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Ohio State Baseball 2019 News, Notes, Awards (Fire Beals)

Discussion in 'Buckeye Baseball' started by brodybuck21, Oct 18, 2017.

  1. brodybuck21

    brodybuck21 THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY Staff Member Fantasy Baseball Champ

    smells like a championship!

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  2. rhgbosu

    rhgbosu I aim to misbehave

    Forgot to post that Barnwell and Feltner signed last week.

    So that’s 12 guys plus a signee that needs replacin. Woof

    Second time in three years we’ll be rebuilding. Brody smells a championship so we’re cool.
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  3. brodybuck21

    brodybuck21 THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY Staff Member Fantasy Baseball Champ

    ummmmmm about that..........
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  4. rhgbosu

    rhgbosu I aim to misbehave

    Naw, naw, said it. The net never forgets :-)

    Not really Ohio St related, but Indiana coach Chris Lemonis appears to be headed to Mississippi St. Lemonis interviewed for the Ohio St job once upon a time, but we went with The Beals instead.
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  5. rhgbosu

    rhgbosu I aim to misbehave

  6. brodybuck21

    brodybuck21 THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY Staff Member Fantasy Baseball Champ

    Buckeye Bat: Ohio State slugger Canzone getting the big hits this summer for Brewster Whitecaps

    Posted Jul 12, 2018 at 10:21 PMUpdated Jul 12, 2018 at 10:21 PM

    BREWSTER – A wooden bat is the same in any baseball league. That’s the reasoning Brewster Whitecaps field manager Jamie Shevchik used when he was scouting outfielder Dominic Canzone last summer.

    Canzone batted over .400 in an All-Star season in the Valley Baseball League in Virginia.

    “We got him primarily based on what he did last summer,” Shevchik said. “If you can hit with wood, you can hit with wood.”

    Canzone has locked down the leadoff spot in the Whitecaps lineup since his activation on June 20. He’s emerged as one of the top hitters in the Cape League. His .351 batting average is the best on the team and good enough for third in the league once he gets a few more at-bats.

    Canzone’s secret: don’t lay off pitches he knows he can hit.

    “My approach to the plate is being a little bit more aggressive, being fastball ready and not taking outside fastballs,” Canzone said. “In college it seemed like I could kind of get away with that, but right now you have to be able to go that way no matter what count.”

    That ability to hit is no surprise given his two years at Ohio State University. Canzone led the Buckeyes with a .343 batting average while earning Big Ten All-Freshman Team and Third Team All-Big Ten honors in 2017. He started all 60 games as a sophomore this year, hitting .323 and leading the team in hits, runs and at-bats.
    Canzone grew up in Hudson, Ohio, adding an extra thrill to performing so well at OSU.

    “Since I was little I always followed everything Ohio State, so it was definitely my dream school,” Canzone said. “This last year was so much fun. It was awesome to make an (NCAA) regional and experience that. We’re definitely moving in the right direction.”

    Multiple Buckeyes have come through the Cape League over the years. Canzone said he knew he was coming to the Cape back in September, then sought out Ohio State teammate Ryan Feltner, an All-Star pitcher with Bourne last summer and a 2018 MLB fourth-round draft choice, for advice on the league.

    “It’s just where every college baseball player wants to be,” Canzone said. “The main thing was to just absorb all the information that everybody has out here for you because everybody is so good at what they do.”

    Brewster, to put it charitably, has had an up-and-down season. But the Whitecaps won their second game in a row Wednesday night, leaving them just six points out of a playoff spot in the East Division.

    They were just the third seed in the East when they won the league championship last year.

    “We’re really starting to hit and pitch well,” Canzone said. “I think the one area that we just need to clean up a little bit is on defense, both infield and outfield.”

    Canzone “wasn’t very high-profile coming out of high school,” in his own words, so the 2016 Major League Baseball First-Year Draft came and went without his name getting called. His next chance to go pro will come next June, after the conclusion of his junior year.

    “I try not to focus too much on the draft, just because it’s a year away, and I still want to definitely focus on this (summer) and my college year coming up,” Canzone said.

    Canzone might not be thinking about getting drafted, but Shevchik is already confident.

    “He knows when to lay off the bad pitches, and he’s starting to get himself in good hitters counts where he’s in command now rather than the pitcher,” Shevchik said. “He’s a competitor, he wants to play, he’s fiery, and he should be. I think that’s the recipe for success.”
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  7. rhgbosu

    rhgbosu I aim to misbehave

  8. Bestbuck36

    Bestbuck36 Urban Renewal Project

    Hey Beals,

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  9. brodybuck21

    brodybuck21 THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY Staff Member Fantasy Baseball Champ

    Prospect Watch: Travis Lakins
    Keep an eye out

    Dave Latham
    August 8, 2018



    In case you haven’t heard, the Boston Red Sox have one of the lowest-ranked farm systems in all of baseball. Thanks to several players making the majors at the same time, multiple trades, and a few years of poor drafting, the cupboard of young talent is somewhat bare for the Red Sox. Still, there are several promising players in the minors, such as reliever Travis Lakins. Lakins is in the midst of a breakout season and is one of the most pro-ready relievers in the farm system.

    Lakins entered 2018 as an unremarkable starting prospect, but has been absolutely elite ever since converting to a reliever. So, what led to this success? Does 2018 look like a fluke year, or is this breakout season for real?

    Travis Lakins: Prospect Watch
    As previously mentioned, Lakins entered the 2018 season as a starter with the Portland Sea Dogs. In 30 innings with the Sea Dogs in 2017, Lakins owned an unimpressive 6.23 ERA, 5.01 FIP, and a 5.64 K/9. Because of these lowly numbers, not much was expected out of the former sixth-round pick.

    However, something about switching to the bullpen transformed Lakins into one of the best relief arms in the Red Sox farm system. Since joining the bullpen, Lakins owns a 0.81 ERA with a 0.72 WHIP, 9.67 K/9 and a .108 BAA (batting average against). At first glance, Lakins looks like the real deal, a truly elite pitching arm. But what do his underlying statistics say?

    When digging a little deeper, it’s evident that Lakins has been the beneficiary of a considerable amount of batted ball luck. His 3.64 FIP is a solid number, but it’s drastically larger than his 0.81 ERA. Additionally, Lakins has an unsustainably low .143 BABIP as a reliever. The league average typically lies around .290, so Lakins is due for some major regression in this area.

    However, just because Lakins is getting lucky doesn’t mean that he isn’t a legit prospect. His ERA won’t stay this low, but he’s still doing a lot of things right. As previously mentioned, his 9.67 K/9 is solid, but he’s also getting good results when batters put the ball in play.

    Lakins allowed a 46.9% ground ball rate while at Portland, and a 50% groundball rate at Pawtucket. Ground balls obviously do less damage than fly balls, and Lakins is ensuring batters keep the ball on the ground. Striking out one batter per inning and keeping the ball on the ground is the recipe for success with a reliever. Even when his batted ball luck regresses to the norm, he’ll still be an effective reliever.

    Pitch Tool
    The biggest reason for Lakins bullpen improvement has been his fastball velocity. Per, as a starter his fastball sat around 93 miles per hour, topping out a 96. However, now that he’s in the bullpen, he can put a little more on each pitch. His fastball now tops out at a staggering 98 miles per hour while typically resting in the mid 90’s. This added velocity makes a considerable difference, as batters are having a harder time catching up to his heat.

    While Lakins fastball is his best offering, his cutter also has the ability to get guys out. It’s an interesting pitch in the sense that it does different things depending on how fast he throws it. When he throws it slower, the ball breaks more. When he throws it faster, it has more of a horizontal break. Both versions of the pitch have swing and miss potential, and both play as nice compliments to his fastball.

    Lakins also throws a curveball and a changeup, but neither pitch is an elite offering by any means. He hardly uses either one, and neither pitch is anything to write home about. He used them more as a starter, but now primarily uses them to keep runners guessing. They’re not good pitches on their own, but they’re nice weapons to use on rare occasions to fool batters.

    Unfiltered Thoughts on Travis Lakins
    Is Travis Lakins as good as his ERA suggests? Probably not, but that’s ok because his ERA is absurdly good. Even when normalizing his peripherals, Lakins still would be having a good season. He has strikeout ability and forces batters to hit balls on the ground. His fastball boasts borderline elite speed, and his cutter compliments it very well.

    Lakins isn’t on the 40-man roster, so he probably won’t join the major league club in 2018. This is probably for the best, as the reliever would probably benefit from a full season in the minor leagues. However, he’s certainly capable of landing a bullpen spot in 2019. He has the stuff to be a major leaguer and should be a mainstay in the bullpen starting next year.
  10. rhgbosu

    rhgbosu I aim to misbehave

    Some notes...

    Chris Hollick was replaced by Matt Angle. Not sure if this ever mentioned. I assume Angle will take on Hollick’s former duties of first base coach, infield coach, and recruiting coordinator.

    Also, Brady Cherry is being moved to pitcher.
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  11. brodybuck21

    brodybuck21 THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY Staff Member Fantasy Baseball Champ

    Interesting note on cherry for sure
  12. rhgbosu

    rhgbosu I aim to misbehave

    First day of practice today and all eyes on 3B. Dezenzo and Hughes probably the early favs. I’d imagine Erwin and Ernst get a look. Brayden Root and possibly TJ Brock, too, but I’m sure they’ll start on the mound.

    I reckon it’ll be Dom in CF with Ruby, Jones, Romans, winard, Clegg all competing for the other two spots. Truthfully, probably only one spot up for grabs. Winard likely will be somewhere in the OF. Ya never know,tho. Excited to see what a tooled up guy like Clegg can do. Jake Ruby has a lot of talent as well...especially in his legs. Malik Jones was probably the biggest position player disappointment last year, but We’ve seen these Juco guys makes big jumps in their second year, so maybe Jones puts it all together in year two.

    Going into fall...
    Canzone CF
    Foppe 2B
    Pohl 1B
    Dingler C
    Cherry DH
    Hughes 3B
    Winard RF
    West SS
    Jones LF

    Jones, Hughes, Cherry, and Winard will have to battle to keep their spots, imo. Everyone else is set I think.

    Not only do we get the S&G World Series, we also get a couple exhibitions this year . Indiana St and Dayton come to Columbus for preseason games. Cool
  13. brodybuck21

    brodybuck21 THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY Staff Member Fantasy Baseball Champ

    thanks for the updates @rhgbosu ! keep em coming!
  14. rhgbosu

    rhgbosu I aim to misbehave

  15. rhgbosu

    rhgbosu I aim to misbehave

    Indiana St won today's exhibition 10-2. Any details are being kept top secret I guess. Not sure why at least a box score isn't available

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