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tBBC Officially Many Offensive Options At True Freshmen For OSU

Discussion in 'News' started by chipminnich, Aug 5, 2016.

  1. chipminnich

    chipminnich Guest

    Officially Many Offensive Options At True Freshmen For OSU
    via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    August 7th marks the beginning of Ohio State’s fall camp. While expectations are always high for Ohio State football, what type of expectations await the true freshmen who will be Buckeyes? Considering how young Ohio State is across the board, are there any true freshmen who will possibly be able to make an impact?

    On offense, Ohio State has several options. Some of these players’ names will not surprise you, as Buckeye fans have been hearing about some of these names since February, when the players signed their letters of intent with Ohio State.

    The most obvious name for playing time is at a position that gets little fanfare, but is crucial in the success of the overall offensive unit. True freshman Michael Jordan enrolled early in February, and has been cited by Ohio State Head Coach Urban Meyer as “probably” going to be in the starting lineup at one of the offensive guard spots. For historical perspective, this has not happened at Ohio State since 1994, when a young offensive lineman by the name of Orlando Pace lined up as a starter in the opener versus Fresno State.

    Fr. Michael Jordan is likely a starter on the Ohio State offensive line, Urban Meyer says.

    — Ozone Communications (@theOzonedotnet) July 26, 2016

    Austin Mack gets my second vote as a true freshman who will make an impact on Ohio State’s offense in 2016. Wide receiver is well-stocked with many talented players, but Mack was turning heads as a true freshman throughout the spring. While Mack may not start, look for Mack to earn playing time this season.

    My last selection should not come as a surprise to anyone who remembers the 2014 season and what played out at the quarterback position. While I am not suggesting that true freshman quarterback Dwayne Haskins is going to play a lot, it will not surprise me if Haskins earns playing time, especially at the beginning of the season. With J.T. Barrett as the starter, and Joe Burrow as the backup, Haskins may have opportunities at the end of games to come in and play. Considering how the 2014 season involved at least three quarterbacks, one would hope the coaching staff would try to ensure Haskins is ready to go, in the event something happens to Barrett or Burrow.

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