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LGHL Ohio State 2016 basketball non-conference schedule released

Discussion in 'News' started by Luke Zimmermann, May 24, 2016.

  1. Ohio State 2016 basketball non-conference schedule released
    Luke Zimmermann
    via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
    Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here

    A couple big names amongst the usual fare.

    Less than 12 hours after pivoting on a report from CBS Sports' Jon Rothstein that Ohio State would be playing Louisville in the 2016 Big Ten/ACC Challenge -- the Bucks will instead face Virginia, a non-conference foe from last season -- OSU went ahead and unveiled the rest of their 2016 non-conference slate.

    As previously announced, OSU will open the 2016-2017 season at Navy on the campus of the Naval Academy. The Bucks head back to Columbus that weekend and will face North Carolina Central that Monday before playing host to Providence that Thursday.

    Joining the Friars and Cavs amongst OSU's most notable non-conference matchups, also as previously repoted, OSU will play host to UConn, Saturday, December 10. The Bucks head the following week to Brooklyn where they'll face former Indiana guard Steve Lavin and the UCLA Bruins. The Bucks' final non-conference tuneup before Big Ten play comes in the former of familiar foe UNC-Asheville, the Thursday before Christmas.

    Here's Ohio State's complete non-conference basketball schedule for this coming season:


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