurler

    Don't forget the part about how USC can handle the spread offense and teams like Oregon. Did you know USC held Oregon to 7 points less than they normally averaged!! Amazing!!!

    Also loved the comment that Illinois had better athletes than OSU. Almost ran me off the road laughing!
  5. jwinslow

    jwinslow A MAN OF BETRAYED JUSTICE Staff Member Tourney Pick'em Champ

    I really hope 1460 podcasts the 'Spielman hosting Colin' segment. It was comical hearing him squirm and try to dodge direct questions, and be unable to spin things like his own show.
  6. billmac91

    billmac91 Senior

    Colin also stated he thought Hawaii probably had a tougher SOS than OSU

  7. (o) IoI /o\ (o)

    (o) IoI /o\ (o) Buckeye stuck in State Penn Country...

    Like I said earlier, First it was the SEC, now it's the Big East....What's next the WAC is now tougher/faster/better than the Big 10.....Please don't make me laugh.
  8. The Traitor

    The Traitor B.A. Ohio State, 2005; M.A. Michigan, 2006

    I don't want to help turn this into the "Colin Cowherd is an Idiot" thread. But he's one of the few people I get in North Carolina who covers national college football. So I am well versed in his failings.

    I was pretty irked to see that he's decided to elevate two loss UGA to No. 2 in his (utterly meaningless in the title hunt) ESPN Power 16 poll. Essentially because they are on a hot streak, they must be better than all the teams that have lost over the last 6 games. He, of course, showed no such respect to Yoovem when they had two losses and were on an 8 game win streak. He barely fit them in at all.

    The big problem is that he has no consistent logic, or rational for his beliefs. Every other team in college football gets a different excuse for their lousy OOC games but the Buckeyes have to be punished for calling up teams that were sure W's. Why then do 3 of the teams Colin says are better than tOSU going to have a worse SOS (.pdf)? And don't forget that Hawai'i is right behind the Bucks in Cowherd's mind, because he apparently doesn't understand that they are some 70 places behind tOSU in SOS rankings.

    Actually let's look at his idiocy on a week-by-week basis. Chart? Chart.
    Week --OSU's Last Game --OSU's Record--AP Rank--Cowherd's Vote
    -------W YSU 38-6-----------1 | 0-------------12----------13
    ------W Akron 20-2---------2 | 0-------------10---------15
    -----W Wash. 33-14---------3 | 0--------------8----------10
    -----W N'Western 58-7-----4 | 0--------------8----------10
    -----W UMinn 30-7---------5 | 0--------------4-----------5
    -----W (23)Purdue 23-7---6 | 0--------------3-----------2
    -----W Kent St. 48-3--------7 | 0--------------1------------3
    -----W Mich. St. 24-17------8 | 0--------------1------------3
    -----W (25)PSU 37 - 17-----9 | 0--------------1------------1
    ---W (21)'Sconsin 38-17--10 | 0------------1-------------3
    -----L Illinois 21-28--------10 | 1------------7-------------4
    -----W (23)UofM 14-3------11 | 1------------5-------------9
    --------Idle-------------------11 | 1------------3-------------8

    He claims his problem with tOSU is their schedule, and they should be punished for playing the teams they played out of conference. Those games were there since the beginning of the year, yet he still moved tOSU all the way up to Number 1. Worse he alleged earlier that you couldn't tell how good the Buckeyes were because the Big Ten is so weak they haven't been tested (another hidden pot shot at Yoovem). Yet when
    they played the teams who would finish 9th, 10th, and 11th in the Big Ten he moved them up to the 2 spot. Then in Cowherd's eyes the Bucks [FONT=&quot]went from 1st to 9th playing the teams that finished 2,3,4 in the conference behind OSU. It makes no sense, and it even gets worse when you notice that he ranked OSU higher than the AP consensus did twice this season. Once after beating a Purdue team he has always criticized, and once after losing to a then unranked Illinois.

    That's the truth about most of these pundits. They have no loyalty to logic or reason. They are only loyal to their own opinions and their own ratings they will say and do whatever it takes to support those opinions and boost those ratings.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2007
  9. Zem

    Zem Junior

    Beano Cook disagrees with you about Mizzou. :wink: He said Okla will win and the Buckeyes will be in the NC game. Then he said neither WVU nor OSU is one of the two best teams, but they deserve to play for the NC. "If you want to see who the best team is, ask the Vegas odds makers." He also said USC and Florida would be favored in a game against OSU. None of that is inflammatory or even insulting--but the thread would be incomplete without the opinions of the pope of college football spin.

    And I agree, OSU--regardless of which bowl they're in--will still have that chip that's been on their shoulder all year long, and it will be an advantage. If the Bucks beat WVU, the media will claim they wouldn't have beaten USC, vice versa. Either way, a win will make these guys look silly again.

    Just to add to the littany of media names.
    Espin Radio's Freddy Coleman said.. the Buckeyes are fast, but SEC teams possess a different kind of speed. The Buckeyes don't play teams with that speed, and would not be able to handle a team like Georgia... Wisconsin had a big win last year in the Capital One Bowl, BUT (and I forget the rest)... Maybe Kansas and OSU have it right--schedule easy teams and take an easy road to the NC game... WVU was without Pat White for the second half against So. Florida... WVU is fast!

    We are truly revisiting 2002. 1) Football is just like track; the fastest team wins, 2) OSU is not as fast as any nonBig10 team. 3) (Cincinnati, So. Florida, Miss St.) > (Wiscy, Ill, PSU, Michigan, UW)

    Coleman's partner said he hopes OSU makes it to the NC game just because of all the heat they've taken for the weak schedule. Tanks for nuttin.

    [monotone disclaimer]I do not take the sports media personalities seriously. They are entertainers, nothing more.[/disclaimer]

    ETA: One problem with the way sports media covers this stuff is that their disinformation, half-truths and obfuscations dumb down college football discussions we have with other people. SEC superiority has become a priori and is used as a foundation for discussion. I would prefer that discussion of my favorite sport involve logic and common sense as opposed to talking points from the echo chamber.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2007
  10. Zem

    Zem Junior

    Heheh, yes we get worked up. And we always hear things like, "Oh you shouldn't have said that... watch out for all those emails from Buckeye fans now. :wink:"

    Although Jim Rome has been begging and pleading with Buckeye fans to call/email his show all season long.
    Ironically, a Mizzou fan is also claiming disrespect in reaction to these bowl predictions by Maisel and Schlabach. (There's only three responses so far.) ESPN - 2007 Bowl projections (Week 13) - College Football

    Not saying Missouri fans could generate as many emails of protest against the media. But it's always fun to see the same perspective from a completely different fanbase.
  11. bkochmc

    bkochmc Senior

    Did this happen yesterday? I listened to Spielman on Monday and he was fired up about all the anti-OSU whining... it was great!

    I never listen to Cow-terd because his whole show is just to rile up fan bases... just as bad as watching Mark May. I did listen to him once and that was the most wasted 10 minutes of my life... I want that time back Colin!
    JCOSU86 likes this.
  12. muffler dragon

    muffler dragon Bien. Bien chiludo.

    During my morning constitutional, I normally have Cow-shit on in the car on the way to work.

    This morning Ivan Maisel was on.

    Couple key talking points:

    1) Once again, the speed of WVU is simply amazing.
    2) As CC had in his power sixteen, tOSU is NOT in his top five. USC is his number one. Maisel actually didn't agree with this point, because of how suspect USC had been playing before Thanksgiving.
    3) When Maisel was asked how WVU would feel about playing against tOSU defense, Maisel responded, "Heavenly".
    4) Neither one said that WVU could stop the Bucks on offense, but this was stymied by the FACT that the Bucks would have to score often just to keep up with the WVU offense.
    5) The last comment between the two dealt with Beano Cook. Colin asked Maisel what Beano had on his plate for the podcast, and Maisel responded, "Oh, he'll be bashing the Big Ten immensely". Colin laughed like a hyena or an ugly virgin finally getting the pickle (don't know which).

    That was the jist of what I "gained" from the show.
    I love these guys.
  13. Tlangs

    Tlangs Owner of the Tressel Jacket

    The beauty of the national sports radio talk show host is that they are accountable to no one. Lets say Mizzou wins the B12 and goes to the title game. We beat USC in the Rose bowl...USC then reverts back to the team that lost to Stanford and we still suck. The phone lines and hate email line up and the host has a successfull show for a couple days.

    Then he will start talking up the NFL and how no NFC team will beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl (even though they still have to play two more games to reach the super bowl)
  14. jwinslow

    jwinslow A MAN OF BETRAYED JUSTICE Staff Member Tourney Pick'em Champ

    I think so... I turned it on at 6:30 and they usually re-air their biggest moments at the end of the day. Didn't listen any other time, so I assume that was it.
  15. Jaxbuck

    Jaxbuck I hate tsun ‘18 Fantasy Baseball Champ

    One thing on these shock jock types for sports.

    -Its gotten a lot worse in a short amount of time, it really never used to be like this.

    -The very people who are their target market(less intelligent, highly emotional sports nuts) are a dangerous element to constatntly be fucking with imo.

    -Look at what those crazy ass Europeans do over soccer. They actually have real riots and kill people. Disagreements over sports with them is no doubt about it physical violence, the only question is that of degree.

    -Extrapolate out the increase in agitation and how quickly the shock factor must keep going up to be the number 1 shock jock, add that to the inherent instability of the audience they intentionally target and remember the passion people feel over CFB(its not just a sport to us, its a referendum on who you are and where you are from) and I could honestly see some nut job in the very near future making a Jim Rome wish for the days of Chrissy Everret.

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