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Game Thread Ohio State 24, Michigan State 17 (final)

Discussion in '2007 Football Season Capsule' started by BB73, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. BB73

    BB73 Loves Buckeye History Staff Member Bookie '16 & '17 Upset Contest Winner

    OK, next up is Michigan State.

    It's the start of a series of tests that will see how well tOSU's defense holds up to power running games.

    To prepare for the last 5 weeks of the season, here are paraphrases of some quotes we've all heard:

    "Let's take them 1 game at a time."

    "Every Big Ten team we play is a good football team."

    "The coaches don't talk about the polls. We need to focus on the opponent each week, keep winning, and those things will take care of themselves."

    "We need to get to work, look at film, and prepare for Michigan State."

    "We need to keep getting better every day."

    Such quotes serve the purpose of keeping a workmanlike approach for the team. Obviously the Buckeyes now control their own destiny regarding the BCS Championship game. The last thing the team needs is to have a bunch of smoke blown up their collective asses so they get caught looking ahead, or feeling satisfied with themselves.
  2. ShakerBuck

    ShakerBuck Junior

    Javon Ringer has probably been waiting for this game for a long time, and should have quite a chip on his shoulder.

    He really wanted to be a buckeye, and we tried to get him to grey shirt, and offered the scolly to MoWells.

    The MSU running game vs. the Buckeye Front 7 will be an impt. matchup.
  3. buckeyeinfla

    buckeyeinfla Bittersweet Symphony

    devon thomas needs to be accounted for at all times.....but the game will be won or lost by how osu handles the msu offense...must tackle in space and get pressure on hoyer...make hoyer beat you....
  4. SanAntonioBuck

    SanAntonioBuck RIP Our Friend and Hero

    Here's another quote: "We don't want the 1998 game happen to us in 2007." No more upset instant classics.
  5. BuckeyeTillIDie

    BuckeyeTillIDie The North Remembers

    NW beat MSU at Spartan Stadium. If we show up to play we shouldn't have any problems.
  6. Jaxbuck

    Jaxbuck I hate tsun ‘18 Fantasy Baseball Champ

    Based on the current NCAA rankings MSU is the best run team we have played.

    MSU by the numbers NCAA rank of 119:

    Total Offense:15th-467 ypg
    Rushing:9th-243 ypg
    Passing:63rd-224 ypg
    Scoring:18th-37 ppg

    Total Defense: 36th 333 ypg
    Rushing: 24th-101 ypg
    Passing: 68th-231 ypg
    Scoring: 54th-25 ppg

    Others of note:
    Pass efficiency D: 84th-132.67
    Pass efficiency: 20th-143.53

    They aren't good at returning punts but are very good at returning Kick Offs
    They 2nd in sacks and 83rd in sacks allowed
    They are slightly better than we are in TO margin

    People are busting our balls for the teams we've played? Try this on for size knowing how bad Wisky really is:

    @ ND
    @ Wisky -L

    Their scoring D average is a little skewed from 48 points on OT vs Northwestern but Wisky put 37 on them in regulation and IU 27. Hell they gave up 14 points to ND. DBB needs to let us know how they fare in differentials.

    The big question mark is obviously how we handle the run but that matchup isn't played in a vacum. They have to go on the road, play defense, protect their QB and play special teams against the best team they have faced to date by far.

    I'm very curious to see how the run D works out but unless we fail that test much more spectacularly than I think we are capable of and or have TO problems, we should be fine.
  7. kippy1040

    kippy1040 Junior

    It seems to me that we play alot harder on the away games. Home advantage is comforting but we seem to take forever to get our act together when playing at home. On the away games we come out
    chomping at the bit. This is just MHO but I hope we can get a fast
    start against Dantonio and his gang and not let up like we did in 98.
    I'll never get that game out of my head.
  8. greyscarlet

    greyscarlet Junior

    You mean like yesterday against Kent? Agreed.:wink2:

    I think it's more of a developed trait, and it's developing quite fine.
  9. greyscarlet

    greyscarlet Junior

    Uhh....Trap game! This is the only "trap game" we have left, the rest will provide significant reason to be concerned:

    Penn State-@ state penn @ night. I believe I heard they have won 18 of last 19 home games.
    Wisconsin-Always give us a game, but we are better this year.
    Illinois-Gave us one of our best games last year @ champagne
  10. Jaxbuck

    Jaxbuck I hate tsun ‘18 Fantasy Baseball Champ

    The other inetersting thing about MSU is that from what I have seen give us the best look at how we match up vs tsun this year.

    Smal shifty back, decent QB, run oriented offense.

    Good pass rush but overall very suspect D vs the pass.

    tsun has better talent but the style seems pretty similar to me.
  11. scarletngray

    scarletngray Gold Pants

    MSU is giving up 25 pts per game. If we score 24+ points we win, imo.

  12. Yertle

    Yertle Pounding out aggression, turns into obsession

    Yeah, I don't see our defense giving up 24+. We should be okay in this one, but it could easily end up the closest game of the season so far.

    I'll say Buckeyes 27, MSU 13.

    By the way, before Dantonio, MSU was quickly becoming my least favorite Big 10 team. That's right, they were giving Michigan a run for their money. The flag planting mess they started showed the total lack of respect the team and coach had for their opposition. I hate that crap.
  13. Zurp

    Zurp I have misplaced my pants.

    You're way off. 28-10.

    I wanted to see Michigan State lose because I wanted to see John L Smith smack himself some more. I wonder if he ever thought about filing for domestic abuse?

    Anyway, I'm still not over the 2005 Penn State game. They can have their momento to the greatest upset in Penn State history, if they want. But the stories of those fans throwing bags and bottles of urine at Buckeye fans shows far less class than planting a flag by the players.
  14. Gatorubet

    Gatorubet Loathing All Things Georgia

    Y'all need to RUTS on those mooks. No mercy. You need to offset the idiot chimps who vote the coaches poll.

  15. Taosman

    Taosman Flatten the Curve

    Once our boys have a look at the Spartans on film from this week...........
    over 300 yards rushing...QB bombing away to talented WRers.
    I think that will get their attention and I don't see a "trap" game after MSU put up 52 points.
    This will be much more competitive than some think! Playing the #1 team will have Sparty fired up. Always dangerous.

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