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Game Thread Ohio State 24, Penn State 7 (final; 11/07/09)

Discussion in '2009 Football Season Capsule' started by BB73, Apr 3, 2009.

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  1. jazzman

    jazzman Junior

    I had to get this off my chest...

    Ladies and gentlemen....yesterday we recorded a 4th shut out of the season. I don't care for what the officiating crew called, that ball didn't come close to the goal line. Reading on some message boards it sounds like the team is also calling it a shut out.
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  2. MondayAMGenius

    MondayAMGenius My kid is enlightened in the ways of the Buckeye

    From the Pitt Post Gazette

    [​IMG] Ron Cook

    Cook: Suave Pryor swaggers through big-time win
    Sunday, November 08, 2009
    By Ron Cook, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
    Carolyn Kaster/Associated Press
    Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor celebrates his team's victory over Penn State with fans after yesterday's game at Beaver Stadium.

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    UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. -- Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor looked like a million bucks in his crisp gray pinstripe suit when he met his family and friends from Jeannette outside the locker room last night after the biggest victory of his football life. "My mom bought it for me. I make it look good, don't I?" the kid said with an enormous grin.
    Marvelous, actually.
    Almost as good as Pryor made his Buckeyes uniform look in Ohio State's 24-7 thumping of Penn State, running for a touchdown and throwing for two more.
    This gorgeous autumn afternoon had an historical feel to it. It won't just be remembered as the day Ohio State moved into prime position to win a fifth consecutive Big Ten Conference championship after previously unbeaten Iowa was stunned at home by Northwestern. It also will be remembered as the day Pryor went from being a big-time athlete to a big-time quarterback.
    This win -- Pryor's first against a team ranked as high as No. 11 Penn State -- was extraordinary considering the pressure he was under, playing in Pennsylvania for the first time since his All-Everything days at Jeannette, against the team he dissed during the recruiting process by saying State College was "too country" for him.
    "They were on me, man," Pryor said of the Penn State crowd. "Sometimes, I wish I had headphones on. But you can't let that stuff get to you."
    Nothing got to Pryor on this afternoon. Not the fans. Certainly, not Penn State's alleged great defense, which not only didn't sack him but allowed him to run for 50 of the Buckeyes' mind-boggling 228 rushing yards.
    "Coach, T.P. is zoned in," Ohio State quarterbacks coach Nick Siciliano told the boss, Jim Tressel, after the team's morning meetings yesterday.
    Does Siciliano know his guys or what?
    Maybe Pryor was nervous at the start. He nearly threw his first pass into the Beaver Stadium stands when he overthrew wide receiver DeVier Posey on a sideline route. But he settled down quickly. On Ohio State's next possession, he scored on a 7-yard run, shrugging off linebacker Navorro Bowman along the way as if he were a gnat, giving the Buckeyes a 7-0 lead.
    Funny thing is Pryor said he didn't think he could get to the end zone because of an aching left ankle.
    "I still probably looked fast. You guys probably didn't notice," Pryor said, grinning again.
    Didn't notice it on Pryor's 24-yard scramble on a third-and-5 play to set up a second-quarter field goal and a 10-7 halftime lead, either.
    "We really didn't know how much Terrelle was going to be able to run today. He was banged up," Tressel said.
    It probably wouldn't have mattered in this game if Pryor couldn't run at all. His final stats weren't stupendous -- he was 8 of 17 for 125 yards -- but he made big throws when he had to and, most significantly, didn't throw an interception. His 62-yard touchdown pass to Posey streaking down the left sideline was positively Roethlisberger-like and gave Ohio State a 17-7 lead late in the third quarter.
    The game was all but over at that point because the Penn State offense was doing nothing against an Ohio State defense that, unlike Penn State's, lived up to its pre-game hype and then some. The next time a Penn State lineman blocks defensive end Cameron Heyward will be the first time. Heyward -- son of late Pitt great Craig "Iron Head" Heyward -- was credited with 11 tackles and two sacks.
    But Pryor wasn't done having fun. Early in the fourth quarter, he ran for 12 yards on third-and-11, threw a 5-yard pass to fullback Zach Boren on third-and-3 and threw a 6-yard touchdown pass to running back Brandon Saine on third-and-5.
    They probably aren't screaming in Columbus this morning for Tressel to move Pryor -- who's still just 20 and a sophomore -- to wide receiver the way they were after Pryor had four turnovers in an almost unbelievable loss at Purdue Oct. 17.
    "T.P. has done a good job all along," Tressel said. "I never wavered about his progress. I know others have. But I get to be at practice and I'm in the meetings."
    Clearly, Tressel likes what he sees.
    "No one is harder on himself than T.P.," he said.
    That was evident, not just after the implosion at Purdue, when Pryor threw two interceptions and lost two fumbles, but after Penn State won at Ohio State, 13-6, last season. The Buckeyes appeared on their way to a big win when Pryor lost a fumble early in the fourth quarter. He took it hard and took full blame.
    "I didn't cry after that game but I wanted to cry," Pryor said.
    That's probably what prompted the silly idea by Penn State students to sell "Terrelle Cryer" T-shirts last week. Their plan never came to fruition because university officials -- OK, Joe Paterno, I'm guessing -- stepped in and said that's not the sort of thing a classy institution of higher learning does.
    Who knew it would be the Penn State fans who could have used those shirts as crying towels after a loss that exposed the Nittany Lions as just another team in a bad year for the Big Ten?
    Here's the best part about it:
    Pryor really wanted one of the T-shirts to take back to Columbus as a souvenir. He said he was disappointed he couldn't get one.
    Here's guessing the kid would have looked great in it, too.

    Read more: Cook: Suave Pryor swaggers through big-time win
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  3. jazzman

    jazzman Junior

    Here are some random thoughts on the game.....

    1. The entire O-line - This was the big worry coming into the game...two stats stood out that may have decided the football game.....NO SACKS, and over 200 rushing yards against an awesome rush defense that averaged (~ 80 rushing yards a game before last night)....we won the game here!

    2. I am very impressed with the impact Zach Boren has been making as a true freshman....he is improving as a blocker ( a work in progress here), but his ability to catch the ball coming out of the backfield has added a new threat to our offense. Many people thought that this kid was offered a scholarship only to woo his brother into coming here.....WRONG! This kid can play....

    3. The O-line of Penn State was always gonna be an issue, and I had mentioned in an earlier post that the ability of our DTs to put pressure on the inexperienced OGs of Penn State is gonna be key.....I loved what Cam Heyward did to the interior of that line.....looked like a man amongst the boys out there....

    4. Chimidi Chekwa is lock down....
  4. Dryden

    Dryden Sober as Sarkisian Staff Member Tech Admin

  5. MondayAMGenius

    MondayAMGenius My kid is enlightened in the ways of the Buckeye

    The answer, Both!, why? Since the Tressel era, we rob the region of its best players like USC or Texas does. Indi, Illi, Mich St, Minne, etc..., would jump through their asses to have our second string players.

    So when bloggers complain that we "should" win games because we have superior players, then say Tress should be fired, it makes my brain explode. He wins over mom-and-dad-recruit in a way that evil-doers like Rich Rod will never, ever compete against.

  6. TRON 2.0

    TRON 2.0 Banned


    That first "plunge" did not cross, but who knows after that. It was close.
  7. southcampus

    southcampus Go Bucks

    That was my thought as well, but looking at it again, they blew the whistle almost immediately. I first thought it was to stop the play because Etienne Sabino had called TO. Weird play all around.
  8. jazzman

    jazzman Junior

    In the pile there was no way he could have extended his arms forward way! At that point is body was not close to the end zone. Either ways.....the team agrees, and from what I am hearing they are calling it a shut out for the defense.
  9. Best Buckeye

    Best Buckeye Pretending I'm a pleasant person is exhausting. Staff Member

    Many of the Bucks are being lauded today for their efforts in beating PS last night. And rightfully so.
    I would like to inject what I saw them do as a team.
    On both sides of the ball I think the whole team grew up a lot last night and they saw just how good they can be. Not how good they were last night,
    but how good they can be.
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  10. TRON 2.0

    TRON 2.0 Banned

    The score was 24-7.
  11. MondayAMGenius

    MondayAMGenius My kid is enlightened in the ways of the Buckeye

    This is a symptom of giving the player the call and then hoping there is definitive evidence to overturn. Either way, I'm going to merge the replay frame of the psu 'short-arm' plunge with usc's 'rear-hip' frame.

    Believe it, we've got one Hell of a defense!:oh:
  12. Oh8ch

    Oh8ch Cognoscente of Omphaloskepsis Staff Member

    This claim is already getting old.

    Miami fans are still crying about the "Robbery in the Desert" and they sound like whiny little bitches. Let s not do the same.

    In a classless move after that Fiesta Bowl Winslow Sr asked JT what his definition of pass interference was. JT answered that it was when the official threw that yellow flag.

    It is a TD when the refs raise their hands in the air.

    It WAS not an outlandish call. It WAS reviewed. (FWIW IMO the replay did NOT support overturning it.)

    It is part of football. Let's focus on an outstanding victory and move on.
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  13. Mike80

    Mike80 The B1G needs new - any - leadership

    The game yesterday was won by Ohio State with a 24-7 score.

    End of story.
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  14. Sportsbuck28

    Sportsbuck28 Here comes the BOOM

    One thing I love was how JT cleared out the box early on with the swings to Posey.. forced PSU to respect it and opened up running lanes for Boom and Saine.
  15. Mac

    Mac That's a pain in the buns

    No Rob Rose picture yet??? I'm surprised.
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