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2008 Official Prediction Thread for '08 NLOID

Discussion in 'Football Recruiting' started by osugrad21, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. BuckWrestler141

    BuckWrestler141 Senior '18 Bowl Mania Champ

    Why the frown/Shake? Do you not agree that the two are related? With talks that we are in good shape with pryor/johnson/harris, i don't see how we could possibly fit five more players (adding jenkins and pat).
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2008
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  2. As if his/her guess has any impact on anything, so as to go as far as changing it.

    To answer your question, though, I do feel the new offer is revealing.
  3. sm00r

    sm00r Sarcosanct Cogitator

    Not to mention, the BC thread about Jenkins has vanished... at least I can't find any more.

    Anyway here's my best (un)educated guess:
    Pryor OSU
    Jenkins WVU
    Harris Miami
    Johnson OSU
  4. OH10

    OH10 *

    Johnson - OSU
    Jenkins - WVU
    Harris - Cryami
    Pryor - scUM
  5. swimwin39

    swimwin39 Newbie

    In wade I trust...
    In Tressel I trust...
    Johnson- tOSU
    Harris - UM
    Jenkins - University of Michigan at West Virginia
    Pryor- tOSU
  6. brutus2002

    brutus2002 Junior

    Pryor OSU
    Harris OSU
    OJ OSU
    JJ WVU
    Whitner signs with the Buckeyes after NLOID
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  7. GoodLifeSean

    GoodLifeSean Proud to be born in the best state in the Union!

    TP- OSU
    BH- OSU
    OJ- USF
  8. RB07OSU

    RB07OSU #7 aka Vick the human joystick Staff Member BP Recruiting Team

    I forgot this thread was to have an impact on the process...a :shake: to you too. Btw, "his" thank you very much m'am.
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  9. Orhian Johnson:Indiana (gut feeling tells me he wont go to Ohio State but i hope he ends up in the big ten, he could be a star at IU.) Still a chance he comes to Ohio State. Just my opinon though.

    Josh Jenkins: Ohio State ( Richrod leaving WV is huge factor in his decision. I beleive he wanted to commit to us already, but doesn't want to let the in state people down. He could be a star at WV but he'll be a star at Ohio State and win a couple of national titles, which wont happen at WV.)

    Brandon Harris: Miami ( Just don't see us getting him out of the state, great prospect and would love to have him but he would be more of a luxury than a big need. We have a ton of DB'S with tons of talent but also very young. Hope im wrong but it won't kill us if we don't land him.)

    Terrelle Pryor: Ohio State ( I just think he has to many friends at ohio state for him to commit anywhere else. He can start at TSUN but will get murdered. He will develope as a player at Ohio State, not only as a runner and passer but as a team leader also. He wants to play in the NFL and Ohio State is his best choice if he wants to get there and be successful. Nobody gets more guys to the league than we do. Bottom line he looks better in Scarlet and Gray.)

    Here's to a eventful and joyful signing day tommorrow. 12:05 et destiny will finally become reality when TP and the rest of the recruits will start there careers as official members of the Scarlet and Gray! Go Bucks:oh::io:
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  10. OH10

    OH10 *

    Hmm... did you check the Jenkins thread before you posted this?
  11. I know he eliminated michigan from his list. But i think Richrod leavin WV will give him more of an excuse to not go to WV. Because the locals are putting alot of pressure on him to stay in state. And with them losing there head coach even though they now have a new coach that was on the staff, still gives a good excuse to go to ohio state. Hey just my 2 cents, all i know is i think he ends up with us.

    BUCKYLE Washed

    Hmm... did you check the Jenkins thread before you posted this?
  13. Wow should have checked that thread before i posted. I thought he wasn't going to announce til tommorrow. Is this official or just a rumor. If true best of luck to you josh and your decision to stay home where your heart is.:oh::io:
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  14. MililaniBuckeye

    MililaniBuckeye The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St Staff Member Tech Admin

    3 for 3 so far...

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